Change a Tire Like a Pro [Infographic]

Changing a flat tire is like making a sandwich. There are many different types of tires and cars to mix and match with each other. Just like there are countless types of breads and flavors of ingredients in which to make a sandwich. The other similarity between changing a tire and making “sammich” is that just about anyone can do it for themselves without having to ask for help.Change a Tire Like a Pro

That is because every totally awesome tire changing experience has about a half dozen steps that can be easily followed. When this task is executed correctly with competence, an unexpected inconvenience turns into an excuse for showing up fifteen minutes to the job later. It kind of goes without saying, however, any and all safety precautions such as location, environmental conditions and overall set of circumstances should be in mind when performing the following steps.find more info..

Change a Tire Like a Pro

Change a tire like a pro

While the steps are easy and straight-forward to follow, there is nothing that is fixed when it comes to solving technical issues and some situations might require a little bit of creativity. Did you learn something new or do you have something that you consider important to share with us? We will appreciate if you do so.

Mary T. White

Hi everyone, I'm a trained AC service technician who uses several tools in my profession. I created this interactive platform to share experiences and vital information. Feel free to share your views and ask any question.

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Trevor Hall - September 11, 2019

I appreciate you explaining how to use the jack to raise the car in order to replace the tire. My Nissan needs new tires because the old ones are getting very worn down. I’ll be sure to visit this article while I attempt to change out all my old tires with new ones.


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