How to use an airbrush compressor?

How to use an airbrush compressor

How to use an airbrush compressor

Airbrushes are the best artist spraying accessories that required pressurized air for working. The choice of source of air is very important because inadequate air supply may affect your performance as well as airbrush. The airbrush compressor comes with unique features that enable the users to use the compressor accurately.

Uses of airbrush compressor

The project and type of art that you working on determine which will be the perfect airbrush compressor.

For instant, if you are working in wide are, then you will need to select the airbrush compressor that comes with large tank capacity. Similarly, if you are working in a small area, then a small tank capacity is a perfect option for you. The tank capacities are the best reminder that enables you to choose the best airbrush compressor.

These are the best tools that can easily be used for different artwork and projects. In many makeup industries like nail art, spray tans these airbrush compressors are used.

How to use a perfect airbrush compressor? 

An Airbrush compressor is widely used for different paint applications. When air is being forced via the spray gun, the air is mixed with the paint. Due to this impact, we get the amazing spray of paint that will ensure the smooth and perfect painting applications. The airbrushing offers a uniquely smooth finish on the required surface.

The people who want to get some special effects need to use the perfect airbrush compressor. The best airbrush compressor enables them to mix liquid paint perfectly. The people who want to use paints that have an alcohol-based body will use airbrush compressors to make their work easier and perfect.

The airbrush compressor is the main source used to compressed air into the airbrush.

The main things that are required for spraying paint by using airbrush compressors are:

  • Airbrush
  • Hose
  • Paint
  • Compressor
  • Pressure regulator
  • Manometer


  • First of all the compressed air is sent through a compressor to the manometer that removes all water vapor present in the air. Water vapors are present inside the compressed air that is the by-product of passing air through the mechanical process like compression.
  • The users will utilize a pressure regulator that helps to define the air pressure that sent to the airbrush.
  • With the help of an air hose, the compressed air will easily deliver to the airbrush.
  • The air hose is directly attached to the air outlet present on the pressure regulator and an air inlet that is present on an airbrush.
  • With the help of siphon feed or gravity, the paint is delivered to an airbrush needle that is present inside the airbrush nozzle.
  • Both airbrush needles and airbrush nozzles are present in various sizes.
  • The needle will easily be pushed forward by the small spring that keeps the needle present inside the airbrush nozzle. It also prevents the paint while passing through the airbrush nozzle.
  • The airbrush trigger comes backward, then it will draw the needle in outward direction through a small opening present in the airbrush nozzle. It will help in traveling paint inside.
  • The paint will travels inside the needle and move toward the pointed needle tip.
  • With the internal and external mixes, the airbrushes are used to mix air & paint and then propelled fluid forward.
  • Design your required artwork or doing a project.
  • After using this amazing device, clean it properly so that it works for you for a long time.

Airbrush compressor used for which application?

If you need to :

  • Paint Small area
  • Paint Large area
  • Paint on the body,
  • Spray cars
  • Spray food coloring
  • Paint on nails,

Then you will need an airbrush compressor. The choice of the compressor will highly depend on the task you going to do.

Need for large tank compressor: 

If you are going for illustrating r fine art, then you will need a large area tank. So, in that case, you need to purchase an air compressor with a larger area.

This compressor enables you to paint for a longer time with continuous airflow. The moto turns off and comes to rest when the airbrush compressor tank is full.

Need for smaller tank compressor:

If you want to paint a small area, then you will need an airbrush compressor with a small capacity tank. But you would not be able to utilize this small capacity compressor with 6mm nozzle. It is so because it would not able to offers the regular and consistent airflow that needed by you.

Need for other purposes:

If you want an airbrush compressor for purposes like painting body art, make-up art, decorate the cake then you will need an airbrush compressor without tank. You will need a portable accessory that delivers you low air pressure, Compressor like "Iwata Studio Series Ninja Jet" is perfect for this application.

If you need an airbrush compressor to spray on any textile shirts, then you should purchase the compressor that equipped with the tank and offers 40 psi. The popular compressor "Iwata studio series power jet pro compressor" is suitable for this purpose.

Top features of airbrush kit

Some of the top features for airbrush compressor are:

  • Easy to hold the airbrush
  • Big capacity tank for storage
  • Zero noise as well as moisture filters
  • Turn on/off features
  • Budgeted thermal protection
  • Lower consumption of power
  • Easy adjustment of air pressure
  • Moisture trapping capacity


The perfect airbrush compressor for your requirement will differ and will depend on the project type you are going to work on Airbrush compressors are the main part of airbrushing because they are the perfect source of power.

If you are not using an airbrush compressor, then you are unable to use the airbrush for large portraits and fine details. The perfect quality airbrush compressor will offer you quiet operation with easy to control. I hope the article will provide you better knowledge about how to use an airbrush compressor. For more detail, kindly comment. We are always here to provide you better knowledge about the airbrush compressor.

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