Quieting Air Compressor: 10 Easy Steps To Quiet Your Air Compressor

How to make a quiet air compressor?

Quiet Air Compressor

If you want to make your air compressor quiet? then here is the best guide for you. As we know the air compressor is the main part of the artwork. They sometimes produce unbearable noise that can irritate you so much. Everyone wants to have a quiet air compressor.

What things can cause noise from the air compressor? 

Several things are the main cause of the noise that comes from the compressor. Some of them are:

 a) Type of the floor

 b) Materials that are used to build the air compressor

 c) Air suctions

 d) Exhaust

If you also face the same situations, then many methods can prevent your air compressor to make further noise.

Why the air compressors are so loud? 

As we know the air compressor works with the air. Air compressor doing lots of work for you. The motor of compressor drawing a huge amount of air and pump the air at very high-pressure into the tank.

Sources that make the compressor loud are:

 a) The air intake

As we know that When you on the vacuum cleaner, it makes a loud sound. Similar happened with the air compressor. The loud sound produces in an intake port of the compressor machine. The air intake is one of the loudest parts of the air compressor.

 b) The exhaust

It is the second part of the air compressor that causes noise in the air compressor. The byproducts are usually discharged via the machine exhaust portion. So, during this operation, the machine generates lots of noise.

 c) Material

It may surprise that construction material used in manufacturing air compressors is the major cause of the noise. If the compressor is made with low-quality material, then it will produce louder noise. If the compressor is made of thick material then it will not so noisy.

 d) Power source

The electric-powered model offers you quiet operation rather than the standard model.

 e) Vibration

It is normal for your air compressor to generate vibration. These vibrations are not so noisy but when vibration adds with the surround, then loud sound produces.

For an instant, if the air compressor is placed on the weak or shaky surface, then it will produce more noise. But if it contains shallow to hollow, then more noises will be heard.

Continue to read this guide to know How to make your compressor quieter?

How to make your air compressor quiet?

In this section, we will tell you the 10 detailed steps that help to make your air compressor quiet. These are the best and affordable hacks that can easily implement by you.

 1 ) Reduce the air intake

The intake component is the major cause of producing too much noise. The noise may increase when you place the air compressor in any confined space such as a garage.

By attaching the rubber hose in front of the intake components can reduce noise. If the air is being sucked-in from any free area, then compressors never emit loud noise. You can install a muffler to reduce noise too. Attaching the silencer or muffler on an air intake pipe is a reliable method. Both are effective gadgets that consist of a silencing tool and air filter.

2 ) Soundproof box

Another best method to reduce noise is to put the air compressor in the sound-proof box. This box is an effective tool that helps in reducing the noise of your air compressor. You can easily get this box from any shopping centers or make use DIY plan. You can use this system for your home air compressor.

If you wish to have a DIY project, then you need a saw, screw drills, and plywood as well as soundproof foam. Measure the compressor and manufacture cubicles. Ensure to have a box bigger than a compressor for the prevention of overheating. Make some extra holes so that air enters the box and heat left from the box.

3 ) Use earplugs:

If you wish to have a quiet compressor, then you need to use earplugs. Earplugs are very effective accessories that operate on any high-noise equipment and machinery to prevent hearing loss. Constant irregular noise can weaken eardrums very badly. It is very important to stay away from your ear from noisy equipment. If work demand this, then you require to use protective gear for better safety. You can easily get this accessory from an online store.

4 ) Lubricate the joints

Another method to get noise-free operation of your air compressor is to lubricate the joints. Air compressors have metallic parts that need to move constantly. These joints movements may affect if you forget to lubricate properly.

The metal parts become weaken and corrode. It gives you an annoying sound. If you do not check the air compressor properly, then compressor working performance affects badly. So, you need to have proper lubrication on the compressor's joints to prevent any unnecessary damage and noise.

5 ) Alienate the air compressor

If you need the quietest air compressor, then you need to install it in a separate room. But it is a fact that not everyone can afford a separate room to store the unit. But cramming the compressor in any small area that filled with solid components makes the compressor sound minimize. Assign any corner or small areas will offer your compressor the proper ventilation as well as reduce the stress on the air compressor.

 6 ) Use rubber to depress vibrations

Rubber is the best material that offers you muffling and sound-absorbing abilities. It means that the rubber can easily reduce the noise that can be made by the air compressor. Rubber can absorb shocks, and vibrations and prevent the sound to spread. You can use the rubber either by installing the rubber grommets on the motor of the air compressor or simply apply the rubber mounts on the floor.

7 ) Keep distance from the air compressor

It is the best and logical solution to the noise issue. Keep some distance from the air compressor can minimize the noise. Putting distance between you and the air compressor can decrease the sound that hears by you. By double, the distance between yourself and the compressor can cut down the level of noise to six decibels. Having barriers like walls can also reduce the sound level.

8 ) Clean air filters regularly

Sometimes if your air filters are not clean, then it produces an extremely loud noise. As we know that filters are a very important part to clean the air that may present inside the air compressor. Air filters keep the dust out of the air compressor. But if you do not take care of the air compressor, then air accumulate in it. The building-up of dust may block the intake system. Due to this reason, the air compressor runs louder and harder. To avoid this critical situation, you need to clean the air filters after 6-months.

9 ) Professional examination

If Air compressors start with roars, then it will be an indication of happening something wrong. The average owner performs cleaning and routine lubrication but there is still a need for professionals who examine the whole thing in a well better way.

Some essential parts like belts, valves, and gaskets require occasional replacing. The professional service provider helps to analyze the air compressor in a very deep way. So, we recommended that you use the machine that is examined by a professional. It helps the noise level as well as the productivity level. If you have done regular maintenance with your compressor then productivity and longevity of the compressor will enhance.

10 ) Use of sound blanket to wrap air compressor

The sound blanket is recognized as the best accessory that can reduce the roaring sound of the compressor by absorbing the noise. The sound blankets are so popular nowadays. The fibers of the blanket can absorb much sound easily. If you are going to use a soundproof box, then buy it from the online store.

Sound blankets are dense and heavy that can easily wrap around the compressor. Consult and ask the professional to wrap the sound blanket for you.

Safety tips for making ultra quiet air compressor 

Almost all of the above-mentioned methods help you to minimize the roaring sound of the air compressor. While working with an air compressor, safety should be your top priority. Working with compression calls extra caution because it gives pressurized air which can be very dangerous. Some of the safety tips are:

· Ensure to plug the compressor first and drain the air tank before makes any adjustments.

· You must offer adequate ventilation

· Never go over the maximum pound-force per square inch.

· It is necessary to check the safety valves regularly.

· Regular check the filter intake

Compresses air can be more fatal when using in the mismanaged way. So, it should be observed with safety precautions.

Verdicts of quiet compressor

The above simple suggestions on How to make your compressor quieter helpful for you. If your neighbor complaining to you about the air compressor, then consider the above tips. Hope these work well with your problems. If the content works well for you, then please check other related lists. Thanks for reading this content. Have a great day.

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