Top 5 Portable Air Pump For Car Tires Review 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

 best portable air pump for car tires

There are many different kinds of portable air compressors for your car out there, but which ones can you identify that are better than the others? If you are looking for a new air compressor, you need one that is of good quality, and is capable of giving air to your tires with the utmost of convenience.

Extra features, such as an LED screen, a flashlight, and long cord will make your tire-filling experience easy and free of hassle. To determine the best portable air pump for car tires, it has to meet all of your concerns when it comes to adding air in your wheels.

We will review five compressors from different companies that all range in price, performance and features. Each of these compressors have their share of strengths and weaknesses for you to take into account. Here are each of the air compressors that we have looked at.

Top 6 Portable Air Pump For Car Tires- Comparison Chart







EPAuto 12V DC Auto

2.17 pounds

AUTOWN Portable Air Compressor

3.55 pounds

Editors ​First Choice

Double Cylinder Auto Digital Tire Inflator

4.51 pounds

Big SS Portable Air Compressor

1.3 pounds

JACO SmartPro Digital Tire

2.05 pounds

Best 5 Portable Air Pump For Car Tires- In Death Reviews

1. EPAuto 12V DC -Auto Portable Air Compressor Pump, Preset Digital Tire Inflator by 100 PSI for Compact

There are similar air compressors to the EPAuto 12V, but there are multiple things that actually make it an economic choice. The cord is 9 feet long, so it should be possible for you to reach each of your tires from your interior, but for large vans or SUVs, this might be somewhat challenging.

A useful feature that this compressor has is the auto shut-off. This allows the compressor to automatically turn off when the desired PSI is met, making it convenient for car owners without having to monitor the compressor to shut it off manually when the correct PSI is in the tire.

The metal screw-on connector is very easy to connect to the valve stem of the tire, but a fast release connector would have been better and easier for car owners to put on and take off.

The inflation speed of this compressor is at 1.06 CFM, which is fairly slower than the typical compressor, but that is to be expected with its compact size.

The EPAuto 12V has other nice features including an LED flashlight and a digital screen. There are many add-ons that come with this compressor that make it more useful than it should have any right to be. This is possibly one of the best tires inflators with gauge for under $30, but don’t expect this to be comparable to higher priced compressors.


  • This compressor has great value, and you can pay little for decent performance.
  • This compressor has an auto shut-off feature.


  • This compressor has a slow CFM at 1.06.

2. Digital Tire Inflator, AUTOWN Best Portable Air Compressor Pump - 12V DC Tire Pump, Auto Shut Off

AUTOWN’s portable air compressor is worth about 12 dollars more than EPAuto’s. This professional tire inflator with gauge also plugs into the cigarette port of your car, but instead of the cord reaching 9 feet, it is 10 feet, so that you have a little bit more room to extend your compressor and not have to worry about stretching the cord out.

This compressor also has an auto shut-off feature that stops inserting air into the tire at a set PSI. It can go up to 120 PSI, which is pretty good.

You can set the measurement of air pressure at four different units: PSI, BAR, KPA, and KG/CM^2. This can be confusing to owners who are not experienced with car care, so if you adjust something, you might not know how to change it back to the right type of air pressure.

Rather than come with one LED flashlight, this compressor comes with four different lights for different situations.

Like EPAuto’s portable compressor, this compressor also has a slow CFM at 1.06 as well. For 10 dollars more, you would come to expect a little faster inflation rate. It can inflate for up to 20 minutes before it needs to cool down, so do not use it to inflate for long periods of time, or else it will overheat.

Nice additions to this compressor include 3 separate adapters for inflating more than just car and bike tires. These adapters make it so that owners can also pump air into toys, sports balls, PVC boats, and much more.


  • This compressor’s four LED lights are ideal for pumping tires in the dark.
  • This compressor can be used wherever you are with your car, thanks to input from you car’s cigarette port.


  • This compressor has a slow CFM at 1.06.

3. Portable Air Compressor Pump -Normei Double Cylinder Auto Digital Tire Inflator

Normei’s compressor is one of the best cordless tire inflators with minimal noise. When operating a typical tire inflator, it will sure to cause quite a ruckus around your neighborhood, as if you were mowing your lawn. Normei’s compressor is surprisingly quiet, and it might actually surprise you if you are used to the motor-like sound from other compressors.

Rather than using one cylinder, this compressor uses two, which makes the time it takes to fill a tire cut in half. It takes about 10 minutes to a completely fill a tire up from 0 PSI, nearly twice as fast as single cylinder compressors. Compared to AUTOWN’s compressor, this is considered a mighty upgrade for $46.

Normei’s air compressor has a wide LED flashlight for inflating tires at night, which is easy to point in a specific direction when pumping air.

While the compressor performs very well, the design is pretty questionable to say the least. This compressor was manufactured to look more sleek and less technical than other compressors, but the end result makes it closely resemble a tin lunch box or a water canteen.

The digital screen in the middle may be too small, and with all the space that could be used, the screen could very well be larger so that the LED numbers can be read from further away.

This compressor, however, also features an auto shut-off feature, so there is no need to keep an eye on it as it pumps in twice the air into your car’s tires.


  • This compressor is pleasantly quiet when in operation.
  • This compressor features two cylinders for half the inflation speed.


  • This compressor’s LED screen could be much bigger.

4. Big SS- Best Portable Air Compressor Pump-Electric Auto Tire Inflator, 12V 120 PSI Tire Pump for Car Vehicle Motorboad Bicycle Basketballs Air Bed Mattress and Other Inflatables

This tire inflator is interestingly designed, in which the cable that connects to the tire is yellow, and wraps around the middle of the device securely. With these unique decisions to the design, it can be fairly easy for owners to identify among other things inside of a garage or shed. With that in mind, it is one of the best tire inflator for cars that tries to stand out on its looks alone.

Rather than feature an LED screen like other air compressors, this compressor features an old-school PSI gauge with a needle. While this gauge is fairly large to interpret from moderate distances, a digital screen would have been appropriate to use as well, considering it’s modern design.

This compressor can fill a tire slightly slower than Normei’s compressor, but the maximum pressure that it can fill is at 120 PSI, so it is capable of inflating larger tires than your standard sedan tires.

The Big SS portable air compressor is very straightforward to use. There is just one button to use in order to turn the device on or off. This compressor, however, needs to be stopped manually, so you will have to push the yellow button again to shut it down and prevent more air pressure from entering the tire.

Like AUTOWN’s tire inflator, Big SS’s inflator comes with extra adaptors to inflate sports balls and toys.


  • This compressor can fill tires and other objects up to 120 PSI.
  • This compressor has easy instructions.


  • This compressor does not have an auto-stop feature.

5. JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump - Premium 12V Portable Air Compressor

Jaco’s portable air compressor is another viable economic option for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money to fill air in their car’s tires.

This pump is limited to 100 PSI, but while it has its limits, it can fill air very quickly. Like any competent portable tire inflator today, this also features an auto-stop when enough air is in the tire.

Of the five compressors, this one has the largest LED light that spans the entirety of its left side. It serves as a heavy duty flashlight, so that you don’t have to be lost in the middle of the night with a flat.

The light also has three settings of its own: It can shine white light, shine flashing red lights, or have a special light array exclusive to roadside emergencies. This is a very useful feature for getting the attention of other drivers, but at the same time, it would help it the light could be larger.

While Big SS’s inflator feature only one button, JACO’s inflator feature multiple large buttons on the front. They explain to you what they all mean as much as possible with pictures and descriptions, such as the power and the LED light settings. You might not mind more buttons as long as you can easily understand what they all do.


  • This compressor features a large LED light that can help you in dark or dangerous situations.
  • This compressor has easy instructions.


  • This compressor can only add 45 PSI to tires, rather than fill them as much as you need to.

So now that you are more familiar with these 5 tire compressors in particular, which one is better than the rest? There are many factors that we can consider.

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Pump for Car Tires


While each inflator varies in price, one thing to be certain of is to not just pick the cheapest one. While that isn’t to say to avoid buying the EPAuto 12V at under $30, quality usually goes up the more that you pay for a product. As you can observe by the more expensive devices, they are capable of doing more and performing better than cheaper devices.

Ease Of Use

The Big SS Portable 12V is marginally the easiest to set up and use, with only one button to turn it on and off. While your main objective is to just fill your tires with more air, the manufacturer had the right idea to not consider more buttons, a digital interface, and menus. In other cases, more buttons with legible explanations are helpful, like Jaco’s compressor.

Big SS’s compressor, however, does not come with an auto-stop feature, meaning that while turning it on is straightforward and simple, turning if off requires more work than what is necessary when you compare it with its competitors. Whether you prefer to have the auto-stop, or have a device that is quick and easy to get going, which feature is better and more convenient that the other is ultimately up to you.


Normei’s double cylinder performance compared to AUTOWN’s portable 12V compressor is certainly a big step up for just a five dollar difference. Compressors with better inflation speeds will save you less time, but on the other side of the token, all compressors are sure to get you to the right amount of PSI sooner or later, so there is no one tire inflator that does a better or worse job doing that when all is said and done. If you do not mind waiting a little longer for your tires to get filled, you can buy a cheaper air compressor.


Almost all air compressors will be loud and noisy; it is just the way that they are considering the ways in which they are made. If you are irritated by the loud noise that your compressor makes, you will have to wear earphones or try to muffle the noise as you work to get air in your tires.

Normei’s double cylinder air compressor, however, is significantly quieter. If you are a car owner that wants to do this work in peace, and is very sensitive to loud noises, then consider choosing the Normei compressor.

If you are somebody that doesn’t mind the noise, then you can consider which is the best compressor for you based on any of the other aspects.


All air compressors can be plugged into your car’s cigarette port. That way, you can use it whenever you are out on the road, which is very convenient. Any of these compressors would be very handy to use if you have tire problems, or notice a slight deflation in one of your tires when you see your car parked. If you already own a heavy duty best air pump, having a backup pump to put in your trunk is never a bad idea.

There are other questions that you may have that we may not have answered thus far. If you are still wondering about what else these compressors might do, please read the additional Q&A down below.

Question and Answer:

Can some compressors receive electrical power from a wall outlet?

From what has been provided, none of the compressors can also get power from an electrical socket from a wall; they all obtain power from the car’s cigarette socket, as size and portability is each of their strong suits. You will lose car battery life by using a portable air compressor tank, so if you are considering a tire compressor that plugs into a wall, there are bigger and more traditional air compressors that are capable of doing so.

Can some compressors pump other inflatable objects as well, besides car tires?

Whether with the aid of a proprietary adaptor, or by itself, all compressors are capable of inflating bike tires, sports balls, PVC boats, and other inflatables with little to no complications. While most of these tire inflators have an auto-stop feature, some of them may not work on objects that feature less air pressure.

How long do portable air compressors typically last?

Because air compressors are not used every day, each one could last you a number of years. Compared to heavy duty air compressors that last a decade or more, these will tend to have shorter life spans due to their limited size and power usage.

Final Verdict

For the most beneficial best portable air pump for what it is priced at, we deem the Normei Double Cylinder Air Compressor as the best that you can buy.

As stated previously, the two cylinders make it so that you can pump air into your tires in less time. While there are other two air pumps that fill tires around similar times, the lower price on the Normei compressor is what gives it a competitive edge.

Furthermore, it is very hard to come by an air compressor that is known to be quieter than normal, which is a surprisingly good feature for drivers that don’t like the unsightly noise that comes with using it.

Normei’s double cylinder compressor is a great value for what it does. It inflates car tires in a decent amount of time, and is not as noisy. This is the compressor that we highly recommend over the rest. More reviews...

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