How to clean Airbrush Gun?

how to clean airbrush gun

how to clean airbrush gun

What is Airbrush cleaning?

If you are looking for the best handy tool for speeding up your painting, then airbrush is perfect for you. It is an amazing tool that needs some thorough cleaning so that it works very well for a long period.

If you are going to use the airbrush for 1 to 2 times a week, then airbrush requires to clean once a month. The cleaning airbrush only takes some minutes. So, it is very important to know about how you can easily accurately clean the airbrush gun.

Steps to clean airbrush gun

a) Disassemble of an Airbrush Gun 

To start, you will first need a light-colored, clean and flat surface. Try to keep all of the cleaning supplies near the table. Now start to disassemble gun in the way mentioned below:

  • Firstly you need to dump-out paints which may reside inside the airbrush gun
  • After that, you need to unscrew the needle cap and nozzle cap
  • Now loosen as well as remove the nozzle. The nozzle can easily be loose. Carefully place the nozzle with some other parts.
  • Unscrew the handle by grasping the backside of the airbrush gun and remove the handle.
  • Now remove the "Needle chunking nut". On removing the cover, you can easily find the nut. The threading part of the nut can easily give you grip. The needle will feel loosen when you unscrewed nut.
  • Now pull the needle out of the front end of a gun. If you pull the needle backside of the gun, then it can spread the paint into the middle part of an airbrush gun and may clog it.

2) Cleaning parts of Airbrush gun

Now to clean the parts of the airbrush gun, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, select the bowl that is of enough size to hold all parts of the airbrush gun. Avoid using a metal bowl because the cleaning liquid can easily react with the metal. It can damage the airbrush parts badly.
  • Now fill the bowl with two cups warm distilled water and mixed 2-tbs of distilled vinegar in it.
  • Soak all parts in water for five minutes. Avoid sitting these parts into cleaning liquid for a longer time. You can also use any commercial airbrush clean and rubbing alcohol instead of a mixture of vinegar and distilled water. But distilled water and vinegar mix work very well to clean parts.
  • Now wipe the parts with a damp-paper towel. Clean all visible surfaces of each piece. As the needle is sharp, so it is important to clean the needle carefully. Wipe from the backside of a needle to the front side so that you get better prevention to get stuck.
  • Now you need to clean the channels that are inside the airbrush air with the help of a small pipe cleaner. You need to pick a suitable size pipe cleaner that can easily fit inside channels. After insert, you move it back & forth and turn it a few times so that it cleans perfectly.
  • Now you need to clean the paint cup. For this purpose, you need to use a cotton swab. Try to clean the narrow funnel inside so that no residue left behind there.
  • After washing each part, you need to rinse parts with warm distilled water. Warm water is the best option to clean and rinse all parts thoroughly.
  • Now dry the parts with a towel. Before putting the gun back together, you should need to dry each part completely.

3) Reassemble of an airbrush gun 

After cleaning internal parts, you need to reassemble an airbrush gun. The following steps are involved in reassembling an airbrush gun.

  • First, slide the needle inside the chucking guide. You start from the airbrush backside and push forward with a pointy side. Gently and slowly push the needle toward the front side of an airbrush gun. It is a little bit hard to push because at this time it is near the front side. When the tip of the needle sticks toward the front, stop pushing it inside.
  • After a sliding needle, you need to insert the gun nozzle and tighten it firmly.
  • Now screw the needle chucking nut until it reaches the threads. Turn to tighten it.
  • Slowly place the nozzle and needle cap. If you are unable to tighten these caps, then use pliers for this purpose. Grip both caps gently and then turn to screw in its proper place.
  • After placing both caps, you need to attach the back cover. Slide the back cover over a needle assembly. Properly turn to screw the needle tightly in the proper place.
  • In the end, you will need to test the gun. It ensures the proper working of the airbrush gun. Add some drops of water to any color cup. Spray it to ensure the proper working of the airbrush gun.

Accessories required for cleaning a best airbrush gun:

To complete this amazing cleaning airbrush gun, you will need some important accessories. Some of the things you need while cleaning airbrush gun are:

  • White distilled water
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Glass bowl
  • Paper towels
  • A small wrench that is resent inside the airbrush
  • Wire brushes
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Cotton swabs

Conclusions of cleaning of the airbrush kit :

Airbrush cleaning is almost done here. You can also use compressed air from the air compressor for flashing airbrush with the air and dry it out also. It will prevent from water-marks build-up. After reading this amazing article, you will come to know the best tips to clean an airbrush gun. Learning how to properly clean a gun will ensure that you have a clean and healthy tool for daily routine work. Cleaning airbrush gun is necessary to ensure that you always use the best tool to apply the attractive makeup on any surface. In the end, try to share your own experience with us in the comment section. It helps to update this informative content with your suitable information. We hope you will appreciate our efforts and give us good feedback at the end.

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