Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air compressor review

Are you a home owner with a small workshop full of tools that enable you to run a home business? Are you a business owner running a construction and the roof repair firm? Have you been disappointed by the lack of a power source when completing jobs? You don’t have to endure the disappointments any more. With Makita MAC700 2.0 HP Air compressor, you can finally run your home and business workshop with ease. You can power nail guns, sanders, drills, impact wrenches, staplers and spray guns with ease. In this Air compressor review, the unit comes with a Big-Bore cylinder and piston that assures users of a higher output. It generates less noise and allows for improved job site performance.

2.0 HP pump

As you already know, this Air compressor comes fitted with a 2.0 HP motor. It is a cast-iron cylinder which assures users of greater performance allowing. Thanks to use of a cast-iron construction, it is constructed for improved durability making it suitable for tough job site conditions. It is an oil lubricated-pump that is equipped with a large automotive style filter that allows improved air intake and efficiency. Thanks to its ability of running cooler, users are assured of longer life and lower noise.

One year warranty

In a this Air compressor review, every unit produced is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving a production facility. If you purchase a unit and you are not satisfied within 30 days, you can return it and a replacement or refund will be provided. Makita MAC700 2.0 HP Air compressor comes with a 1 year warranty. It needs to be free of defects from workmanship and materials.All Makita products have this facilities .

2.6 gallon tank

The 2.6 gallon-tank has an operating-pressure of one hundred and thirty which is able to deliver forty and ninety pounds per square inch. Thanks to its high performance, a user is not only assured of powering different tools at once but it helps one to deliver stunning results. It has a tank-drain valve that supersedes a standard petcock design. This allows for easier maintenance. It has a finned discharge tubing which dissipates heat more efficiently.

Roll bar handle

The unit weighs 59.6 pounds. It is designed to be highly portable allowing home owners with a workshop to move it close to a working table preventing entanglement of cables. For business people who run small construction firms and roof repair companies, Makita MAC700 2.0 HP Air compressor is a great choice. It comes with a roll bar handle which makes it easier to transport from one location to another.

Low amp

The Air compressor is designed to draw low amps. One thing you need to know is that an increase in current drawn can trip a circuit breaker. This not only leads to damage, but it can disrupt power. This Air compressor uses less voltage and current. On full load, it can draw 12 amps.


  • It generates 80 decibels of sound. This ensures that noise levels are low.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty plus a 30 day return policy after purchase. This allows for repairs or replacement with a new unit.
  • ​It is fitted with a 2.0 HP motor with cast-iron-cylinder that offers great performance for improved compression and recovery.
  • ​It is constructed for tough work conditions thanks to its excellent built.
  • ​It comes with a handle bar that allows transportation from one location to another with ease.


  • It is quite heavy at 59.6 pounds
  • It requires periodic oil changes and also requires oil valve
  • ​It comes with an obscure product manual.


Is a 2.6 gallon-tank sufficient enough for running a wide range of tools?

Is it noisy to run?

Does a Makita MAC700 2.0 HP Air compressor requires maintenance?

Final Verdict

The Makita MAC700 2.0 HP is designed to be a powerful and generates less sound. It is designed to work in tough work conditions allowing one to accomplish different tasks with ease. If you are looking for a durable unit, then I highly recommend it.

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