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Do you hate having all that sawdust around your garage when working in your wood shop? Wouldn't it be nicer if you had a way to inflate the tires of your car without having to go to the gas station? Would you like to have a home air compressor that was large enough to get the job done but wasn't so huge that you need a tractor to get it to your house?

The ideal air compressor is one that' small but powerful, and is easy to use but also offers you a great amount of control over the air flow Luckily, Bostitich's CAP1512-OF air compressor has plenty of robust performance, customization pressure control and intuitive setting for a model that boast a high amount of horse power...all in a small package.(bostitch-cap1512-of-review)

BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF Air Compressor Features 

2.8 CFM at 90 psi

The higher the Cubic Feet per Minute flow rate of any air compressor, the more efficiently it operates and can inflate items at a much faster rate. Bostitch's offering has a flow rate of 2.8 CFM at 90 psi. This means it can pump things much more rapidly and efficiently at 90 psi - much lower pressure than other competitors - and thus pump more air molecules at lower pressures.

150 psi Max Operating Pressure

Another very important measurement for air compressors is their max operating pressure. The higher the max operating pressure, the more gas it's able to store without having to either recharge or lose pressure flow when being used. This compressor has a 150 psi max operating pressure, meaning it can store air at 150 pounds per square inch of pressure in it's tank. This translates to being able to not only only inflate items faster, but to also use small, pneumatic tools for longer periods of time.

1.5 HP motor

The fact that it has such pressure power is mostly likely due to it's motor. Instead of using an less efficient and time-limited gas motor, it uses an oil-free electric pump motor that can maintain it's rate of pressure indefinitely. But just because it's electric doesn't mean it's a lightweight engine, as it boasts 1.5 HP of engine performance. And that's just it's running power - it has a peak performance power of 2.0 HP capacity.

Integrated control Panel

All of these features would be useless if this air compressor was difficult for the average lay person to use. Such items as air compressor or any other type of advance power tool needs to be designed for ease of use. That's why Bostitich has designed their CAP1512-OF with an easy-to-understand, integrated control panel that uses intuitive control setting - an on/off switch, two pressure gauges (one for tank pressure and one for outlet pressure, a pressure control knob and the hose valve. All you have to do is switch this compressor on, turn the pressure control knob until the desired psi is displayed on the outlet pressure gauge and hook up your air hose. Now you're ready to go.

Roll Cage

Another important feature with such a device is safety. With the control panel exposed and sticking out, any tipping or falling of this matching puts all protruding elements an of air compressor at risk of being damaged. And such a risk is every present while you're working - you often have to pull the air hose to the work area you need it and this invariable pulls the air compressor along the ground. In order to protect this model from falling over (and even causing tank punctures and resulting leaks afterwards) this unit comes with a roll cage to not only decrease the chances of this compressor from tipping over but to also keep the tank and control panel elevated off the ground in case it does tip over.

  • Product Benefits

- Comes with roll cage

​- 150 psi Max operating pressure

​- Easy to use

​- High Horse power

​- Comes with on-board tool and hose storage and built-in cord wrap

​- Electric, continuous motor

​- Lightweight

​- Easy portability


  • - Can't be used for some extreme pressure pneumatic operations, such as sandblasting
  • ​- Burns out quickly for more intense jobs

Highlighted Features

​- 2.8 CFM at 90 PSi

​- 1.5 HP motor

​- 150 PSi Max operating pressure

​- Easy to use, Integrated Control panel

​- Roll Cage


Can this operate items such as nail guns and or impact guns or nut drills?

Is this a high voltage compressor?

Do you need to drain the tank to take off the hose?


The only people who might be let down by this model are those who are looking for a compressor that give them industrial-grade performance, but are hoping a smaller unit is able to deliver such power. Instead, imagine what the average homeowner needs in an air compressor - residential-grade performance, easy to use control settings, and the ability to customize the pressure to uses mid-grade power tools such as nail gun, pneumatic drills, and home shop tools. That the CAP1512-OF can deliver all of the above in such a small frame is not a quality to be taken lightly - which is why it comes with our highest recommendation.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the Bostitch CAP1512-OF Air Compressor. For more reviews about air compressors, power tools or any other handy items to help you around the house, please visit for all your tool consumer information needs!

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