How an air compressor pressure switch works?

The pressure switch of an air compressor helps an individual to start or stop the air compressor instantly. It is usually done by adjusting the cut-in as well as cut-out pressure. In this amazing guide, we will learn about How an air compressor pressure switch works? so, let get started.

First, you will need to know about the mechanism of cut-in and cut-out pressure. It is the main part of our article.

Cut-in pressure:

Cut-in pressure is the pressure that set be you for the compressor to start performing smoothly.

Cut-out pressure:

Ct-out pressure is the pressure that is set by an individual for the compressor to stop.

Pressure band

The main difference between these two pressure is known as a pressure band. If you want to adjust the pressure switch of an air compressor, then you will need to set these two pressures first.

If the pressure bend is small, then the compressor will start and stop quickly. It will burn the motor of the compressor. It will also cause damage extra wear of the compressor as well as a pressure switch.

On the other hand, you need to increase the pressure band. When the pressure band is longer, then your air compressor will run longer. It will have more time to heat up while remove moisture and water inside the air compressor.

Difference between cut-in and cut-out pressure

The compressors usually come with to pressure sets, one is cut-in and cut-out. These points are the pressure at which the air compressors may start or stops. The compressor usually starts when the pressure drops to cut-in pressure and will stop when the compressor reaches cut-out pressure. So, we can say that cut-out pressure is always more than cut-in.

What is the air compressor pressure switch?

Air compressor pressure switch is the feature of an air compressor that helps an individual to identify the pressure inside the air tank and compressor. If you want to refill the tank, you will need to use a pressure switch to turn on the compressor. Similarly, if you need to shut-down the air compressor, then you will also need an air compressor pressure switch.

The pressure switch is a switch that helps to properly maintain the compressor pressure. You can easily control the switch by move-in anti-clock or clock-wise direction.

How does an air compressor pressure switch work?

Now, in this section, we will study the main working principle of pressure witch of air compressor. It usually comes in the rectangular housing design. It is comparably equal to your palm size.

Location of the pressure switch.

The main location of the pressure switch is on the compressor reservoir through which the air can flow in the compressor. It is used to monitor the air that comes from the compressor tank.

The pressure switches are specially designed with the airline that can easily monitor the air pressure. The pressure switch can move to as well as from the air tank. It is the best device that tells the exact and accurate reading.

Steps involved in adjusting the pressure switch of air compressor:

Steps are:

1) Disconnect the compressor from the power source. Take off the pressure switch cover.

2) After ensuring the power-off condition, you will need to set the cut-in pressure of the air compressor. The screw which is very close to the compressor motor will be a cut-in switch. Properly set the cut-in pressure.

3) The next process will demand to set the cut-out pressure. It is usually set for an adjustable range screw of the compressor.

4) Increase the pressure level for both pressures by simply turn the switch of compressor clockwise. If you want to decrease the pressure level, then you need to turn the screw in the anti-clockwise direction.

5) After setting both pressures, you will need to connect the air compressor to the power source. Drain all of the air out of the compressor tank. Turn it to test mode to check whether it runs in cut-in pressure and stops at cut-out pressure.

6) If all things happening fine, then you have a suitable and perfect setup. If there is some need for improvement, then set the pressure switch of the air compressor. Always make sure to properly drain all of the air out of a compressor tank.

Reasons to Adjust air compressor pressure switch:

It is not necessary to adjust the pressure switch of the air compressor. It is so because the default setting of the pressure switch is best for your air compressor. Some genuine reasons for pressure adjustment are:

a) Save electricity bill

One of the reasons to adjust switch pressure is to save the maximum amount of electricity bills. If the pressure given to the compressor will be higher, then more will the energy required for running. Providing pressure more than your need will increase electricity bills and wastage of electricity. So, it is necessary to properly adjust the pressure switch of the air compressor.

b) When replacing the pressure switch

If you want to replace the pressure switch of the garage air compressor, then you will require to adjust the level of pressure of your new switch. The new setting should be properly matched with the old one setting. If it will not happen, then the compressor will damage because of poor pressure adjustment.

Recommendation and conclusion

I hope now you will have a clear and straight-forward concept of the proper workflow of air compressors. Whenever you need to turn on the air compressor, then follow the safety rules first. Never try in a hurry while turn on and off the compressor. Do the whole process under the supervision of an expert person and run it smoothly. Keep the pressure band higher than 20 psi so that your air compressor never start and stop instantly. It is because rapidly process may damage the air compressor. If you need more detail about How an air compressor pressure switch works, then comment. We will always ready to deliver your best and quality-based information instantly.

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