How a high pressure air compressor works?

High pressure air compressors are the perfect solutions used for various applications. For those applications that required additional psi and high pressure are work perfectly with high-pressure compressors. These air compressors are used in different applications like:

  • Industrial processes
  • oil and gas
  • Breathing air safety
  • Recreational activities
  • Equipment testing.

Importance of high pressure air compressor: 

A high-pressure air compressor is used to ensure the suitable pressure that is used to operate the machines and air-powered tools. The compressor usually compressed the supply of air that increases air pressure. If you want to increase overall service life and performance, then the installation of filter inline is necessary The filter inline is used because it removes the particles from the system.

Why need compressed air? 

Compressed air is the air that kept under high pressure, greater than atmospheric pressure. It is a very important medium to transfer energy in different industrial processes. It is used for different power tools like air hammers, wrenches, and drills to operate an air cylinder for automation.

Besides all of the above advantages, compressed air is very expensive too. It is used for different purposes like pneumatic, air tools, air brakes, underwater diving, vehicle propulsion, and much more.

Working of high pressure air compressor

Compressed air is the main requirement for many industrial processes like pressure testing, sand basting, and much more. Pressurized air is first supplied from any standard air compressor like a rotary screw, reciprocal piston types, and rotary vane. The air pressure from above mentioned above systems is not sufficient to perform well.

So for that reason, many plants need to boost up the pressure that comes from the primary source. Some processes require lubricated or oil-free air at high pressure.

The booster air compressor consists of pipework, discharge tank, and receiver tank.

  • The receiver tank comes with an inlet that receives compressed air from the primary source. It further channels the air through many stages to increase pressure.
  • The receiver tank is used as the limited storage capacity. It is used when the system is unable to provide the compressed air.
  • After compression stages, the airflow into the discharge tank via popping. The discharge tank contains an outlet that is responsible for supplies of compressed gas to the site area.

Types of high-pressure air compressor

Usually, two compressors are under the category of high-pressure.

  • Standard high pressure air compressor
  • High-pressure booster compressors

a) Standard high-pressure compressor

A high-pressure air compressor is a complex and versatile model. These compressors usually take ambient air. With different compression stages, the air is used to supply the consistent air pressure to 6,000 psi. The upcoming air is then cooled and moves through stages of the compressor to be compressed further. In the end, yo

b) High-pressure booster compressors

u will be able to get an optimal pressure amount.

These high-pressure compressors for air rifles usually required the standard pressure services as well as inlets of 125 psi. The inlet allows discharging pressure that ranges from 450 to 650 psi. This add-on is made for different purposes by using the pre-compressed air from the existing system. The booster compressor is used in many industrial plants that can easily handle the pressure ranges from 90 to 100 psi. These are critical air compressors that are used for completing lots of industrial tasks. The booster compressor can serve as the best cost-effective alternative for the entire plant.

Standard features of high-pressure air compressor

Some of the important features of the high-pressure air compressor are:

  • It comes up with five stages.
  • It offers a radial layout that reduces crankshaft loading and vibration.
  • Contain connecting rods with the needle roller bearing.
  • It has a pressurized system of oil lubrication.
  • Latest technology in-ring and valve design
  • Inter coolers on all stages
  • Comes with cast iron block as well as Cylinder
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Oil filter of spin-on type

Application of high-pressure air compressor

Air compressor with high pressure is used in many applications like:

a) Industrial pressure testing

Pressure testing of vessels, piping systems, tubing, pipelines help in determine the reliability, leak tightness, and integrity. This testing usually carried during the maintenance process to tell about the fact that all equipment is in good condition and functional.

The compressed air usually involves the passing of compressed air to the required pressure range through the container. The gas is bleeding off through the pressure relief valves that are located on a system under testing. The pneumatic air pressure compressor is best for purpose.

b) Polyethylene terephthalate bottle manufacturing

PET usually required a consistent supply of high-pressure air which is not provided by the standard compressor. The booster air compressor helps the user to deliver high pressure of air to blow up the molding machines which help in producing PET bottles. This technique uses compressed air to give a force to the molten thermoplastic to a mold.

c) Gas and Oil production & transportation 

Some pressurized fluids like nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide are used for some special processes that are involved in hydrocarbon production. Pressurized gas is used to enhance pressure levels during EOR and secondary recovery phases. This pressure helps to stimulate and ramp-up the declining production. For instant nitrogen injection and gas lift technique. This process is used to remove toxic impurities and substances. It is widely used in pipeline commissioning and decommissioning.


Do, at the answer, I have a question for you.

Do you require the high-pressure air at certain points only in the production process?

If your answer is yes, then the use of a PCP air compressor or boosters is the more efficient and reliable solution for you. Many applications like pressure testing, plastic bottle blowing, and metal laser cutting require more pressure levels. So, you need to choose the best boosters with high-pressure air treatment. It helps you to reduce the overall cost of energy as well as capital. It is a much better option for your work site.

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