Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Review, Guide and News

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Review

Do you deal with woodwork, electronics or you own a small business where you need to fill small tires like those on a bike? Are tired of the bulky air compressor? Do you want an air compressor that can work for over thirty minutes continuously? Have you been looking for an air compressor which can go anywhere if your job require? Are you interested in working with an air compressor which has an inbuilt regulator and its motor can turn off if overloaded? Then Senco PC1010 air compressor happens to be the gadget you have been looking for. It meets all your expectations and goes beyond.

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Features

125 PSI Maximum Pressure

This makes it possible to handle the task in the minimum time possible. Measuring the pressure gives you the extent you can work with any device, (AN1573.pdf). Achieving this PSI from a very low power as it is the case with senco PC1010 Air Compressor is quite impressive. Due to this pressure, a stapler can fire up to 20 times before the compressor comes back on to the recharge reservoir. You can work on your moderately sized electronics with only three recharges while the smaller ones like the laptop and home theater take only one charge to clean.

Electric powered

Electric powered gadgets come with fewer struggles as all you need is a power installation to get started. The recognition of this fact is a great contributor towards moving the electric industries to greater heights, (H.Lee Williams, 2004). Less or no fumes are guaranteed. This makes it applicable to people with conditions unfriendly to fumes. It also saves on electricity as the motor can regulate the intake.

20 pounds standing weight

There is nothing as good as a gadget that can hold its weight. Senco PC1010 holds its 20 pounds standing weight. This saves you the cost of setting up a stand. The fact that it is still a little bit heavy makes you feel secure while working on the counter as someone may not easily get away with it. The weight is also not too much to make it immobile if your job requires. This makes it stable when operating on a leveled surface.

6 feet power cord

The gadget is electric powered therefore a long cord is of great help. With a six feet long cord, you can shelter the air compressor in your room of operation and work from outside. The cord also allows you to carry your air compressor to the point where your job allows without budgeting for an extension.

Made in Taiwan and the one year warranty

This helps in building the customers' confidence. Its point of production guarantees high-quality hardware. Regular users find it durable enough for light home and professional use.


  • Its maximum pressure is perfect for light use
  • It is more portable than other small air compressors available in the market.
  • ​Has a variety of light duty applications.
  • ​Give a great value for your money as it is of good quality


  • Wrapping the handle makes it deteriorate easily
  • ​The small tank may not suit everybody
  • ​Operates with only one air hose at a time
  • ​Prolonged use leads to overheating
  • Due to its size, a small leak will impact on the whole performance

Highlighted features

  • ½ HP direct drive motor for super performance
  • A handle and lightweight design
  • 1-gallon compressor
  • 1-Horsepower Peak

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best way to bleed off air from the tank after using it? Someone pointed out that using the tank drain will wear it out eventually.

What is the maximum pressure on the Senco PC 1010 air compressor?

Does Senco PC1010 come with an accessory kit, or I have to buy separately?

Final verdict

I suggest that you should go for Senco PC 1010 Air compressor as it has all the required features for home and professional light duties. Following its applications, this is a gadget that you should not miss at home. I recommend  as long as you are not expecting a large unit application. it is a good deal considering that you can get it with as little as $100.This  Air compressor is just the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a reliable equipment for your construction endeavors. Not only do you get a sensible warranty, but you also enjoy value for your money, you stretch your options, get a handy equipment, and above all, you are assured of quality output. Make a wise and informed decision today.(senco PC1010 Air Compressor Review)

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