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best socket set

When it comes to tool sets, nothing is quite as versatile or reliable as a best socket set. Whenever you have to tighten a bolt, it’s so much easier to use a socket wrench than a traditional one, particularly if you have to do it in tight spaces. As such, socket sets are ideal for anyone who works on cars as they have to reach into small spots on a regular basis. Nonetheless, if you are serious about any kind of craft or construction work, you need a high-quality socket set by your side.

So, with that in mind, let’s figure out which set is the best. We have compiled a list of the top five on the market today, and we’re going to discuss the various features and components that you should be looking for when picking one out. Overall, your tool set should help you out with almost any job, so choose wisely.

Top 5 socket sets - comparison Chart







TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

5 pounds

Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set

12 pounds

Editors ​First Choice

Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome

10 pounds

DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive Socket Set

6.5 pounds

DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

50 pounds

How to Choose a best socket set/best impact socket driver set

Ratchet Tooth Number

In case you’re not familiar with how a socket wrench works, it uses an interchangeable socket to wrap around the head of the bolt so that you can tighten it with much greater ease than you would with a different kind of wrench. The handle is called a ratchet because it has a certain number of teeth that allow you to tighten or loosen the bolt with just a few clicks.

So, when talking about the number of teeth in the ratchet, more is better. This is because it will allow you to work in tighter spaces since you don’t have to pull the handle back too far to get it to click into place. For example, some ratchets may come with 60 teeth, while others may have 72. If you want more versatility, pick the higher number.

Quick Release Mechanism

Most modern socket wrenches have this capability now which makes it more durable and reliable while working. The mechanism locks the socket into place so that you don’t accidentally pull the ratchet off while tightening. Then, to release it, you simply have to press a button so that it will just pop off, making changes much easier and faster.

While a quick-release button is not crucial to the operation of a socket wrench, it does provide some extra efficiency, so it’s always better to have it than not.

Six vs. Twelve Points

For the most part, sockets have six sides for gripping bolts, which is ideal for most situations. The reason for this is that the fewer sides that they have, the more firm the grip is, ensuring that you don’t accidentally round out the edges.

However, in some cases, the sockets may come with twelve points. These are ideal because they allow you to grip the bolt from almost any direction, but they don’t provide quite as much grip. Overall, if you are more concerned about versatility than tightness, you may want twelve-point sockets.

Deep vs. Shallow

One issue that comes with socket wrenches is that you can only reach down as far as the socket goes. In some cases, however, that can be extremely limiting, particularly when trying to tighten a bolt that is sitting low on a screw. For that reason, you want to get a socket set that comes with a combination of shallow and deep sockets so that you don’t run into that problem. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll encounter such a situation, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Impact Sockets

Usually, when using sockets, you will be tightening them by hand. However, there may be occasions in which you want to use a power tool such as an impact wrench so that you can work faster and make a tighter seal. However, not all sockets are built with that in mind, so you have to be careful. In some cases, the brand will list if they are strong enough for impact wrenches, but you may have to base your decision on other people’s reviews to get a better idea.

Overall, if you are planning on using power tools with your sockets, you want to buy a set that is designed for it, rather than trying to repurpose a standard hand-tightening set.

Additional Components

Since we are talking about tool sets, there is always the potential of getting one that comes with extra features that go above and beyond what you need. If you are strictly looking for sockets, then you probably won’t be swayed by any of these accessories, but if you want a more comprehensive set of tools, then you ought to check out sets that have additional pieces. Here are some of the most common extras you can find.

Universal Adapter: this will enable you to place any socket on the wrench

Universal Joint: this piece allows you to angle the socket in various ways, which can help if you have to tighten bolts at odd angles

Extension Wand: if you have to reach deep into an engine bay or something else, then you will need an extension so that the socket can reach it easily.

Screwdriver Attachments: in some cases, you may be able to get a set of Philips and flathead screwdriver pieces that fit into the socket.

Additional Wrenches: sometimes a set may also have combination wrenches, or Allen wrenches included so that you are never without the right tool for the job.

best Socket Sets Review-Top Picks

Here is a list of the top socket sets you need to consider purchasing:

1. Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set Review

As far as consumer tool companies go, Stanley is one of the more well known and respected in the industry. This brand is synonymous with heavy-duty tools and components that are built to last. In this case, the 69-piece socket set comes with everything you need, along with some extras thrown in for good measure.

The first thing that we like about this set is the fact that you get two ratchets. This way you can pick out the right one for the job, as one is smaller than the other, meaning that you can reach into tighter places with it. The bigger ratchet also comes with 60 teeth, while the smaller has 45. Both of them also have seven degrees of arc swing, which is perfect for most situations, even in tight spots.

The other cool thing that we like is the fact that each piece is covered in a black chrome finish. Not only does it make the pieces look better, but it will help reduce the risk of rusting over time, which is a nice bonus.

Other features of this socket set include a Max-Drive design on the ratchets that provide an extra 15% of torque while working. Also, each socket has six points, meaning that they have a tighter and more rugged grip. Finally, each socket is laser engraved with its size so that it’s easier than ever to find the one you need. Also, there are both shallow and deep sockets for your convenience.


● Durable black chrome construction

● Proprietary Max-Drive design adds 15% more torque

● Black coating provides oxidation resistance

● Durable plastic carrying case with handle

● Two wrenches included

● Large ratchet has 60 teeth; smaller has 45

● Low profile quick-release button

● Seven-degree arc swing for tighter spots

● Six point sockets for better grip

● 66 socket sizes and depths

● Measures in both inches and millimeters

● Laser etched size markings on each socket

● Limited lifetime warranty


● Case is not as high quality as the sockets and wrenches

● In rare cases, the wrenches may not hold up under high pressure

● Not designed for high-torque applications

Highlighted Features

  • Max-Drive design adds up to 15% more torque
  • Durable plastic carrying case
  • Black chrome coating prevents rust
  • Two ratchets included

2. DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive- best dewalt Socket Set Review

Much like Stanley, DeWalt is another brand that has made a name for itself in the personal tool industry. As far as we’re concerned, we prefer DeWalt’s craftsmanship a bit better overall, although they are close regarding the quality and reliability of their pieces. In this case, however, the DWMT73804 socket Set is a bit of a step down from the Stanley Set above, considering that it doesn’t come with any deep sockets. Otherwise, this is a decent tool kit for most jobs.

With this set, you get a single high-quality ratchet that will work in almost any environment. What makes it unique is that it comes with 72 teeth, meaning that you don’t need a lot of leverage to get it going. Not only that, but it only has five degrees of arc swing, making it one of the tightest wrenches we’ve seen.

As far as the sockets are concerned, you get 30 different sizes, each with a stamped label, so that’s it’s easier to tell the difference between them. There are imperial and metric measurements as well, so you don’t have to worry about trying to convert sizes in your head. The sockets have a six-point grip, and they each have a knurled ring on the bottom so that they are easier to handle when picking them up and changing them.

The other cool thing about these sockets is that they are strong enough for an impact driver, so if that’s something you plan on using you won’t have any issues with this set. Finally, each piece is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, making them ideal for any home or professional workshop.


● Durable steel construction with chrome finish

● High-quality ratchet and 30 socket sizes

● Metric and imperial measurements for convenience

● Wrench has 72 teeth for more maneuverability

● Five-degree arc swing for tighter spaces

● Six-point sockets for better grip

● Durable plastic carrying case with lock

● Removable inner tray for convenience

● Sizes stamped on each socket

● Quick-release button

● Knurled ring for added control when handling sockets

● Strong enough for an impact driver

● Limited lifetime warranty


● Sockets are not deep

● In rare cases, the adapter may not fit correctly into the ratchet

3. TEKTON -3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set Review

If you are looking for a socket set that comes with some bonus features that can help you out in tight situations, then this set from Tekton may be an ideal choice. In addition to the ratchet, you also get a six-inch extension wand, a universal adapter, and a universal joint. Overall, each component works together to enable you to tighten any bolt in any awkward spot. This makes the set perfect for any kind of job, regardless of the kind of work you do.

When looking at the ratchet, it comes with 72 teeth and a five-degree arc swing, making it just as tight and versatile as the DeWalt model. It also comes with a quick release button so that you get a better grip and don’t have to worry about yanking the wrench off when it’s time to change.

As far as the sockets go, you get forty of them in various sizes and depths, which is perfect when combined with the extension wand and universal joint. Each socket has a six-point grip and laser engraved markings for quick and easy differentiation. Overall, if agility and versatility are important to you, this set delivers on all fronts.


● Durable steel construction and chrome finish

● Includes ratchet, extension tool, and adapter

● Universal joint also included for awkward angles

● 40 sockets included with both metric and imperial measurements

● Laser etched sizes for efficiency

● Variety of deep and shallow sockets for convenience

● Standard six-point design for better grip

● Ratchet has 72 teeth and a five-degree arc swing

● Quick release button

● Durable plastic carrying case with handles


● In rare cases, there may be pieces missing from the set

● Sockets may fall out of the case easily

Highlighted Features

  • Steel construction
  • Universal joint included
  • Six-point design for improved grip
  • Durable plastic carrying case

4. Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser-  Etched Socket Set Review

We’ve already seen how great Stanley Sockets are, but in this case, you get a set of much more than just a socket wrench. So, if you were looking for something that provided extra features, then this could be a great buy.

In addition to the two ratchets included (large and small), you also get a full set of combination wrenches and a screwdriver. Not only that, but the screwdriver comes with interchangeable heads so that you can fasten just about anything. The ratchets have the same number of teeth as the unit above (60 and 45, respectively), and they have seven degrees of arc swing for more versatility.

As far as the sockets go, you get 74 sizes in both metric and imperial denominations, and they come in a variety of depths as well. Each socket is laser engraved with its size, and they all have a six-point grip for better handling.

Finally, every piece is coated in a black chrome finish, which helps reduce oxidation and extends the shelf life of the set. Not only that, but everything is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so if something breaks, feel free to seek out a replacement.


● Durable steel construction

● Black chrome finish resists oxidation

● Proprietary Max-Drive design for improved torque

● Two ratchets included (large and small)

● Screwdriver with adjustable heads

● Ten combination wrenches included

● 74 socket sizes with laser etched labeling

● Combination of shallow and deep sockets

● Six-point grip for better performance

● Durable lockable carrying case

● Ratchets have seven-degree swing

● Quick release mechanisms

● Limited lifetime warranty


● In rare cases, there may be pieces missing to the set

● Carrying case is not as durable as others

● Not designed for impact wrenches

Highlighted Features

  • Steel construction
  • Max-Drive design adds up to 15% more torque
  • Durable carrying case
  • Black chrome finish prevents rust
  • Limited lifetime warranty

5. DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece- Best Mechanics Tool Set Review

Finishing us off is another set from the highly respected brand DeWalt. However, while the set above left a few things lacking, this one comes with more pieces than you could ever imagine. So, if you are looking for a complete set of fastening tools, this is by far the best kit you can buy.

As far as the sockets wrenches go, this kit has three ratchets of varying sizes, meaning that you can reach into any space with ease. They also all have 72 teeth and five degrees of arc swing, making them perfect for any tight spaces.

The sockets themselves are heavy duty and come in a variety of metric and imperial sizes and depths, so you never have to worry about not having the right one for the job. Each socket is stamped with the size on the side, and they have a knurled ring on the bottom for easier holding and handling.

In addition to the high-quality and socket set, you also get a full set of combination wrenches, Allen wrenches, and screwdriver bits. This makes the whole kit much more versatile than anything else we’ve seen, meaning that you may not have to buy any other tools on top of this.


● Durable steel construction with chrome finish

● Ultimate tool set comes with everything you need

● Three ratchets of varying sizes

● Each ratchet has 72 teeth and five degrees of arc swing

● Twelve combination wrenches included

● Two sets of Allen wrenches

● Universal adapters for each ratchet

● Combination of shallow and deep sockets for convenience

● Six-point sockets for better grip

● Screwdriver attachments included

● Knurled edges on sockets for easier handling

● Heavy duty carrying case with handle

● Limited lifetime warranty


● In some instances, pieces may fall out of the case relatively easily

● On rare occasions, some components may be missing

● Pieces are heavy compared to other similar sets

Highlighted Features

  • Chrome steel construction
  • Three ratchets included
  • Knurled edges on sockets
  • Six-point design for improved grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty

6. Sunex 3342 3/8-Inch Drive -Master Impact Socket Set Review

This next set is a bit different than the other ones on this list due to the fact that it doesn’t include a ratchet. As such, you will have to find one separately, but if you have one already, then this set will be a welcome addition to your tool armory. These sockets are made of heavy duty steel and are built to handle tough jobs, and their appearance reflects that. Rather than having a shiny chrome finish, these sockets are coated with black chrome, which gives them a more utilitarian feel while also preventing rust.

We like this set, it gives you plenty of size and depth options. These sockets are organized by inches and millimeters, and they are both shallow and deep so that you can use them for various projects. The thing that also sets them apart from the rest is the fact that they have radiused corners so that you can work with less torque without losing your grip.

The other primary reason that we appreciate this set is that it comes with both an extension rod and a universal joint. This allows you to get into tighter corners or harder to reach areas, which makes this whole thing much more versatile than you might expect. Finally, these sockets are all covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and they come in a remarkably sturdy carrying case to boot.


● Durable impact grade steel

● 42 different sizes and depths

● Six point sockets for better grip

● Radiused corners for improved handling

● Heavy duty carrying case

● Black chrome finish for rust resistance

● Universal joint and extension rod included

● Laser etched sizes on the sides of each socket

● Sizes are in millimeters and inches

● Limited lifetime warranty


● Ratchet not included

● Coating is a bit rough

Highlighted Features

  • Made of impact-grade steel
  • Corners are radiused for improved grip
  • ​Black chrome finish prevents rust
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Q. What makes a socket set one of the most versatile and reliable tools in a toolset? Why should you invest in one?

Ans: The socket set might appear small but its versatility and functionality are unmatched. Imagine you need to tighten a bolt in a small and tight space? Using the socket wrench makes it easy since it fits even in tiny spaces and has a strong grip. People who work with cars know that the socket wrench is easy to work with since they need to reach for small and tight spots on a regular basis.

Even those in the construction industry will attest that having a high-quality tool like the socket set makes work easy and effortless. It is a tool everyone involved in craftsmanship should have in their possession.

Q. How do I choose the best socket set or impact driver set for the right job?

Ans: Having understood the versatility and functionality of the socket wrench, it is time to make a purchase. The challenge, however, arises when deciding the socket set for the right job.
For starters, it is important to get the right tool for the right job. Also consider:

  • check
    The Ratchet tooth number- Having more teeth makes it versatile and functional
  • check
    The quick release mechanism function- For durability and reliability as it in use
  • check
    Six or twelve points- What gives you a strong grip from almost all directions
  • check
    Deep or shallow socket wrench- It all depends on the task at hand
  • check
    Can it work with other power tools such as the impact wrench
  • check
    Additional components for improved functionality such as screwdriver attachments

Q. What are some of the best and reputable socket set brands for socket/mechanic set in the market? What makes them stand out from the rest?

Ans: The Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket set is one of the best brands in the market. The 12-pound socket is designed to work with heavy-duty tools. It is built to last and comes with 69 pieces for improved functionality. Its black chrome finish reduces the risk of rusting and gives it a pleasant finish.

The DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive Socket is a decent toolkit that gets the work done with ease. It does not have deep sockets but comes with a single and high-quality ratchet that works in almost any work environment. It also comes with 30 different socket sizes that are marked to avoid confusion.

Top 3 Socket Set Brands Review

Based on the review above, here are some of the best sockets set brand manufacturers.


Stanley is a respected and well-known producer of consumer tools. Their brand is known for heavy-duty socket sets that last for long. Also, they are designed to withstand conditions such as rusting. They also have features that make them easy to work with such as six points for a strong grip and deep and shallow sockets for convenience.

Other common features associated with Stanley socket sets include a low profile, yet quick release function. Besides reducing potential accidents, it also helps the user get a strong grip. Also, you do not have to convert the measurements in your head since the socket sets are marked in metric and imperial measurements.


DEWALT has created a niche for itself in the consumer tools production. They have high-quality socket sets that work perfectly with other power tools. It is synonymous with power tools that durable and high-quality. Their socket sets are made of steel and have a chrome finish. The chrome finish gives it a new look and reduces the risk of rusting and extends its shelf-life. The sockets have imperial and metric measurements and no need to make conversions in your head.  They also have a quick release function that makes it safe to use and increase its functionality.


Sunex is a well-known brand of high-end consumer tools. Unlike the other brands, some Sunex socket set does not come with ratchets. However, that does not have their functionality. Other features include socket sets in different depths and sizes. Each socket is stamped reducing the chance of confusing as one picks their desired fit.

The socket set is made of durable impact grade steel that promotes its longevity.  It also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case. The sockets have radiused corners which makes them easy to handle and carry. You do not have to worry about rusting, thanks to the black chrome finish. Lastly, it comes with additional components that improve its versatility and functionality.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned above, we have a soft spot for DeWalt brand products, and seeing as how the 204-piece set from the company comes with everything you could need and more, we feel like that is the best option for anyone who wants a full set of tools. However, if you’re not interested in getting a bunch of extra bells and whistles, then the Stanley 92-824 Set is our top pick. If all you need is a reliable set of sockets and ratchets, Stanley has you covered. Read tool belts review here toolez

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