The Top Home Garage Safety Tips- Need to know Everyone

Top Home Garage Safety Tips

When was the last time you renovated your house, installed an exhaust in the kitchen or tightened the home alarm safety systems? While you were busy brainstorming ideas to improve your kitchen safety and house security, did you think about your garage?

Often, a garage is the most overlooked part of the house unless a need to dump something unwanted arises. Many a time, garages rather than being used for parking your car, end up being the dumping ground for your house’s additionals. Pay a closer look at your garage. You are likely to find sharp tools, garden equipment, and pesticides kept in some corner or gasoline cylinders lying around. A strong ignition vehicle surrounded by hazardous chemicals and tools is often the culprit.

Garage accidents statistics

Accidents, tragedies or thefts associated with home garages reveal shocking results. A survey on garage safety reveals that one-third of homeowners experiences garage-related injuries. Of this, 33% was due to a fall and in spite of these injuries, 60% people are not concerned about the safety of their garages.

Yet another study disclosed, approximately 6,600 garage fires are reported in the U.S annually. These fires have caused property loss worth $457 million, over 400 injuries and up to 30 deaths every year.

Need for Garage Safety

The need to ensure garage safety is as much as securing the rest of your house against any possible thefts or disasters. Take small measures. Start from de-cluttering the place to lighting. These can go a long way in protecting you and your family against an injury.

Measures to ensure Garage Safety

We have listed a few measures you could take to secure an integral part of your household, your garage.

1.    De-clutter

With all the extra space available, you may pile up unnecessary waste in your garage. A better look at the place every few months can help you remove unwanted items which may be sold or disposed of, if needed.

❏ Ladders must be kept along the wall away from the garage door. This is to avoid tripping and falling while entering or exit the place.

❏ Putting up shelves and cabinets against the back wall of the garage can help to arrange garden tools, shovels, rakes, saw blades and sports equipment in an organized manner.

❏ Heavy and sharp items must be secured in lower shelves and locked cabinets away from the reach of children.

❏ Children must be instructed to park their bicycles properly inside the garage. Pushing the bicycles through the door may lead to spillage of chemicals, stumbling of stacked tools or may even lead to a fall for anyone entering the garage unnoticed.

❏ Avoid storing hazardous chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, paints and automotive oils in your garages in the first place. A survey result concluded 94 percent of people stored at least one hazardous substance in their garage. A listed or labeled caution substance is best kept away in an isolated storeroom with lesser possibility of any spillage or fires.

1. Secure Door safety

Technology and home security go hand in hand today. Automatic garage doors have become common to every household with the ease of opening and closing as well as ensuring the safety of the vehicles parked inside. Many theft breakouts are achieved through an open garage entrance and the door leading from the garage to the house. An unlocked garage entrance may cause not only vehicle theft but also valuables from the house. A survey study reveals almost 30 percent burglary in the U.S. households occurs due to an unlocked door or window.

❏ The garage door opener remote control or switch must be kept out of the reach of children.

❏ In case of manual doors, regularly check the garage doors for any loose screws and bolts. As advised, while using automatic garage shutters make sure the sensors, springs are in a working condition always. Also, have an alternative handy to secure the doors if the remote control fails to operate.

❏ Avoid leaving garage doors partially open because in case the door is activated again or string mistakenly pulled, the door me fall shut on anything or anyone obstructing its way. This may lead to potential human injuries or material damage.

❏ You may use add-on security measure such as install motion sensor lights over the garage door to alert you in case of a theft at night.

1. Protect against Fire

Flammable liquids in close proximity of motor vehicles poses a fire hazard. Gasoline, paint thinners, fertilizers or pesticides can act as stimulants for a mere spark to turn into fire.

❏ Installing fire extinguishers especially of class B/C close to the garage door can help control fire. It's especially effective if the fire is caused by oil, grease or electrical equipment.

❏ You may be posing a grave threat to your house by leaving the vehicle ignition on or by operating a generator inside a garage. Your vehicle exhaust and combustion engine of generators release carbon monoxide which may spread in your garage as well as throughout your house. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are a must in garages to ensure the safety of your household.

❏ Avoid connecting power tools inside your garage for washing your car or cleaning the floor. The floor might absorb moisture and cause an electric shock if you walk-in bare feet.

1. Proper Lighting

Usually ignored but vital aspect of garage-safety measure is adequate lighting for the premises. A report on the state of home garages in the U.S. revealed that every one in three American garages has poor illumination. Whether you choose power-saving or regular bulbs to install in your garage ensure they provide with sufficient lighting rather than dim-lit alternatives.

Moreover, the light switches should be positioned in such a way that they can be easily accessible during nights.

Invest some time and efforts into checking your garage regularly. Set aside a day once a month to organize things; it can keep you and your loved ones safe.

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