How to Properly Maintain Your Floor Jack and More Details About Auto Jack?

How to Properly Maintain Your Floor Jack

From a minor to a major repair, the auto jack is a very essential piece of equipment that you should always have in your car, even if you are just a driver or a mechanic. Whether you need to change your tire or a complete overhaul, the floor jack should be your best friend.How to Properly Maintain Your Floor Jack?

1. The jack's features

The auto jack uses hydraulic power to raise a car or a truck from the ground. It should raise your car safety, that's why the most important feature of the jack is the lifting capacity and power. A jack can lift a weight between 2.5 and 20 tons so the vehicle will raise and get down in safety conditions.

2. Inform yourself before using the jack

If you want to use the jack by yourself, you have to know that is nothing casual about it. You should be precocious if you are a beginner and pay attention to the car's manual in order to learn the safest place to set the auto jack. Just like any mechanic does, you will wear steel-toed footwear, hand protection and safety glasses to keep you protected and covered.

When we use an auto jack, we should set it on a flat surface and use the emergency brake. Try to set the car on the jack, but double-check the position before you start using it. If the car was placed perfectly, then you don't have to worry about it. Just be sure and keep checking every time!

3. Types of jacks

Before telling you how to properly maintain your floor jack, you should know what types of jacks you can find. There are scissor jacks, hydraulic jacks, hi-lift jacks and motorcycle jacks. You just have to know what they mean and what they do, so you could be able to buy the most suitable one. Scissor jacks are small and lightweight and they are used for changing the tire. The hydraulic or the floor jacks are often used for garage or workshop and it has a larger size and weight. The hi-lift jacks can be used for any kind of task, from lifting, to levering, pulling and winching. And the last one, the motorcycle jack, as the name implies, is used for lifting motorcycles, ATV and other power tools.

4. How to properly maintain your Best floor jack

Now that you know the jack types, I can teach you how to properly maintain your floor jack. The most high-quality jack will give you years of perfect service without problems. But, there is still a good idea to take care of it and to do a little inspection every once in a while, so you can keep your jack in a great shape. First of all, when you store your jack, be aware of the fact that you have to keep it with the hydraulic piston in the full retracted position. You have to lubricate the front, the rear and the hinge points with a grease, preferably a high quality one.

You have to remember to check the fasteners, the nuts and the bolts and, if needed, tighten or replace. Don't forget, before you pack your jack check the metal parts from oiled rag and wipe it down. If you forget to do that, the metal parts will rust in time. You have to visually inspect everything from the jack, from the body, to the lifting arm to protect it from cracks or signs of extreme use. If the jack has serious damages, you will want to have it repaired by a professional, or in the worst case changed. The oil must be also verified because the oil pressure could lead to damages in a short time.

5. The importance of a clean floor jack

You think that the auto jack is just a simple equipment from your car, but you are absolutely wrong. It is a very important tool that can help you in the most unexpected moments. If you properly take care of it and keep it clean, be sure that you will store the jack in your car for a very long time. If you neglect it and leave it dirty and unchecked, you will not be able to keep it for years. So, the storage, the inspection, the cleaning and the oil are the requirements in order to keep a clean, safe and undamaged jack.

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