5 Easy Ways you can make the best Cordless Impact Wrench Effective

best Cordless Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches have become an indispensable part of our garage and home. Be it a loose screw in the car trunk or a loose door bolt, we need them every now and then to maintain our house and vehicles. After the introduction of cordless models, their use has become a lot easier.

It is now possible to carry them anywhere you go without the hassles of long wires. It is used both by professionals and amateurs. But, their control is still a mystery to many. At the same time, their maintenance is also an issue. Since, these wrenches are regular mechanical devices; they also need a maintenance regime to last long.

The Top 5 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out Of Your Impact Wrench 

Here, we will be discussing 5 ways in which you can make your best cordless impact wrenches effective.

1. Setting up the compressor correctly:

If you are using an air impact wrench, this part is most important. Nothing can match the ease of these pneumatic tools. They simplify the work with their torque. Now, this torque is provided by an air compressor.  Air compressors use the electric power to convert the potential energy into pressurized air. This pressurized air then exerts force to tighten or loosen the bolts, and screws.

Do note that the compressors need to be correctly installed. While buying, one should ensure about its quality and guarantee/warranty because in long-run, it is the part that matters most. One should ensure that it has enough air output left before using it. In case of any technical issues, they should be inspected by a certified professional.

2. Inlet impro​vements:

All the air passageways inside the wrench should be inspected from time to time. When there are leaks in these passageways or blocked pathways, their performance decreases. All the couplers, nipples, hoses and fittings should be regularly checked for any air leaks, debris or immobility.

In many instances, the tool is set at the normal speed, but still, it does not work. This situation arises due to air-way blockages in the hose. If they are inspected regularly, it will reduce the operational cost dramatically.

 Here are some DIYs for inlet improvements:

     • There is a rubber seal at the metal sit hole. This rubber seal should be cut in the exact diameter as the metal hole and then re-installed.

     • Some material from the trigger pin should be removed to improve the air passage.

However, it is desirable to let an experienced technician have a look at your instrument.

3. Oilin​g:

Just like any other mechanical device, impact wrenches to need to be oiled regularly. It is all the more important for them given that they use high torque for drilling or fixing nuts. Such high power is bound to make the internal devices lose their lubrication.

 So, when they are not oiled, they under-perform. The chances of the tools getting damaged also get high. However, it is difficult to oil an electric impact wrench since it is completely sealed. The air impact wrenches have an air inlet through which oil can be put into the tool.

Here are a few tips on how to oil an impact wrench:

     • Drop the light-motor oil slowly over the air passage while squeezing the trigger. This ensures that the oil evenly reaches inside. Release trigger when done.

     • Use an inline oiler between the air compressor and the air hose. This is a better way. In this, the oil from the inline oiler travels inside the wrench even while working. One should ensure to keep the inline oiler filled before each use.

4. Regular cleaning:

Nothing can beat the maintenance provided by regular cleaning. One should ensure that after every couple of uses, the impact wrench is cleaned. This will ensure that the debris or dust from the previous works does not get deposited inside the tool. Also, one will be able to detect any damages or issues present while cleaning. It is advised to get it cleaned professionally, but many people do it themselves.

However, when you are doing it yourself, you should keep in mind the following things:

      Never replace the original parts by yourself. This will make the guarantee/warranty void.

     • Try to learn how it is done by someone experienced.

      First, try to understand the exact inner position of parts. This will help you in putting them             back.

      Don’t be too harsh on the parts. They might break off.

      • Always read the instruction manual carefully before operating it as well as before cleaning it. Many products do have a self-help guide. Strictly adhere to that.

Always keep in mind that this is a mechanical tool and it has got its shelf-life. But a regular cleaning and proper maintenance will increase its life.

5. Avoiding rough use:

Many times, the impact wrenches don’t work efficiently because of their previous rough uses. It has been observed that at many construction sites or even at homes, people bang it hard on the floor or keep the tool in a messy place. What happens after this, is that the dirt gets inside the nozzles, and pliers. When you use them next time, the air-passage is blocked, and enough torque is not applied. One should avoid this situation. Here are some precautions that should be taken:

     • Never place the tool in wet and moist places. It increases the chance of their rusting.

     • Check for debris after each use.

     • Try to keep the tool in a dedicated box.

     • Always use a safe port and good quality wires for these impact wrenches.

Today these impact wrenches have made such an impact in our lives that we cannot imagine doing mechanical works without them. Never has been changing a car-tire so easy! But what matters is their proper maintenance. Hope these tips will help you to prolong the life of your impact wrench.Read more reviews .

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