How to Build a High pressure Air Compressor 4500 psi?

High-pressure air compressors usually take surrounding air. The air is further compressed to pressurize up to 6000 psi for different applications. As we know that air is moved via different compression stages. So, during each stage, the cooled down. The ranges of high pressure air compressor models are from 2000 pounds per square inch to 6000 pounds per square inch.

Way to build high pressure air compressors:

High-pressure compressors are widely used in many applications like:

  • Fire
  • Paintball markets
  • Industrials

High pressure is anything that is compressed more than 150 psi. The standard garage compressor generates pressure up to this range. It is the starting pressure of any high pressure air compressor. For an instant, Arctic compressor supplies the pressure ranges from 1000 to 6000 psi.

High-pressure compressors usually used a high-pressurized cylinder for storage. The cylinders are down-regulated to use pressure for any applications.


You need to attach the air hose to the high pressure compressor to get work without any delay. Ensure to have the hose that is longer than your requirement. The length of the hose should be at least 1 to 2 meters. It will be a better option because it prevents damage to compressors, objects, and hose.

How to set the high-pressure air compressor 4500 psi?

Before starting to use the air compressor, you need to set it in the exact setting. The psi configuration of the air compressor depends on needs. This compressor produces 4500 psi that is used by the fire department and SCUBA air packs.

The following steps should be used to build up a high pressure air compressor.


  • First of all, you should familiar with the function of all those piping that connected with the compressor.
  • Check leakage system
  • Remove tools from the air compressor. Check debris.
  • Check the pressure connection and piping installation.


  • Turn on the compressor. Check the direction of rotation properly.
  • If the direction is not proper, then the compressor will unable to get oil pressure. It will soon shut down. Try to fix the problem.
  • Start an air compressor. Listen to strange noises and vibration. If it exists, then stop your compressor.
  • Watch pressure gauge. Usually, within 10 to 15 minutes, the working pressure of oil should achieve. If it is not achieved, then check is for troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Observe compressor closely for a few operational hours and then frequently. When the air compressor reaches its operating situation, then the vibration of noise may be heard. Shut compressor. Note down the problem,
  • Test everything like unloader device, safety valve, and unloader device. Record actual setpoints Adjust it according to your needs.

Daily checklist for start-up

  • Check the oil level in a crankcase.
  • Drain the oil from moisture traps and air receivers.
  • Turn on the flow of cool water.
  • Start compressor with great care.
  • Check system pressure, relief valves, control system, and oil pressure.

What compressor is used in an air rifle? 

The air rifle used the high pressure compressor of about 4500 psi.

Pcp high pressure air compressor

There are many accessories needed by you. Air compressor is the best tool for air gunners due to PCP airguns demand.

The PCP air compressor is able to fill the storage rank that is present on an air pistol or air rifle with the help of pressurized air. The pressurized air is filled up to 4500 psi or 300 BAR.

You then need to plug the compressor to 100V or 220V electrical power outlet. You can also use a car battery.

The compressor helps you a lot because you will never need hand pumping. While choosing the best high pressure air compressor, you to consider your need like:

  • Portability
  • Large carbon fiber tank
  • Speed of filling etc.

It is very important to choose the right PCP high pressure compressors. Some of the trusted names are:

  • Air Venturi
  • Hatsan
  • Etc.

The units manufactured by these trustable names ate offering you water-cooled operation, automatic shut-off part and digital temperature gauges, etc. They can easily be used and gives you high-performance work. These units are a nice addition to shooting gear.

Price of high-pressure air compressor

There are various factors that can affect the overall price of a high-pressure air compressor. There are many products with unique price points. They offer unique functionality. The cost incurred for the air compressor depends on:

  • Level of pressure you needed
  • CFM needed
  • Noise factor involved or not
  • The space availability
  • Need three or four-stage compressor.

Why checking air gun compressor or PCP air compressor is important? 

IT does not matter, for how much time you have been used air compressor. But it is necessary to check the level of oil before using it for different purposes.

All the compressors show different results depending on the oil levels. So, it is important to check the level and consult it with the user manual.

Try to use the recommended oil level. It is the best way to prevent your high pressure air pump from any damage. It also enhances the overall workability of the 4500 psi air compressor. By following the above instruction, you can easily elongate the working time of the new device.

Get the work done

After following the above steps, you are completely safe to use the high pressure air compressor. You can utilize an air compressor to do a job in a protective and safe manner. Use compressor to do different jobs. We always guarantee that you will never disappoint because of full safe and care instruction.


The proper utilization of the air compressor is necessary. But in case of any problem, you can call expert technicians that work to solve the problem in a few hours. If you choose the daily routine maintenance on your own, then you need to change oil, air filter, and check drive belt tensions.

I hope you enjoy this amazing article on how to build a high-pressure air compressor 4500 psi?. If you need more detail, then let us know. Thanks and have a nice day.

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jeff - October 15, 2020

I have a gas powered 8hp speedier brand compressor with a huge 24 inch wheel. on the tank gauge it reads bar x 100. is this possible? can this compressor be used to achieve 4500 psi? there are two jugs or pistons of different diameter in a v config.


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