The Best Portable Airbrush Air Compressor for Makeup Kits 2020 . Reviews& Buying Guide

Are you wondering how you will achieve that flawless look, weightless and long-lasting makeup or application? It does not take magic or special skills to achieve that look. Using the best portable airbrush air compressor for makeup kits gives you that glowing look in no time.

The use of the best airbrush compressors has become common in the recent past. In the past, the technique was used on special occasions by makeup artists. It was a preserve of the rich and famous. From my view Iwata air compressor kit is the best among all the airbrush air compressor 

Manufacturers are producing airbrush compressors available for home use.

Say goodbye to the sponges, brushes, fingers, and other techniques that will ruin your makeup.
The article will address issues such as how compressors work the single and dual quiet airbrush compressors, and achieving that flawless look. Read on!

Top 5 professional Airbrush kit







OPHIR Dual Action Airbrush

13.6 pounds

Editors ​First Choice

OPHIR 110V Pro

13.5 pounds

Iwata-Medea HP-CS

10 pounds

TEMPTU S-One Premier

10.2 pounds

AC1810-A Air Compressor

13.2 pounds

How To Choose Best Portable Airbrush Air Compressor For Makeup Kits

Single vs. dual action airbrush

What is the difference between the single and dual action airbrush process?

The dual-action airbrush allows you total control of the airflow. Depress the trigger using your index finger and draw it backward. The gun will release makeup based on how much you want.

The single-action airbrush air compressor is easy to use and releases fixed ratios of makeup through the airflow. However, you need to change nozzles in between applications to achieve different levels of details and coverage.

Gravity vs. Siphon feed

This is the mechanism that controls how makeup or paint moves through the airbrush.

The gravity feed pulls down the paint towards the nozzle’s tip and requires less pressure. It allows for finer details of the application.

The siphon feed pulls the pigment up towards the nozzle and requires more pressure. It is ideal for spray tan applications.

Airbrush compressor kit

Look out for the PSI as it affects the outcome. Small PSI levels are ideal for detailed makeup applications. The standard PSI pressure for facial makeup is 30-40 PSI while 70 is best for body makeup application.

Airbrush foundation/airbrush kit makeup

The best airbrush makeup kits can be water, alcohol, and silicone based (durable and resistant to sweat and water). Also, you can dilute your makeup and use the airbrush makeup.

Alcohol-based airbrush foundation – It can last up to five days but not recommended for daily use.

Silicone-based airbrush foundation- It blends perfectly with the skin. It does not dissolve and stays on the skin for a long time. However, it darkens after application. Apply a lighter shade than the actual skin tone.

Water-based airbrush foundation- It has a matte finish but reacts with moisture produced by the skin. It needs to apply all over the face to create a natural skin distinction. It tends to darken after application and users should try various shades before choosing one.

Intended use

How do you intend to use the air compressor for the airbrush kit? There are different models designed for different purposes. For instance, do you want an Dinair airbrush air compressor for makeup application only? If you want a versatile airbrush, some models are versatile and ideal for tasks ranging from painting to skin tanning. You will be spoil for choice!

What Not To Do

Do not mix different formulas. It is a recipe for disaster.
Follow the right coverage and do not pull the trigger during application or your makeup will feel     heavy
However, the airbrush would not work with your traditional liquid makeup as it is too thick to         pass through the gun.
Remember to moisturize your face or the makeup will cling to your face and create dark               patches.

Why Use The Airbrush Air Compressor kit?

Still wondering why you should invest in the best portable airbrush air compressor for makeup kits for your makeup needs?

For starters, your makeup will not settle in pores and fine lines like the powder or the traditional liquid foundations. Also, you feel like you are wearing no makeup.

Forget about brushes, sponges, and other tools that might ruin your makeup.

How Does The Airbrush Air Compressor Work?

You will need a stainless steel gun to which you will attach a small air compressor. When you pull back the trigger on the airbrush gun, it releases the makeup which flows through the hose pipe. It goes through the needle- size opening of the steel gun onto your skin in the shape of a fine and fan-shaped mist.

The fine spray mist offers a flawless coverage and application of the makeup. It evens out all the imperfections giving you a flawless, natural, and polished look. You can apply several layers to give that subtle look

For best results, spray the makeup about two inches away from your face. Use 6-12 drops of makeup for the foundation.

What is the be​​​​st professional a​​​​irbrush makeup system?

The perfect Instagram pictures of models make you wonder how they manage to look so flawless in make-up, nothing more than using the airbrush makeup. There is nothing like the perfection that an airbrush makeup system offers. This makeup has become the latest rage given the perfect contour and flawless coverage it offers.

The traditional makeup system has always made it difficult to sport a natural look. The liquid foundation, for example, may not get applied evenly leaving you with the frustrating caked look. The airbrush makeup comes to the rescue here.

What Would You Love?

The airbrush makeup system has garnered fans all over owing to the natural look it offers. In a selfie-obsessed world, a makeup that can last long without affecting the skin has gained importance.

And, this makeup system is just the one you need. Unlike traditional makeup, it works similar to the computer pixels; covering your face with tiny drops that distribute evenly. Its skin-friendly property makes it perfect for all skin types.

Why do You Need One?

 When you are a makeup professional, dermatological issues with clients crop up every now and then. But with an airbrush system, you can sure of handling many clients without having to deal with such issues. At the top of all these, it offers you a lightweight makeup option that will last long.

These are perfect for fashion shows as well as professional parties. Nothing can beat the joy of appearing flawless in every photograph! And with the pixel-patterned application, this is the perfect makeup kit.

The Top Things to Help You Choose the Best Airbrush kit System

So, what exactly makes this makeup so popular and perfect? Let’s find out!

1. Compressor settings:

An airbrush makeup kit applies makeup by spraying it using air pressure. More air pressure means more even makeup application. But these are usually costly. If you are a still a novice or want to spend less, you can opt for the continuous pressure.

2. Foundation options:

An airbrush makeup kit comes with its own combination of foundations. You can choose among the three: alcohol-based makeup, silicon-based makeup, and water-based makeup. All the three have their own properties and set of rules for perfect application. But one thing that is common to all is that they feel extremely light on the skin.

Experts claim that if you feel even a bit heavy on your face, it simply means that you did not apply the foundation correctly. With a light makeup that can stay for long, you are sure to rule the makeup game.

After applying the foundation, all you need to do is finish your look by spreading evenly with a kabuki brush or a makeup sponge.

3. Airbrush nozzle:

An airbrush comes with two types of nozzles.

These nozzles simply increase the makeup application to perfection. The single nozzle air nozzle allows you to put makeup in a way similar to water sprays. A dual nozzle is more specialized one in which you can opt between makeup spray and air spray; the latter is preferred by professionals.

Both these nozzles are instrumental in the perfect makeup that airbrushes offer. Their presence is one of the prime reasons that airbrushes are so efficient in even makeup coverage and perfect contour. They are now commonly used for every shooting purpose and for perfect photographs. Who can deny the perfection of cut creases that this offer?

4. Contents:

An airbrush makeup kits’ prime attraction is the range of products it includes. Apart from the wide range of foundation, you also get bronzer, primer, skin brightening glow kit and blush. A meticulous application of these will promise you a natural look even with make-up. You can flaunt your perfectly glowing skin round the day.

The bronzer can be used for highlighting contours of the cheeks and neck. They will give a more sculpted look to your face. Also, if you are on the heavier side, they will make you look a bit slimmer. You can highlight the high points of your face like cheekbones or nose or forehead with the proper contouring.

The primer can help you in hiding the dark spots and under eye dark circles. And with even distribution, you can sure of not looking dead pale! This is good even for aging women. They can gracefully hide their wrinkles with this makeup kit and look natural too.

5. Ease of use:

No one can deny the complexity of traditional makeup. The tedious process of mixing the perfect combination of primer, then foundation and so on simply scares a new person. And even if they try, it turns out that they look too heavily in make-up or too artificial.

How many times have we spotted glow-less yet caked faces in photographs! You can avoid this embarrassing situation by using an airbrush system. You will get a model-like perfect touch up.

The hype that one gets on social platforms encourages everyone to look perfect yet not over the top. This has given rise to a new makeup trend that emphasizes on a natural look. Also, people have grown aware of dermatological health. So, they now refrain from experimenting on their skin. An airbrush makeup kit is a perfect solution for all of them. Even a newcomer can try her hand without messing up with the look. The flawless look that they offer makes it the perfect makeup kit - not to mention the other advantages.

 Best Portable Airbrush Compressor For Makeup kits Reviews-Top Picks

Are you looking for the best portable air compressors for makeup kits and other uses such as fine art? Here is our summary of the best airbrush kit on the market. It is important to note that the kits have received a top rating from the users and manufacturers.

You will notice some of the features are common across all the kits. However, the main focus on the features and designs that make the airbrush stand out from the rest.

The detailed review before offers the ultimate guide to choosing the best compressors for airbrushes.

It is one of the best and most versatile air combo kits in the market. It is easy to use and can be adjusted to fit any desired angle. It is also ideal for a wide range of applications ranging from hobbies to makeup application.

(Editor Rating)

Highlighted features

  • Weighs 13.2 pounds
  • 7ml side gravity cups
  • 1/8 HP on demand compressor
  • 360-degrees adjustable reservoirs
  • Siphon carrying case wrench
  • G-MAC Air Compressor


  • It is the perfect for beginners as it easy to set up
  • It has a quiet mini-compressor with additional resources
  • It allows the user the unrestricted airflow control with your fingertips
  • It can be used with different airbrush colors from Americolor
  • Can be used in various applications such as hobbies, fine art, murals, food and cake decorating


  • You cannot change the size needle which limits some of its uses
  • Item not eligible for shipping in some countries

2. Iwata-Medea HP-CS.35mm Eclipse, Airbrush compressor iwata

It is a multi-purpose, versatile, high-paint-flow airbrush that has a wide array of uses. It is also easy to use and maintain.  It is ideal for spray-mixed and heavier paints. If you are looking for the best airbrush when spraying moderate to large amount of paint in various surfaces, Iwata Eclipse takes the day.

It has a compact size which makes it easy to carry. Also, it has low-maintenance oil-less piston and an adjustable pressure regulator that makes it economical, easy, and cost-effective to use. It is an airbrush that fine and automotive artists will love as it maintains the high-detail spray characteristics.

Highlighted features

  • 0.35mm needle and nozzle
  • 1/3 oz. sized cup
  • ECL 4500 eclipse HP-CS airbrush
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • Adjustable pressure regulator


  • It has a 0.35 mm needle and nozzle for easy spraying
  • It has 1/3 oz. cups with a new funnel shape for easy to clean and proper paint flow
  • It is a versatile airbrush ideal for numerous projects
  • It is ideal for high-details spray projects for automotive and fine artists
  • It has a compact size making it easy to carry
  • It has a metal cover for additional protection
  • Comes with additional accessories such as the air hose


  • Some users felt it was “bulky”
  • It needs regular cleaning after few times of usage

3. OPHIR Dual Action Airbrush Kit -with airbrush compressor with tank

It is a high-performance airbrush compressor that can be used for various tasks ranging from tanning to fingernail painting to bakery. It is a high-performance airbrush air compressor with features that make it easy to use and maintain. It is lightweight with a compact carrying handle making it portable. It also comes with additional accessories in its package such as an air filter, air hose, and airbrush holder.

Highlighted features

  • Oil-less piston type
  • Auto-stop functioning with working pressure adjuster
  • Multi-purpose airbrush air compressor
  • Weighs 13.6 pounds
  • Working pressure of 15-50 PSI


  • It has a large air tank that provides smooth airflow
  • It produces low noise of 47 decibels making it ideal for places where noise is an issue
  • It has five cleaning brushes in different sizes that are easy to attach
  • The package comes with extra accessories such as an air hose, cleaning brush, and glass dropper


  • It needs an adapter that fits the standard compressor
  • It works with water-based paints only

4.TEMPTU S-One Premier- model airbrush compressor

The TEMPTU S-One Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit is ideal for light body work and beauty. It uses the dual action technology that makes the airbrush work effectively. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike. It has an in-built PSI regulator and a SP-35 dual action technology with a push and pull trigger for ease of use.

Highlighted features

  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • 40z.S/B cleaner
  • Airbrush cleaning kit
  • It is a dual-action gun
  • SP-35 Airbrush


  • •Its durability and size makes it suitable for workshop and salon use
  • The dual action technology feature has a push and pull trigger for separation of air and makeup
  • It is easy to clean and operate
  • It has a  built-in PSI regulator


  • ix foundation product may not be needed by home users
  • It takes some time to get used to it

5.OPHIR 110V Pro Airbrush Compressor with Tank- 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.8mm Airbrush and Cleaning Kit

It is a high-pressure airbrush compressor with cleaning tools and PRO airbrush suitable for a variety of tasks. The manufacturer has included additional resources in the package. Some of them include a cleaning guide and operational manual, a cleaning brush and an air hose. You do not have to worry about cleaning away blockages of the dried paint.

Highlighted features

  • Oil-less piston with an auto stop function and working pressure adjustor
  • It is lightweight with a compact carrying handle
  • Automatic on and off shutoff
  • Suitable for various functions
  • Net weight 5.2 kgs
  • Dual action airbrush


  • It has an adjustable spray pattern (from ¼-1-1/2) for maximum versatility
  • It has five cleaning brushes that come in different sizes
  • Its needles are ideal for cleaning away blockages with dried paint.
  • The package had different accessories such as a cleaning guide, cleaning brush, air hose, and airbrush kit
  • It is easy to operate and comfortable to use 


  • You need an adapter to fit the standard compressor hose
  • You need to drain the accumulated moisture in the tank regularly


From our best portable airbrush air compressor for makeup kits review, we recommend the OPHIR 110V Pro Airbrush Compressor with Tank 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.8mm Airbrush and Cleaning Kit. Its ease of use also makes it a favorite for beginners and veterans alike. For starters, it is a versatile and high-pressure airbrush compressor tool. It has outstanding features that improve its functionality and efficiency. It is lightweight and has an automatic on and off valves for easy operation. It has oil-less piston with an auto-stop function with an adjustable spray pattern.To know more click here.

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