How to Cut a Tree on the Ground with Chainsaw?

If you are the one looking for the best guide on how to cut a tree on the ground with the chainsaw, then your wait is over now. The guide is the best helper for those people who are looking to cut the wood on the ground.

Different experts recommended that working on the ground is not good for your back. It may increase the risk of injury. However, by following proper instructions, you can easily lift and cut the tree. Ensure to have the safe and protective equipment like googles. stand side, and a hard hat that helps to have protective cutting experience.

Cutting down the tree also known as the felling tree requires a high degree of skills and careful planning. It is one of the dangerous jobs which required strong supervision and high-training. If the trees are of the manageable size, then you should tackle this job by yourself or else looking for more professional work.

Why there is a need for cutting trees? 

If you want to make anything from wood, then you will definitely need to turn the wooden logs into the lumber. To get logs, you should have to cut trees. After cutting down trees, you will need to cut the trees into logs and then logs into lumber.

You can use the lumber to produces amazing and attractive products. If you want simple, smooth and reliable woodwork, then work it from the ground. It will take lesser or more time depending on the device you used in cutting trees.

Steps involve while cutting trees on the ground via Chainsaw: 

The steps that are involved while cutting trees on the ground with the help of chainsaw are:

Step 1) Mark the tree you want to cut

The first thing that you should consider is to mark the tree. It will help to decide how long the log you need. Ensure to mark the tree in accordance with your needs. Get an appropriate size of lumber neither small nor long.

As small lumber will give you a tough time in cutting and longer lumber will be difficult to carry out. Different people used different things to mark trees. Some use a manual saw, while some use spray paint. You can also get some special tool that is made for marking trees from a different market.

Step 2) Cutting into the tree

While cutting the tree, never go horizontal. It may cause your chainsaw to bounce off. Due to the bouncing off the chainsaw, you may get seriously injured. Try to use the proper angle to cut the tree.

Place the saw bottom against marking at the top and ensure about the upward angle and then cut it inwards. From a particular point, move the saw down so that it becomes horizontal. Give proper time and care while cutting the trees. It is because if you are in a rush, it may give you hazardous experience.

Step 3) Cut only 3/4th of the way down 

You may be intrigued to cut all portions at this point. So, never do it. It will take a longer time and may also hurt yourself. So, at this time, you should cut down the only 3/4th of a way through the trees.

After reaching a certain point, you should slowly remove the chainsaw out of your tree. If you quickly remove it, then it may hit you badly. By focusing on these instructions, you can easily get an injury-free cutting experience.

After pulling the chainsaw out of the tree, repeat the activity for the rest of the marking.

Step 4) Rolling the tress

Rolling the tree enables you to cut the whole tree. The rolling tree makes easier to have a safe cutting experience. Use gloves if you push the tree over or use strong shoes while kicking it over.

If you need more professional work, then you should use the special device called "Felling lever".

Step 5) Ending up the cut

After rolling, pick chainsaw and cut all the way down. After each cut, you will only need to cut all markings. Repeat the process, until you cut all the markings. Make sure to take the proper time and have a safe cut at the end.

Now, cut the trees into your desire log. If you want to get lumber, then check different tutorials that show how you can easily convert logs into the lumber. The lumbers can be used for making tables, bookshelves, and other important household accessories.

Precautionary measures of chainsaw: 

Some precautionary measures that should be taken while using a chainsaw on the ground are:

  • Never cut alone. It is so because if any accident happens, then you will need someone who gives you medical assistance and first aid.
  • Always work on the uphill side of the trees. It enables you to roll away the tree easily
  • Never runs the chainsaw when you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Use lever or search for help while moving the logs
  • Keep the chain of the chainsaw sharp. It is because the dull and unsharp chain is unsafe. It is difficult to cut the tree properly with an unsharp chainsaw.

Required tools while using Chainsaw: 

Some of the tools that are required for DIY chainsaw project are:


Before the invention of a chainsaw, people of earlier ages uses manual saw. It takes more time to cut the trees. It was an extremely tiresome task. But now thanks for modern technology. Cutting makes easier with a chainsaw.

You will need to cuts logs whenever you decide to work with a fallen tree. Make sure to use correct protective equipment. Never rush with this job because it can cause serious injuries. Get some assistance for having more experience.

I hope you will get enough information about How to Cut a Tree on the Ground with Chainsaw? if you need more knowledge, then inbox us.

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