Has finding the right portable compressor been a daunting task? Are you interested in getting a portable compressor that allows more than just lightweight duties? Are tired of waiting for your small compressor to refill even when handling a more demanding task in your home? Are you tired of going for the industrial compressor even when you know you can handle some things at home? Would you be happy tracing a compressor that handles both home and industrial roles and still enjoys the benefits of being portable and lightweight? Be privileged to use the porter-cable-c2002-wk as it has all the features that you have been looking for.


Maximum Pressure

150 psi air pressure is the maximum pressure that the air compressor can hold. The tank can store more air making it suitable for both the industrial and home tasks. The compressor can replace air faster than other smaller compressors as the maximum pressure makes it more powerful. The compressor is, therefore, sufficient for moderate bursts of rapid fire nailing. The 150 psi maximum tank pressure allows for longer tool run times.

Power source

This is an oil-free air compressor. Being electric powered is an advantage by its own. The air compressor has a 120v electric motor. This makes it a superpower. It is easy to start it up. This makes it suitable for the cold environments as you would have any problem starting the gadget in temperatures below 20 degrees.

Tank Capacity

A 6-gallon ‘pancake' tank is just the much you could ask for while it comes to lightweight portable air compressors. The tank includes a water drain valve and a rubberized base. The capacity of the tank increases its performance as it handles the maximum pressure. The capacity is enough for running two framing nailers with zeal. It is also possible to refill the tools in less than 3 minutes.

Additional Accessories

Most portable air compressors do not come with accessories and this makes porter cable C2002-WK more outstanding. A 13 piece accessory kit is inclusive of the air compressor's cost. This is a nice additional package. This includes a good quality hose, neat blow gun, tire chuck and gauge, plugs, coupler, and tape. These are the necessary equipment that you must have in order to use the air compressor appropriately.


Depending on your job requirement, portability may be very relevant. If that is the case, portability is the most selling feature for this Compressor. The 30 lbs standing weight makes it more portable. It weighs less than most of the small air compressors. The weight is well fitted as the compressor comfortably handles the tank. It is even easier to make movements. The air compressor has a handle on the top of the compressor and this makes it easier to lift from one place to another when your job requires.


Low cost compared to other portable air compressors

The large capacity tank which boosts its performance

The air compressor has a durable oil-free pump and this saves the users the hustle of changing oil often to help the compressor continue running.

It is portable so you can move to where your job demands

Not limited to light duties only as it can handle much more

Comes with the 13 pieces accessories

It is easy to start up and use as it is electric powered

The pump is maintenance free as you do not have to change the oil.

Has two regulated factory installed air couplers thus allows for two users making it suitable even for a work place.

The shroud protects the delicate components

Have replaceable brushes in the motor for a more extended life.

The cord wrap is inbuilt for easy storage

Has a one year warranty


  • The unit may be louder than you may expect
  • ​The quality of some hardware such as the valves is questionable. They frequently fail after few uses and needs to be handled with a lot of care.
  • ​6-gallon tank
  • ​A shroud and handle that protect vital components and eases portability.
  • ​150 psi maximum pressure
  • ​120v electric motor
  • 13 piece accessories kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can this compressor be used to blow inflate tires of a vehicle?

What size is the air compressor?

Final Verdict

Looking for a perfect air compressor may have been stressful to you but this marks the end of your search. All the highlighted features and benefits are indications that the unit suits your needs. Being electric powered makes Porter Cable C2002-WK a more powerful, minimized and an exceptional air compressor. This is among the many features that make it suitable for you. The 150 PSI makes the air compressor to meet all your needs whether heavy or light duties. This is why I recommend you to get this unit as it makes all the difference.(porter-cable-c2002-wk-review)

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