How to increase CFM on the air compressor?

As we know that air compressors are very useful to use. It can be used for many things like you can use them while painting your wall, use a nail gun or pump up the tire. Many air compressors are available online, you should purchase the one that can easily be portable from one place to another. In this article, we will tell you about how you can increase CFM on the air compressor.

If you ate a carpenter, mechanic or any type of handyman, then air tools are the best companion for you. Air tools usually come with a certain requirements of compressor air. You need to modify your tool for a higher level of CFM. Its very important for for airbrush compressor to maintain the good level of CFM for getting the good performance of the airbrush gun .

What is CFM?

CFM is an abbreviation of cubic feet per minute. Most of the time the manufacturer of the air compressor does not give you proper knowledge about the actual operating range of the air compressor. If you want to determine the actual CFM of air compressor, then you can test it by yourself.

Measuring the actual CFM of air compressor enables you to increase its level.

CFM is the amount or volume of air compressor delivers at some specific PSI levels. One of the most popular CFM ratings on the smaller compressors is at "90 PSI". It is so because it is the pressure that is required by many tools to run properly. More CFM is required for those tools that need greater air volume like nail guns and air wrenches.

How you can measure the actual CFM of the air compressor?

The following steps are involved in a measure the actual CFM of air compressor.

Step 1) Understand the tank compacity of the air compressor in gallons

Step 2) Divide the tank volume by 7.84. ( 7.84 = number of gallons measured in a cubic foot)

Step 3) Free all air from your air compressor

Step 4) Now start filling the air compressor tank with the air.

Step 5) Record the time taken by the tank to refill. Pay your attention to the tank gauge.

Step 6) Record the value of PSIG that show on tank gauge when the air compressor starts.

Step 7) Lend it to the value you get when the compressor has been finished completely

Step 8) Divide the main difference between the 2-registered PSIG value by "14.7"

Step 9) Now convert the number into minutes. For this purpose, you need to multiply the result by 60. In this way, you can easily get CFM from your air compressor.

How to increase CFM on the air compressor?

In any situation, the individual may need more pressure to work with heavier air tools. He/she will need to work with more than two air tools at the same instant. So, we can say that the existing air CFM of air compressor might not be sufficient.

So, if you are looking for the answer of is there is any way to properly increase the CFM of the air compressor? Well, the answer is yes. You need to choose between the two methods:

a) Allowing the compressor to work more with compressed air

One of the less expensive and simple processes to enhance the CFM of the compressor is to allow the compressor air to work on the compressor air. It will eventually let the compressor to keep gaseous tank pressure up.

This is a simple and well-defined process. All you need to do the dial-down regulation at the minimum settings. It enables the compressor motor to run for a longer time.

The density of the compressed air will be more. In this way, you will get better CFM.

b) Combining compressor with another compressor

If you want to increase CFM of air compressor, then you need to purchase another compressor of equivalent power. Hook both compressors with each other. In the process, the compressor will never exceed its maximum output in spite of what modification you do with the compressor.

Some drawbacks of this process are:

  • Some overheating issues may take place
  • It will take some time in order to fill the compressor tanks
  • You will need some more effort to keep the setup in running state

These are the methods that you can follow to increase CFM on air compressors. You will need some extra help from different machines, in order to increase the maximum capacity of the compressor.

Things that consider increasing CFM on air compressor

Some things that should consider while you are going to increase CFM on the air compressor.

a) Check valves:

It is important to have installed check valves in a line that connects each compressor. It is necessary because it enables the compressor to blow away the air from the air compressor. With check valves, you can easily stop the air to flow back to the compressor.

b) Proper pressure adjustment

Both compressors should have proper pressure that can kick in and out from the air compressor. It will ensure the same work done by each compressor to meet the required air demand for an air tool. Proper adjustment of pressure is required to get reliable output.


Air compressors are very useful because they can be used for working with many tools. If you have a small power compressor, then you should need to change its CFM. By increasing CFM, you can easily use the compressor for a long time. The article points out some important ways that enable you to increase the CFM level of air compressors. Due to enhancing CFM, these air compressors are able to run for a longer time. Proper instructions and planning are needed to increase CFM. The process of how to increase CFM on air compressor requires more expertise to execute. If you are new to the field, then you might go toward the wrong steps. So, proper consultancy is needed to increase CFM on the air compressor. I hope you will find this article best and hope to follow all the instructions that you read above.

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