How to refill a co2 tank with an air compressor?

Refilling Co2 tanks with the home air compressor is not so difficult as you may think. An air compressor is a versatile and incredibly useful equipment that can be used to perform different tasks at certain workplace and home.

Once of the helpful thing that done by an high pressure air compressor is to fill a Co2 tank. If you have a Co2 tank and use it for any application, then it may possible that you may searching about how to properly refill it with air compressor.  If so, then this article is the perfect solution.

You are not the only person to ask all such kind of questions. Read this article to find the answer to the question.

Types of tanks:

There are generally three types of pressurized gas cylinders. They offer lots of features for different purposes. Three types of tanks are:

  • Co2 tanks:

These tanks are the one that is filled with liquid or gaseous nitrogen. When someone uses them, then the Co2 revert to gaseous states.

  • Compressed air tanks:

It is also known as high-pressure air tank. It is usually filled with normal oxygen. Some of the tanks are filled with quality filtered air while some uses non-filter air. You can use the compressed air tank for many purposes.

  • Nitrogen tanks:

These tanks are usually filled with nitrogen gas. These are not like NO2 tanks that use nitrous oxide. The tanks are not so common like Co2 and compressed tanks.

What you will need?

An air compressor is a valuable tool and used to empty and fill co2 tank. If you are using a Co2 tank, then you may know the difficulty to handle it while moving it back and forth to the store.

If you have access to an air compressor, then it will easy to keep a co2 tank filled without any cost.

Steps involved refilling co2 tank with air compressor

If you are the one who is looking for some information about the use of a Co2 tank, then follow these steps. These are some of the important steps that needed to refill the Co2 tank with the air compressor.

Step 1) Drain:

You will first need to have proper fitting of compressed air for air compressor hose. Then attach co2 fitting with the fitting present at the end of a compressor hose.

Screw the end of each fitting to your co2 tank perfectly. At the top side of the fitting, you may see a bleed-off valve which is needed to be properly unscrewed. It will let the air leftover in the Co2 tank while adding new air into the tank.

When all of the inside air comes out, then simply put more air in. Ensure to close the bleed valve properly before turn-on the air compressor.

Step2 Fill up

After the 1st step, you will need to determine the exact Co2 tank size. Multiple the determined size by two. It is the time that you may want to run your air compressor. A 10-ounces tank will require 20-second quality of air.

To note time, you need a watch. Turn on the compressor. Properly track time of your process because you may get little marginal error. Overfilling is one of the serious concerns for your tank and yourself. So, it is necessary to have properly tracked your fill time.

Step 3) Shut-it down

After reaching your calculated time, you will need to turn off your air compressor. Open the bleed valve of your air compressor for a second to properly clear out each line. Now unscrew the tank from the hose of air compressor.

It is an easy and quick method that will allow using co2 without any task. If you may not have an air compressor, then purchase it to find the one that is available for you at school or work. If you have a someone air compressor that you used to refill Co2, then ensure to have perfect fittings for the tank.

Never drop or puncture your Co2 tan and keep all kinds of inflammable materials away from the tank.

Safety points for Air compressor

Some of the safety points for air compressor are:

  • Always careful about all around things of the air compressor as well as co2 tanks
  • Never operate air compressor under the effect of medication, drugs, and alcohol
  • Ensure to never drop Co2 tank
  • Puncturing of air compressor and Co2 tank can be dangerous for you.
  • Remove all kind of inflammable materials all around the air compressors and Co2 tanks. It is necessary to prevent explosion or fire hazards.

Is it safe to put the compressed air into the Co2 tank?

You can easily put the compressed air into the Co2 tank. You will need to be more attentive and conscious of the whole process. It is so because if you make any mistake, the Co2 tank will explode due to pressure.

It will badly injure you and other people that are present in the area. You can do it safely by properly taking the whole step in a perfect and safe way.


We hope the article offers you lots of perfect and valuable information in detail. Care should be taken while refilling Co2 with compressed air. It is so because If it does not handle with proper instruction, then it may hurt all the area and individuals badly.

All you need to ensure that you should have the right fittings for the effective task. You are on the way to properly refill the Co2 tank with the compressed air. Many brands offer a quality-based co2 cylinder.

So, before making your final purchase, you will need to find all the features offered by a certain product. It enables you to fill compressed air and make your work easier.

If you need more detail, then simply contact us. We will always deliver you the best of information about how to refill a co2 tank with an air compressor.

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