Top 5 torque wrenches Review 2020- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best torque wrenches

As its name suggests, a best torque wrench is a tool used to tighten bolts and screws. For the tool to work, a certain torque must be applied for the required tightness of the bolts or screws to be achieved. Given that different applications have different requirements; the tool gives the operator the option of measuring the needed torque. With that, proper loading and tension of all the targeted parts is achieved.

Since various manufactures have put in place differing torque settings, when you are doing repair work, you must remember those particular settings. For instance, when you are working on a suspension or a brake and you happen to use the wrong torque wrench or apply an incorrect amount of torque, then there is a possibility of causing a safety hazard as a result of shearing or damaging the bolted joints.

We have a number of best torque wrenches that have been specifically made to perform different tasks. Before you decide on buying a best torque wrench, begin by researching on the features of the work you have at hand.tool belts

Top 5 torque wrenches- Comparison Chart







TEKTON 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click 

2.2 pounds

Mountain 16250 1/2-inch Drive 

6 pounds

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive Click 


 PREC3FR250F Silver 1/2"

4.5 pounds

Editors First Choice

ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8-inch Digital 

2.8 pounds

How to choose the best torque wrench brand

While picking the best torque wrench can be hard, there are a few things you should consider to when selecting that will make your work easier. Considering things such as brand and price can help you determine which brand fits your type of work and budget. Let’s check out some of them below.


Choosing the best tool is not all about picking the one with good looks and looking at the price. Since there are different brands and sizes from various manufacturers, expect them to have different prices. Pick a wrench that is within your budget and one that can handle your work perfectly well. Keep in mind some brands may be lowly priced but durable and provide accurate results. Others can be expensive but cannot last. It is critical to be informed of the standard price of certain brands in the market to avoid getting overcharged.


This is another essential thing to consider. You do not want to go the market soon for the same tool. Choose a wrench that will be operational for long without having issues. Such tools can be expensive, but they are worth your cash. Do not choose the looks over quality. Is the wrench able to offer accurate measurements? You need a tool that will not disappoint you while working.

Wrench features

Looking at the features of your intended wrench is imperative. For example, is it user-friendly? Does it have a sturdy construction or an alarm? Some wrenches come with all the features you need while others come with only a few. Before you purchase one, be sure which features you want your desired torque wrench to have. This will help to avoid buying one with fewer features.

For example, you want a digital wrench, consider it to have features such as auto off, or digital display. Ensure you check the features one by one to ensure they are available and working. Some brand would show the features but only to find out they are not working when you need to use them.


How often you will use your torque wrench is an indispensable factor. If you will be using it once in a while for home repairs, choosing a simple torque wrench that is moderately priced will save you a few dollars. But if you are purchasing yours for industrial us, spending extra cash is necessary. You need a wrench that you will frequently use but without getting damaged. This ensures that the maintenance costs are low. There is no reason to buy an overpriced wrench that you will only use once.

Type of wrench

To some extent, the use of your torque wrench may determine the type that you should purchase. For example, a torque-angle type of wrench is for torque to yield which are indicated mainly for cylinder bolt head but for the major bearing caps and suspension parts. It is essential to choose the type of wrench that will handle your tasks well. Select the type of wrench that can handle your heavy tasks without getting damaged.


With increased competition of products in the market, it is possible that fake brands are being sold out there. Before you go shopping, do some research and know which torque wrench brand is the best and can work for you. Make sure you purchase a torque wrench from the top brand.

Below are the best torque wrenches that we reviewed to help your shopping easy and faster.  Check them out.

best brand torque wrenches Review- Top Picks

10. Tekton’s 24335 - best 1/2 drive torque wrench

This is one of the torque wrenches you can buy from the market. It features an all-steel construction that supports it in its steady and reliable performance for many years. The 24335 ½ -inch drive torque wrench by Tekton comes with a turnaround ratcheting head which helps it to drive fasteners in all directions. Apart from that, this tool comes with a storage case for storing it after use. This ensures that the wrench is stored well and safely avoiding any damages.

The torque wrench has a click that the user can feel and hear when it reaches the preset value. It makes it easy to know when it locks well in place. Additionally, you do not have to struggle reading the dual-range scale in limited light, thanks to its high contrast lighting. It is made of a durable and all-steel construction that ensures its durability. The wrench does not have any plastic parts which tend to wear and tear easily. It is also easy to use since it has a reversible ratchet head drive that moves in all directions.

This wrench is about 18 inches long which gives a wide length that makes it excellent and versatile for a wide range of uses. It works perfectly well on bike parts and normal sized vehicles. Also, it comes with a QR code that is printed in the wrench’s casing. It is a link to a YouTube tutorial that offers an easy-to-follow guide on how to operate the tool. Therefore, it reduces all the guesswork. Buyers, however, are advised to buy the right torque range provided by the wrench. If you are operating tools weighing more 10 lbs and greater than 150, you might need a different wrench.


It is durable: The all-steel construction enables this wrench to have a long lifespan because it doesn’t have any plastic parts that can break easily.

Easy to use: It has a ratcheting head that is that can drive fasteners in both directions.

Easy to store: This is made possible as the torque wrench comes with a storage case.


Inaccurate reverse setting: We found in our research that the reversing settings for this torque wrench may not be accurate and this may require you to be careful when using it.

​9. Mountain’s 16250  -best ½ inch drive torque wrench

If you are looking for a torque wrench with different carrying case colors, Mountains’ 16250 1/2-inch drive torque wrench is one of the best. It features a blow molded casing that makes storage easy. You will with no doubt find this good torque wrench an excellent tool for industrial use. It comes with an extended grip that offers you more control while working.

Mountain’s 16250 ½ inch drive torque wrench is a click-style wrench. It has a PRO ratchet head that releases a click sound when you reach the preset torque. Operating the wrench is equally easy, thanks to its knurled handles. The wrench also gives the wrench a very tight grip. It also produces the click sound when it is released.

It is a heavy wrench measuring 25 inches long. It works perfectly with heavy tools and lug nuts on cars of up to 100 lbs. This tool is long-lasting and works well with big bolts and nuts. However, it should not be used on little bolts. Also, use a shorter torque range since it offers plenty of leverage. Being an essential garage tool, it comes at an affordable price too. Its solid and all-metal construction gives it a good grip. It works perfectly from simple tie rods to engine rebuilding and wheel bearing repairs

Additionally, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and tips on how to set the desired torque amount. It also has a calibration certificate which gives accurate readings. This wrench is also sturdy and reliable garage tool that everyone should own. It also comes at an affordable price and has high-end features.


Easy storage: Storing this tool is made easy through the available carrying case.

Easy operation: Working with 16250 ½ Inch Drive Torque Wrench by Mountain is simple due to the long handle that gives you more power while working.


Though this is a good torque wrench, it doesn’t feature changing sockets that help to save time and electricity throughout the operation.

8. Sealey STW102 -Torque Wrench Micrometer Style 1/2" Sq Drive

Do you want to invest in your working tools? This is the best torque wrench for the money. Micrometer Torque Wrench 1/2" sq by Sealey is chrome plated to resist corrosion and avoid and thereby avoiding damage. The wrench also features a flip overturn ratchet mechanism that makes working easy. If you are looking for a wrench with a reverse function, choosing this wrench will not be a wrong choice.

Calibrated micrometer torque wrench by Sealey has a reverse flip mechanism that makes it easy to operate. It is fully hardened and tempered too. This tool also meets the calibration tolerance required standards. Sealey tests all its products and buyers are assured of a guarantee. It has a torque range adjustment with Nm and lb. ft measurements.

This torque wrench is a versatile tool that is designed to perform well on a wide array of tasks. It has different settings for ease of use, and the adjustments are well- calibrated. The tool also comes with a knob that ensures the user gets the desired torque and reduced risk of slipping. It is the perfect tool for any domestic work. It has an easy-to-follow manual reducing the chances of guesswork.


Easy to use: The fact that the wrench comes with a storage case makes its storage easier. It helps to keep the tool safe.

Durable: Sealey’s torque wrench is chrome plated making it the best torque wrench for outdoor exposure. This means it will not easily break.

7. GearWrench’s black 85077 ½ inch drive - electronic torque wrench 30-340 Nm

If you are looking to buy a digital torque wrench, there is no harm in choosing GearWrench’s black 85077 ½ inches electronic torque wrench. It features buzzer sounds that give warning when the setting is about to be reached. This assists to avoid over bolt torquing. Its housing and handle are oil and solvent resistant.

GearWrench’s black 85077 ½ inch drive electronic torque wrench 30-340 Nm is a digitally tracked torque measurements. It has an alert that tells the user once the target torque is attained. It is a feature that prevents issues such as bolt over torqueing. This tool gives an accurate turn in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

The wrench also comes with various measurement options such as kgf-cm, mn, ft-lb, and in-lb. It also comes with a 72 tooth mechanism of the ratchet and a five-degree swing arc. The wrench is equally easy to operate and need alkaline 2 AA batteries.  However, you have to buy your batteries. It also has an additional scale for ease of use. It is so easy to set up, and the manual is easy-to-follow. Its accuracy is unmatched too. This wrench is an excellent tool that comes at an affordable price. It is the perfect torque wrench for anyone on a budget.


No over bolt torquing: This is made possible due to the target torque alerts that give a signal when approaching the setting.

Easy to read: We are sure you will also love its easy to read feature. This digital torque wrench has an easy to read display. If you want a tool that will make it easier for you to read the measurement, this is one of the best.

Easy set up: If you need a digital wrench that is easy to set up, you might want to get GearWrench’s black 85077 ½ inch drive electronic torque wrench. Its set up does not require the help of professionals; it is simple.


Though it is a good wrench, it does not come with extra batteries. This means you will nee3d to purchase additional batteries from your nearest store.

6. 2401CI3 drive computorq 3 -cdi torque wrench review

We cannot finish our torque wrench review without mentioning CDI’s 2401CI3 Drive Computorq 3 Electronic Torque Wrench. It comes with a simple to read display and a long battery lifespan. This ensures that you can use for a long time without having to worry. It also features three LED lights that help you know if you have reached your preferred torque level.

The 2401CI3 drive computorq 3digital torque wrench by CDI has a sleek new design and is ergonomically designed so that it does not slip. It has a non-slip rubber grip that makes it safe to use. It has torque that can be moved in any direction; both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Users have various safety alert features. For instance, it will produce an alarm tone when a certain limit is exceeded. It also has three color bars that guide the user as they set the desired torque limit. Yellow indicates that you are almost approaching the desired level and green will alert you when you achieve the desired level. In the event of over torquing, loosening, or retightening required, the red light blinks. It has four units of measurements for ease of reading. It also displays accurate readings with a reasonable error margin.


Recalls last user setting you saved: This is one reason why you might love this torque wrench. If you want to revisit the settings you saved, the torque wrench can remember.

Non-slip rubber grip: This ensures that the handle is comfortable to hold and work with.

Long battery lifespan: We all do not want to work tools that we keep recharging. CDI’s 2401CI3 digital torque wrench has long battery life that ensures you work without disturbance to achieve the best results.

Warning you when torque value is exceeded: The presence of three LED lights assists to warn you when you exceed, are about to reach, or hit the torque value.


In our review, we established that sometimes there are difficulties when trying to change the batteries. However, before choosing one, we advise you check several torque wrench reviews.

5. Craftsman 9-31425 1/2-Inch drive- torque Wrench Review

One feature that might make you love this great digital torque wrench is that it can turn in both directions. The feature enables you to operate it in all directions without difficulty. This hand tool also features rubber handle that makes holding this unique wrench comfortable and easy. Craftsman’s 9-31425 1/2-Inch Drive Torque Wrench also has a micro clicker that alerts you when you attain your preferred torque setting. Its torque can vary from 20 ft-lbs to 150 ft-lbs. The dial selector allows you to choose how to operate it; either by Newton meter or foot-pound.

Craftsman 9-31425 1/2-Inch drive torque wrench makes everything tight and right in seconds. It is known to deliver the right grip and tension needed for the job. Although it is designed for light use, its performance is reliable. It is made of alloyed steel and tough plastic that makes it durable. It is also easy to ready, great quality tool and comes at an affordable price.

It has a host of amazing features that make it easy to use. For instance, it has a +/-4 accuracy margin that gives accurate readings. It helps tighten the gaskets and knocking rods effortlessly. It is long lasting and guarantees an effective performance all the time.


Durable: This hand tool is made of stainless steel a reason why it has a long lifespan. This only means, purchasing this wrench will save you from going to the market soon.

Corrosion resistance: Another reason why this I a great hand tool, is because of its ability to resist corrosion. Even if you expose this 9-31425 1/2-inch Drive Torque Wrench by Craftsman to water, it will not readily rust or corrode or stain.

​​​​Easy to maintain: The formation and structure of this hand tool makes maintenance easy

Torque approach alert: If you are a forgetful person, this is your torque wrench.


We found that this wrench’s plastic handle can break internally making it hard to use. We, therefore, recommend that you check the tool carefully when purchasing to avoid inconveniences.

4. Powerbuilt’s 944004 1/2-Inch drive -digital read out torque wrench

This is another electronic torque wrench you will love. It features a digital display that makes reading easy. Additionally, it comes with a reversible ratchet that makes loosening and tightening of fasteners faster and straightforward. Unlike other tools that you have to purchase the battery differently, this device comes with a battery. The wrench features a storage casing that assists to keep safely and comfortably.

Powerbuilt’s 944004 1/2-Inch drive digital read out torque wrench is one of the most reliable tools in the consumer market. It has a sturdy design that makes it long lasting and durable. On top of that, it has a reversible ratchet, and a torque rang of 30- 150 ft lbs. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty excluding the calibration.

It works faster, better, and efficient. Users do not have to struggle to see the reading or make guesses. The wrench comes with a large and easy-to-read micrometer scale. It has a few unit settings that users can choose from as they work with the tool. For instance, you can lock the setting and choose whatever level of torque tightening or loosening that you want. Also, it has an accuracy margin of +/-2, which helps deliver precise results. It is one of the perfect tools for DIY and craft lovers.


User-friendly- If you are looking for a digital wrench that is user-friendly, 944004 1/2-Inch drive electronic read out Torque Wrench by Powerbuilt is your number one choice. It can lock and recall the torque even when it’s not on.

Light weight: The automotive torque wrench is about 3.5 pounds which is not cumbersome to work with. If you need something that does not weigh much and hold without feeling heavy, you might consider this digital wrench.

Works at great speed: This is made possible due to the availability of the reversible mechanism that makes loosening and tightening of fasteners uncomplicated and faster.

Easy to read: It includes a digital display screen that enables you to read the measurements in m-kg quickly, N-m, lbs., N-m, and cm-kg2.


Though we couldn’t find any shortcomings for this hand tool, it is necessary to get an additional battery that will assist you to continue working in the event the other one fails.

3. EPAuto’s 1/2-inch -best torque wrench for bikes

We care about your needs, and that is why we need you to check this great wrench. It features a ratchet head that made of toughened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy which makes it best if you are looking for a durable hand tool. The wrench has a satin finish that contributes to this tool’s rust-retardant ability. If you also want to have a tool that will alert you when you reach the torque value, this is one of the best wrenches you can have.

EPAuto’s 1/2-inch drive click torque wrench is built to offer better precision and has an elegant look. It is a suitable tool that can run various tools with a lot of precision. For starters, it is very easy to use, thanks to the two metric scales it has. The scales are easy to read which eliminates the need for guesswork. Also, you do not need to waste time converting the metrics in your head since it has ft and lbs readings. After all, chances are you might make a mistake while dealing with the conversion charts.

It is designed to last, thanks to its sturdy design and corrosion-free finish. The wrench will last long when well-cared for and is it easy to recalibrate too.  However, always seek help from the experts when in doubt.


Resists carrion: We know that tools that easily corrode also worn out faster. This wrench is exceptional; it is capable of resisting corrosion due to its Satin finish.

Easy to read: EPAuto’s 1/2-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench comes with a high contrast, and double range scale makes it easy for you to read the measurements.

Accuracy: Do you want a tool that will give you accurate results? This wrenching tool offers accurate results.

Easy to store: It features a sturdy storage case that makes storing this device easy.


One thing we found about this product that we disliked is the fact that it has rough adjustments and does not click twice. However, we established that tool works fine.

2. PREC3FR250F Silver 1/2-inch drive split- beam torque wrench

This is another torque wrench that we thought you might like. This product comes in a Nickel finish with a user-friendly grip making easy to use, clean, and rust resistance. The setting locks function is an excellent feature as it can be used when adjusting to the necessary torque. It comes with a reasonable length that is beneficial for increased control and reach, when wrenching. The presence of the adjustment knobs assists to eliminate spring tension thus making calibration easy.

PREC3FR250F Silver 1/2-inch drive split beam torque wrench by Precision Instrument weighs 4.5-pound dependable wrench. It has a dependable accuracy and sells at an affordable price. It comes in plenty of designs to suit the different application needs of the user. For instance, do you want a short or long wrench or would you prefer a flexing or fixing head?

It is durable and can withstand frequent dropping. It is made of high-quality material that enables it to be used for a long time. The wrench is also easy to operate even for beginners as well as fits perfectly in your hand which reduces the chances of it slipping away as you work.  The tool is a great range size that sells at an affordable cost, thus perfect for anyone on a budget  looking for a reliable wrench.


Easy to handle: This is made possible thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle that makes it easy to use. The design is great when wrenching places that are hard to reach.

Easy to read measurements: If you need a wrench that is easy to read the measurements, this is one of the most excellent device you can buy.

Easy set up: Setting this torque on adjustable wrenches is straightforward due to the adjustment knob that reduces the spring tension.


Though we did not find many disadvantages for this torque, you should be worried if you love wrenches that work in both directions. PREC3FR250F Silver 1/2-inch torque wrench by Precision Instruments works only in one direction; clockwise.

​1. ACDelco ARM601-3  -best 3/8 torque wrench

Are you looking for a digital torque wrench that shuts off when not in use? ACDelco’s digital wrench has a function that shuts it off when it remains for about a minute without work. This digital wrench also features an LCD display that shows measurements in kg-cm, ft-lb, in-lb. and N-m. Another feature that makes this digital wrench one of the best is the inbuilt audible buzzer that helps to confirm the torque value. Apart from that, the wrench also features an anti-slip soft handle that makes handling this wrenching tool comfortable.

Are you looking for a digital torque wrench that shuts off when not in use? ACDelco’s digital wrench has a function that shuts it off when it remains for about a minute without work. This digital wrench also features an LCD display that shows measurements in kg-cm, ft-lb, in-lb. and N-m. Another feature that makes this digital wrench one of the best is the inbuilt audible buzzer that helps to confirm the torque value. Apart from that, the wrench also features an anti-slip soft handle that makes handling this wrenching tool comfortable.

ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8″ Digital Wrench is a digital torque wrench that performs standard functions. It has the mode, torque, and measurement settings that make it easy to operate. The tool is equally easy to set up too.  It has an alarm function or buzzer that alerts you when you achieve the desired torque limit.

Users do not have to worry about accuracy since the wrench gas +/-2 margin error.  It also has different calibration measurements that reduce the hassle of making the conversations in your head. The wrench uses alkaline AA batteries that are cheap and easy to replace. It comes with enough storage space that can hold even the spare batteries.


Can work in both directions: Unlike others, this digital wrench by ACDelco can work both sides; anticlockwise and clockwise.

Lightweight: One other advantage this tool has over other wrenches is that it is lightweight. This means you can use it without feeling its weight. This is perhaps because it has three AAA cells.

Easy to set up: One reason you might consider purchasing this tool is that it is adjustable and includes an alarm that is useful when using it and cannot read the displayed measurements correctly. The alarm warns you when you approach the torque value.


While this torque wrench is easy to set up, some may not come with a manual; this can be hard especially if you are not familiar with it. But it works great. The alarm also goes off when you reach the torque level.

Our verdict

Based on our deep research, it is safe to say that the best torque wrench for your cash is the one that is easy to use, can work in both directions, and once that does its work efficiently. Also, the best digital torque wrench is the one that has some features such as an auto off function to help control the use of power. By taking all that into consideration, the ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8″ Digital Wrench meets all those requirements and we recommend it from our end. If you are looking to purchase a torque wrench, you will not make a wrong choice by choosing any of our torque wrench reviews. It all starts by outlining your needs and then going for one that fully satisfies those needs.To know about the best socket set click here..

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