Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

Do you find yourself on the road a lot throughout the year? Have you ever been in a situation where you could have really used an air compressor but didn’t have one? If either of those sound like you, then you need to strongly consider purchasing an air compressor. More specifically, why you should consider purchasing this particular air compressor. It comes with some of the best features that you will find such as an extra long coil hose and power cord as well as a high PSI and a fast working system to deliver the results you want exceptionally quick.


16 Foot Easy Coil Hos

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to a compressor is not having a long enough hose to get to all of the areas you need to. When it comes to a compressor, you’re limited to the length of the cord and the hose, so the longer the better. With this particular hose, it will store incredibly easy as well thanks to the easy coil features so that it will coil back up when you are finished with the compressor.

10 Foot Power Cord

Similar to the long hose that was discussed above, the long power cord is going to be incredibly helpful and beneficial. Since odds are good that there won’t be a power outlet right next to where you’re going to use the compressor, you want to make sure you have a long enough cord to reach where you need it to. If the cord is still not long enough for you, you can always use an extension cord to get the desired length.

120 PSI

When it comes to a compressor such as this one, the most important thing you can look for is the PSI. The higher the PSI, the better. When it comes to this compressor, you’re going to enjoy a 120 PSI that will help to inflate just about anything you need inflated in little to no time.


As was just mentioned above, the high PSI on this compressor helps to make sure that you get a fast experience when you go to inflate your tires or anything else. As a matter of fact, the company says that it will inflate a full size truck tire in under two minutes and can inflate a passenger car tire in under one minute.

Complete Kit

If you’re going to buy a compressor, then you want to make sure that you are going to buy one that offers absolutely everything you need. If you don’t, then you’re going to increase your cost because you will need to buy them separately. This product comes with the compressor, hose, power cord, nylon carrying bag and all necessary inflation accessories.

Product Benefits

  • Adequate air flow
  • ​Inflates a tire in about four minutes depending on the size
  • ​Low prices with great quality
  • Great for portability and for most trucks and SUVs
  • ​Extra long coiled hose and power cord
  • Includes a storage bag for carrying


  • Difficult to find any replacement parts
  • ​Nipple thread isn’t standard US size
  • ​Requires modifications to get the most out of it

Highlighted Features

  • Can inflate some tires in less than 2 ½ minutes
  • ​120 PSI
  • ​16 foot coiled hose
  • ​10 foot power cord
  • ​Includes storage bag
  • Perfect for off-road vehicles
  • ​Easy to use at all times

FAQ - Some Questions and Answers

Can this product be used to help inflate an air mattress?

Is there an automatic shut off once the compressor inflates something to a certain PSI?

What PSI will this compressor go up to and what cars is it going to work best for?


If you travel a lot, then you should really consider keeping a portable air compressor in your car at all times. It can come in handy if you ever need to inflate a tire for any reason and it can save you a lot of time and headache as well. If you do decide that an air compressor is right for you, then you should strongly consider this air compressor is perfect for you. With all of the features and specifications, you’ll have no problem enjoying this one.

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