DEWALT DWFP55126 Air Compressor Review

Although there are many air compressors on the market today, not many people understand or at least know their features and design sold by different manufacturers. An example is a Dewalt DWFP55126 Air Compressor, a number one small air compressor machine for carrying out small projects around your home. It can inflate tires and pneumatic tubes, paint using airbrush technology and work comfortably with air pressure washer a common phenomenon in most homes. The air compressor weighs only 30 pounds and offers high-efficiency thanks to a maximum pressure of 165 PSI, allowing you to cover for all those tasks that need air pressure in the end.

DEWALT DWFP55126 Air Compressor Review

DEWALT DWFP55126 Air Compressor Features

6.0 Gallon Pancake Tank

The 6.0-gallon tank, sturdily constructed to offer easy portability and storage comes with an inbuilt tank pressure gauge. It makes this pancake air compressor, only suitable for home use and small projects, usually by one user. At 165 PSI, the tank sufficiently gushes out air pressure, required to power tools, which need quick burst air for example airbrush or a finish mailer. DWFP55126

Through this, the tank allows for the longer running of smaller tools without the additional breaks of stopping for refills and cooling. The tank has rubber-protected legs, to keep them from scratching the surfaces in which the machine stands on when it is in operation. The small tank also provides the needed flexibility when it comes to containing compressed air for any activity. 

Auto-Pressure Switch

Automatic pressure switch kicks start the motor when the pressure in the tank drops past the 135 PSI mark and stops the motor when the pressure reaches 165 PSI. It works hand in hand with a safety valve, which cuts out air pressure, if accidentally the auto switch does not shut off the air pressure.

In short, the auto switch and security valve will protect users against the effects of high pressure, when both in use and in storage. There is a danger that comes with operating with a tank that has too much pressure, for example, explosion.

2.6 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Meter)

With a 2.6 SCFM flow rate of air in standardized conditions, the air compressor is above average, when it comes to providing compressed air for small projects. Experts estimate high-quality light duty tools to use between 0-5 SCFM. DWFP55126 delivers a pressure of 90 PSI at 2.6, which is enough for sandblasting activities on machines and surfaces.

The home air compressors cannot operate multiple pneumatic tools concurrently as it may slow down how air pressure gushes out from the tank. However, the DWFP55126 is equipped with two quick connect bodies supporting two quick connect plugs should there be a need for this. Both 18 and 23-gauge pinners are capable of being operated by this small air compressor.

10 Amps Universal Motor

A high-efficiency motor, which is easy start up in cold weather or for extension cord application powers the air compressor. It uses a standard 120-volt AC power source, with an on and off switch for quick activation. The electric motor powers the compressor pump, with its oil-free capability offering easy maintenance and operation.

For safety purposes, the motor comes equipped with a thermal overload protector that monitors cases of overheating. The compressor has a fan for forced air circulation.

75.5 dB. Noise Level

According to DeWalt’s official site, this air compressor operates at a sound level of 75.5 dB. For any quiet function setting. Although most compressors are not noiseless, the DWFP55126 is relatively calm for a small size oil free air pressure machine.

Apart from being quiet, the pressure equipment has a removable console cover for the easy restoration of controls. It has a rerouted outlet to prevent being captured point. There is a convenient wire wrap, allowing for an entirely easy storage.


  • check
    A simple to use manual.
  • check
    Convenient home equipment for small projects.
  • check
    Relatively quiet machine
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    .Easy to move around and store after use.
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    Automatic pressure switch adds up to the safety of users
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    Requires no maintenance.


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    Has no capacity to run heavy-duty equipment making it unsuitable for industrial use.
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    If it runs out of pressure, it takes a couple of minutes to fill it up and fully charge.


 What is the SCFM of DeWalt air compressor?

Can DWFP55126 blow dust in my PC; the motherboard, graphics card and fans among other components?

Final verdict

The DeWalt 6-gallon oil free compressor is hard to pass by especially if your needs are only limited to home use and small projects. Look, it comes with a great design and a large air tank. Additionally, it is quiet when in use and this deserves serious consideration. The DWFP55126 requires no mechanical maintenance, but you will only want to free it from dust and debris occasionally. Therefore, if one of your projects stapling hardwood flooring or filling up the car tires, make DeWalt Pancake Air Compressor your next investment.

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