How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw?

If you want to  cut with Chainsaw, then several things should consider. One of the main things that should keep in mind is to put the chain in its proper place. It is so because it is the best way to keep the chainsaw rotating in the proper direction. But what should you do, if the chain unable to get its place? Either you should call a mechanic or buy the new chainsaw or Chainsaw chain for further procedure. You don't need to do the above things. Only follow some steps so that you can easily understand, how to put a chain on the chainsaw.

Why the Chainsaw get-off its proper place?

Whenever you cutting with the help of chainsaw daily, then the cutting accessory becomes so hot as well as stretchy. Due to this reason, chain length may increase that may fall off its place.

The chainsaw may also get off it places when the wooden chip is inside the chain's teeth. It causes some jamming issues that may lead the chainsaw to get off.

If you face these issues, then you should not worry. The next section will give you some wonderful to put the chain on the chainsaw properly.

Necessary things:

Some things should keep in mind while putting the chain on the chainsaw.

  • Having a clear area to work in properly
  • Proper space where you easily set materials
  • Lay some newspaper and cardboard beneath the chainsaw
  • Take chainsaw gloves 
  • Carry some basic tools

Steps involved:

Some of the important steps that help to put chain on the chainsaw are:

Step 1) Clean the chain and bar:

Before start, it is necessary to wear protective gloves made from leather. Ensure to clean all kinds of debris and dust from the saw and bar. It is important to use a paintbrush to properly brush-off all kinds of wood pieces and sawdust.

Step 2) Remove housing and nuts

After a clean chain and bar, use a half-inch chainsaw wrench. It is the best accessory that loosens the 2-bar nuts. With the help of the slotted end, you can easily lose the tension screws that easily relieve the bar tension. It is important to remove plastic housing and nuts from the chainsaw.

Step 3) Removing chain:

Properly check the chain to ensure that it is in the proper direction. The teeth should also be facing the direction that is away from you. Align the grooves properly in the bar while securing the chainsaw around the sprocket. Move the chain to ensure that it forms a loop.

Step 4) Tensioning screw: 

Locate a tensioning screw inside the guide bar and loosen. It will make the installation of a new chain easier and secure.

Step 5) Thread the new chain

It is important to thread the recent and new chainsaw chain all-around a chainsaw's clutch drum. Ensure that with a sprocket drive link properly.

Step 6) Align a guide bar

Ensure that chai is properly threaded all around the guide bar and clutch drum. Put tension into the chain by pulls the guide bar away from a chainsaw.

Step 7) Replace a side plate

After positioning the guide bar, the side plate is ready to easily back on. The guide bar should move a little bit while tightened the chain in the correct form.

Step 8) Tighten the chain 

With the help of a tensioning screw, you can easily adjust the chainsaw chain tension.

Step 9) Completion 

Finish tightening the chainsaw side plate nuts. Chain replacement is done.


  • It is important to use heavy-duty and high-quality gloves so that you always get an effective chain replacement experience.
  • Always wear safe and protective gear while working with the chainsaw
  • Never perform the maintenance work when your chainsaw is plugged in.


Before ending the interesting topic, ensure that the chain is in the proper place and it gives you long-term effective usage. It is important to do the whole process in a clean and spacious place. The place where you never face any risk of losing the chainsaw housings and screws.

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