The Right Procedure To Follow When Cleaning Your Airbrush Gun

The Right Procedure To Follow When Cleaning Your Airbrush Gun

A clean airbrush gun works better than a dirtier one therefore there is need to ensure that you are working with a clean equipment at all times. Regardless of the color, model or projections of the airbrush gun, you need to have a good cleanser that will make your work easier. Here, we provide you with some tips on how to clean your airbrush gun effectively. The Right Procedure To Follow When Cleaning Your Airbrush Gun

Requirements of cleaning airbrush gun

You do not need many requirements for to clean your airbrush gun effectively. You only need:

  • Cleaning fluid of your preferred choice
  • Cotton swab or make up brush
  • Step one

Dissemble the airbrush gun by loosening the needle chucking nut then pull it back slightly.

Put the cleaning fluid in a cup

The next step involves outing the cleaning fluid into a cup. At an angle that is easy to put your finger over the needle cap, point the airbrush gun into the liquid. You can then push and pull the trigger of the airbrush gun in a sequence that will cause a spraying effect. By doing this, you will be removing any of the remnants in the nozzle of the gun that will otherwise cause blockage.

Use cotton to clean the cup

I like to use a cotton swab to clean the cup but you can use a makeup brush to achieve the same alternatively.

Assemble all the parts

After cleaning the airbrush gun, assemble all the parts and fix them tightly. After that, ensure that the passage especially in the areas around the nozzle is clear by flushing the cleanser. Remember to put the handle back on the gun upon completion.

How to deep clean your airbrush gun

A regular deep clean is necessary for the proper functioning of your airbrush gun. Take the steps below for maximum effectiveness:

What you will need

  • Isopropyl Alcohol or other similar agent
  • Cotton swab
  • Dissemble the parts

The first step is to dissemble the parts carefully. This step depends hugely on the model of your gun. After dissembling the parts, soak them in a cleaning fluid such as 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

Wipe the needle with the cleaning fluid

The needle of your airbrush gun should also be cleaned using the cleaning fluid (Isopropyl Alcohol) by wiping it carefully.

Assemble the parts carefully

Depending on the model of your gun, assemble the parts carefully and test to ensure that it is working.


An airbrush gun goes a long way into making our work lighter and more efficient. However, the airbrush gun should be clean at all times if you are to get maximum effectiveness from the machine. You can clean the brush into ways one being using a cleaning fluid and the other being deep cleaning it using Isopropyl alcohol. Either way, you need to be careful when dissembling or assembling the parts after cleaning them basing on the model’s specifications. Your choice of cleaning fluid will also affect the results so you should be careful to pick the best. The tips above will guide you on how to clean your airbrush gun.You may read full 5 airbrush compressor reviews click here.

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