The Best Paint Sprayer for Fences Reviews of 2020 – Buying guide

best paint sprayer for fences

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When it comes to home improvement projects, painting a fence is an easy way to improve the look and feel of your property. However, spending all day doing the job by hand is never enjoyable. Why do you think that Tom Sawyer conned his friends into doing it? Instead, let the best paint sprayer for fences take care of the hard work.

In this article, I’m not only going to showcase the top sprayers, but I’ll go over the best features to look for when choosing a model. Cut your work time in half with one of these incredible machines. Best of all, you can reuse them for a wide array of painting projects, both indoors and out.

Top 5 best paint Sprayer for Fences- Comparison Chart







Graco Ultra Max Cordless 17M367

0.16 ounces

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless

19 pounds

Wagner Spraytech 0518080

11.2 pounds

Chapin International 30600 2Gal Steel Deck Sprayer

10.25 pounds

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

28.1 pounds

Best Paint Sprayers for Fences

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

For the most part, painting your fence can be a relatively complicated job. Not only that, but you need to make sure that your sprayer is designed to handle that much surface area. However, what if you want to be a little more artistic with your fence colors and designs?

This handheld paint sprayer from Graco is perfect for finishing work and smaller surfaces. For example, if you have a fence gate and you want it a different color, you can use this machine to cover it in minutes. Similarly, if you prefer to use stencils and paint a pattern on your gate, this versatile sprayer can make it easier for you.

The best thing about this model from Graco is that it’s lightweight and easy to use. I don’t recommend it for your whole fence since you’ll have to change the paint can too often to make it worthwhile. Also, the motor inside isn’t designed for extended use, so you could burn it out if you try to paint too much surface area in one sitting.

Overall, this sprayer is an ideal finishing tool that can be used for both paint and protectants. Seal your new color so that it will last longer and keep your fence looking its best all year long.


  • Cordless design
  • No paint thinning required
  • Works with sealants and solvents too
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Sprays up to 2000 psi


  • Paint can is small, so you have to refill more often
  • Not designed for heavy-duty painting projects

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

As we’ve already seen, Graco makes some high-quality paint sprayers. However, while the cordless model above is perfect for adding those finishing touches, this machine is capable of tackling the whole fence in one go.

What makes this sprayer so efficient is that you can draw from the paint bucket directly. Even better, it works with both one and five-gallon containers, so you can keep working for a lot longer. I highly recommend working with non-latex paints, as the latex can get clogged in the nozzle more easily.

However, when it comes to cleaning, this sprayer is also a huge time-saver. All you have to do is connect your water hose to the pump and let it run for a few minutes. This way, you can keep the pump and the nozzle clean at all times without having to use specialized tools.

If you do ever encounter a clog, the tip is reversible. Overall, this sprayer is perfect for painting both fences and the exterior of your home. You can connect up to 75 feet of hose, which enables you to work more freely.

I do not recommend this model for interior use, as the pressure will cause the paint to spray everywhere.


  • Draws paint from the bucket directly
  • Built-in stand for convenience
  • Connects to your water hose for fast cleaning
  • Works with up to 75 feet of painting hose
  • Reverse tip to help remove clogs


  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • In rare cases, the pump may overheat with extended use

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Corded HVLP Paint Sprayer

When comparing the best paint sprayers for fences, you’ll notice that some models use different methods of getting the paint onto the surface. The most common options are compressed air and airless models. In this case, however, the Wagner Spraytech is a High-Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) unit.

The primary benefit of HVLP systems is that you get a much more even coat as you work. Airless and compressor-based sprayers can be harder to control, and you can typically wind up with clumps or a patchy finish. Machines like this one save time because you get even distribution the first time.

That being said, this model uses a paint can attached to the spray nozzle. While the larger of the two (one-quart) is sufficient for painting blocks of your fence, keep in mind that the job will take longer than using a model that draws from a bucket.

One thing I like about this sprayer is that the pump is designed to work with both thick and thin paints. Latex paints usually have trouble with these kinds of systems, but you shouldn’t run into problems. However, if you’re painting for extended periods, the pump can overheat. I recommend doing your fence in stages to ensure the longevity of this machine.


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  • High-volume, low-pressure model
  • Two paint cans included for versatility
  • Works with latex and thinner paints
  • Adjustable flow
  • 20-foot hose for better mobility


  • Not ideal for large surfaces - finishing only
  • In some cases, latex paints may get clogged easily

Chapin International 30600 2Gal Steel Deck Sprayer

Although we’re focusing on painting your fence, one of the steps you’ll have to take is to spray sealant on the paint after you’re done. This way, the material won’t crack and fade, forcing you to do the whole thing over again next year.

While you could apply sealant by hand, why not use this sprayer instead? Unlike most other models, this unit is made of high-quality metal, which ensures that it will hold up year after year. The hose is also reinforced, which allows it to maintain its stability like the tank. You can expect to have this sprayer around for a long time.

When it comes to convenience, I like that the opening is a funnel, meaning that filling, emptying, and cleaning are a breeze.

Depending on the sealant you’re using, you can choose from three different spray heads. I recommend testing each one out first to see how well they work. They are technically designed for different viscosities, but I find that it really depends on the product you’re spraying.

Another thing I appreciate about this model is that the pump handle is large and ergonomic. Don’t waste time and energy with an inferior pump. This design will save your hands and allow you to work longer between breaks.


  • Extra-large two-gallon canister
  • Multiple spray heads
  • Easy to use design
  • Reinforced hose for stability
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning


  • Not designed for paint
  • The smaller nozzles can get clogged easier

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

Sometimes, you don’t have to paint your whole fence. In some instances, all you need to do is cover up the spots where the old paint is chipped or fading. For those jobs, you can get away with this sprayer from Fuji. The Mini-Mite 3 Platinum is technically designed for arts and crafts, but its reliable motor can work wonders on spot-painting your fence as well.

Part of the reason that this sprayer works so well for artistic endeavors is that you can control not only the power of the spray but the width. This means you can narrow the particles or widen them, depending on the size of the surface.

Another primary benefit of this model is that the pump is housed in a sound-reducing box. The covering also helps dissipate heat so that you don’t have to worry about the whole thing shutting off. Realistically, you can work for a couple of hours before having to take a break.

As with other paint sprayers we’ve seen, this unit comes with a can on the spray nozzle. The can is relatively small, so you will have to change it out regularly. However, the whole this is super lightweight so that you can carry it around with no issues.

Finally, this is a high-volume low-pressure model, which ensures that you get a thick, even coat the first time. Work more efficiently with the Mini-Mite 3 Platinum.


  • Quiet motor
  • Adjustable fan spray
  • Durable metal construction
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Heat distribution box keeps it working longer


  • Designed for finishing only
  • Doesn’t work with thicker paints

How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer for Fences

If you haven’t used a paint sprayer before, then it can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first. Fortunately, I’m going to discuss the various elements to pay attention to when comparing models and brands. Understanding these differences will help you choose the best paint sprayer for fences.

Sprayer Type

I touched on this earlier, but most paint sprayers come in three varieties. Air compressor, airless, and HVLP. Let’s break them down further.

Air Compressor

For these models, you will have to supply a separate air compressor. If you already own one, then this could be an excellent choice. The primary benefit of these sprayers is that they are cost-effective since they don’t come with a power source. Typically, it’s just a nozzle and a hose to draw from your paint bucket.


When you need your sprayer to be compact and portable, an airless sprayer is the best option. These machines are typically smaller because they don’t require as large of a pump. Airless sprayers are perfect for adding finishing touches to a project or working on arts and crafts. They don’t provide a ton of coverage, but you get more precise control.


As I mentioned, this acronym stands for “high-volume, low pressure.” The way that these sprayers work is that they produce a thick, consistent stream of paint. Because the pressure is reduced, you get a much more even coating the first time. High-pressure systems are ideal for covering large surfaces, but they can create splatter and uneven texture. HVLP is excellent for when you want to have control and work more efficiently.

Paint Source

In most cases, your fence-painting project will require a lot of paint. In those instances, you want a sprayer that can go for a long time between refills. As we saw with the Graco Magnum X5, you can draw paint directly from the bucket, which helps you work faster and longer between breaks.

That being said, sprayers that have a paint can attached to the nozzle give you greater precision while working. This means that you get less splatter on the ground, and you get a more even coating. Ideally, you use these models when working on edges or smaller surfaces.

Adjustable Spray

Finally, if you want even more control over how you paint your fence, you want to buy a sprayer with adjustable tips. There are two ways that you can customize how the paint comes out. First, you can make the spray wider or narrow. Second, you can adjust the overall flow.

By getting a model with this kind of control, you can work a lot smarter. Taper off the paint flow when working on smaller areas, or narrow the spray to ensure that you don’t waste paint. I highly recommend getting a machine with both capabilities if possible.


Since you're working with paint, you want to be able to clean your sprayer quickly and efficiently. Here are two features that can make this process a lot easier.

  1. Reversible Tip - this way, you can unclog the nozzle by pushing the paint through the other side.
  • Hose Hookup - run water through the system, flushing out all of the paint immediately.

Final Verdict

We’ve looked at a lot of different machines, but when it comes to the best paint sprayer for fences, I believe that Graco has the best model. The Magnum X5 is by far the most capable of painting your fence in one shot, meaning that you can work faster and longer. Overall, the other sprayers are perfect for protecting or touching up your current paint job. Ideally, you’ll get the X5 and the other Graco model to get the best results for your fence.

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