DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon Air Compressor Review

DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon Air Compressor Review

Good contractors know that a high-quality portable air compressor is essential to getting work done efficiently and on schedule. Air compressors have myriad uses on a work site, and portable air compressors need to be lightweight and compact so they can be moved quickly from place to place on a job site. 

And they need to be relatively quiet so workers can still hear the people around them while the compressor is in operation.

That’s where the DeWalt D55140 Portable Air Compressor comes in. It has all the features you want or need in a portable air compressor without trying to do too much with too little. Here i why this is a great portable compressor. Here is what the D5140 can do for you:

DeWalt D55140 1-Gallon Air Compressor Features

One Gallon Tank

One of the key ways to know if an air compressor is going to work out or not in the long run is its tank capacity. You want something large enough to accommodate repeated uses, but not so large that it becomes too heavy to carry easily. One gallon is an ideal capacity since it will keep you in compressed air for most jobs without any great degree of difficulty, and if it needs to recharge itself between uses, a one gallon tank doesn’t take long to refill.

2.6 Amp Motor

When it comes to refilling a compressor tank, your motor needs to be powerful enough to handle the job based on the size of your tank. A 2.6 amp motor means that this portable compressor will be refilled within seconds after each use, making it ideal for smaller jobs that require rapid movement from place to place or frequent changing of tools in between jobs. A weak compressor motor means lost time on the job, so purchasing a model that refills itself quickly is going to be crucial.

90 PSI/135 PSI Max Compression

While this may not be a top of the line rating for an air compressor, it is more than adequate for most pneumatic tools, the fact that it offers such high pressure in such a small package is actually quite astonishing. The ability to carry around that much power in a portable compressor will prove invaluable on work sites, and help you maintain peak efficiency since you won’t have to spend time hauling around the larger air compressors that take longer to get their pressure up..

Heavy Duty Construction

The compressor chamber on this unit is made out of cast iron, making it fairly impervious to serious damage from accidents. The built in roll cage and full protection also ensure that your portable air compressor serves you well for years to come. DeWalt has an excellent reputation for tough tools,and it would seem that this model is no different. It was designed to take a beating, so while abuse is never recommended, this compressor is not likely to come apart on you any time soon.

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing in at 24 lbs., this little number makes moving it from place to place via hand carry an extremely simple task. IT’s tiny footprint also guarantees that it will be out of the way during use, and helps prevent adding trip hazards to the work site. This portable compressor can be easily setup, charged with air, and then quickly drained and moved again after the current job is done. Not being able to quickly discharge the pressure and move sites is a major problem for a lot of home finishing tasks, so having a the compressor like this can make all the difference.



​-Compact design

​-Lots of power in small package

​-Built like a tank


​-May not have enough power for some applications

​-One gallon capacity may not be enough for some depending in use

​-Runs at 69 dBa, which may still be too loud for some


Does this compressor work for sandblasting?

How low can you dial down the pressure?

Is this model cordless/rechargeable?

Final Verdict
All in all, this is a fantastic little air compressor that is idea for small jobs on contractor sites, or for the home DIY remodeling enthusiast It’s light enough to carry in one hand, compresses a significant amount of air for its size, and can take a real beating if necessary. I highly recommend this air compressor to anyone in the market for a portable compressor that doesn’t break the bank and that doesn’t break down. Get a DeWalt D55140, and find out for yourself why the DeWalt name means quality.To know more click.

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