Best Circular Saw Under 100 |Reviews and buying guide 2020

Are you a DIY lover? Or a professional who is fed up with his dull saw?

For most people, a smooth, sharp machine that can cut at 90-degrees can do wonders.

Let me show you some of the best circular saws under $100.

You can get the best budget circular saw without any hassle.

In the 19th century, circular saws were used in sawmills.

But these compact circular saws are designed to meet the needs of all households as well as professionals. They are portable, lightweight but powerful enough to do the task smartly.

Even beginners can take advantage as they are safe and easy to use.

I have chosen the top five best circular saw, corded and cordless under $ 100.

Let’s check each of them in detail.

Recommended Best Circular Saw Under 100

Product 1: DEWALT Max Circular Saw

Lightweight powerful tool:

DeWalt circular saw is a lightweight yet powerful tool. It has a 5,250 rpm motor that is most suitable for job sites or household use. This power enables it to cut the most demanding cuts smoothly and accurately.

It weighs around 7.1 pounds that allows the user to handle it with ease. You can continue your work for hours and hours without any fatigue.

High-quality product:

This tool is a superb combination of quality and power. High-strength magnesium shoe allow the saw a long-term durability. 6.5-Inch carbide-tipped blade with 2.5 cutting depth is what makes it efficient.

Deep but smooth cuts are easy for DeWalt as its specially constructed with lightweight but top-quality materials.

Safe and efficient performance:

For added safety, a brake is set with the tool that works within seconds to stop the blade. This feature will not only offer the freedom of work but safety also. You can stop it within seconds.

The efficiency of its blade is adjustable at a 90° or 45° angle. So, it’s perfect for cutting subfloor, stringers, 2x4's. Accurate but delicate finish work is the name of DeWalt.


Warranty of almost 3 years adds more value to your purchase. So, seize your piece without any worry.


The compact cordless tool provides ease of use

Interchangeable battery with other DeWalt tools

Most difficult bevel cuts ability with 0-50(degree) bevel capacity

Rubber over-molded grip handle allows balance and control for accuracy

Blade brake for added safety


Battery hungry tool


Product 2: Makita 5007F Circular Saw

Lightweight powerful tool:

The highlight of this saw is its robust motor that works on 15 AMPs and delivers 5,800 RPM for professional performance. It is engineered for versatile power. An ideal tool for framing walls, siding, roofs and floors with vast dimensional lumber.

This powerful tool still falls in the category of lightweight with 11.1 pounds.

High-quality product:

This Specially constructed tool is made with Heavy-gauge aluminum. For better durability and strength, all-ball bearing construction is added.

There’s a contractor framing blade with dimensions (7-1/4” 24T) that aids in making sharp and clean cuts. As far as its teeth are concerned, they are made up of carbide. Hence they can deal with the toughest of plowing tasks. Makita sets a heat vents strategy for the increased performance of the blade.

Safe and efficient performance:

A fan and baffle system is added for cooling of the motor for safe use. There’s a blade wrench embedded into the tool which can be used to safely and easily remove the blade.

Bevel capacity of the tool is 0-45° for the most common angles cuts. Lower guard design allows smooth finish for bevel and narrow cuts.


This high quality corded circular saw is provided with a one-year warranty.

It is recommended for farmers, carpenters, general contractors, builders, and masons who are looking for a best-corded circular saw under $100.


Built-ins L.E.D. lights add more accuracy in cuts

Convenient Shaft lock for easy blade replacement

A dust blower helps do hassle-free work by clearing the area

Easy-to-read scale markings to measure depth

Alternative power sources are allowed with both Alternate and Direct current switch


Comparatively heavier tool

Angle adjustment brackets are made of plastic


Product 3: SKIL (5280-01 15) Circular Saw

Lightweight powerful tool:

Skil is a lightweight tool with great speed and compact design. You can consider it a best circular saw under $100 as it won the best seller tag at Amazon.

The powerful 15-amp motor offers 5,300-RPM for fast cut finish work. It will provide a speedy and clean work without any fatigue as it only weighs 6.95-lbs.

High-quality product:

Skil is made of lightweight material. 7-1/4-in carbide-tipped blade offers sharp but smooth cuts. Quick cutting is ideal for lumber and sheet goods cutting for a room addition, deck and more.

This high-quality saw is added with a single-beam laser to guide for more accuracy in your work.

Safe and efficient performance:

Guarded Trigger adds more security while minimizing the accidental start-up. A safe and easy change of blade is possible with spindle lock and on-tool wrench.

Dust blowers make it efficient as it clears the work-line thus enhancing visibility.  The 51-degree bevel capacity allows a vast range of cuts.


The one-year limited warranty is offered for the Skil circular saw that makes it more attractive to add to your tools set.


Anti-snag guard helps lessen the snags while narrow cut-offs.

Beam Laser Use to guide straight cuts.

Powered on indicator light

A carrying bag is included for storage.

Cuts at a depth of 2-3/8 in.

51-degree bevel with positive stops at 45 degrees.


The handle malfunctions in some of the cases.


Product 4: Ryobi One P505 18V Cordless Circular Saw

Lightweight powerful tool:

This cordless saw works with 4,700 Run Per Minute power. It is a user friendly item specially made lightweight for longer use. It is most suitable for DIY builders or home projects.

This ultra-light saw weighs 4.95 pounds only.

High-quality product:

Metal and plastic both materials are used in the construction of this circular saw.

a 5 ½ inch blade offers a sharp cut for 2x4 and 2x6. So, you can cut at depth with a high quality blade.  You can also adjust it up to 50 degrees angle for versatile cutting demands.

Safe and efficient performance:

The outer compartment has a wrench for controlled cuts for safe and finish-look. Extra side handle also allows you more control and balance for safe performance.

A polyurethane guard is transparent, so it enhances visibility for your work and safety.


Most of the Roby tools are provided with a three years limited warranty.


GRIP ZONE over-mold handle offers a firm grip.

Transparent lower guard for more accurate cuts

Adjustable bevel angle up to 50 degrees

Budget-friendly cheap circular saw

The left-handed tool improves work efficiency


The packaging is not up to the mark

Batteries and charger are not included


Product 5: PORTER-CABLE Circular Saw (PCE300)

Lightweight powerful tool:

Porter-cable saw comes equipped with a motor that operates at 15 amps and serves as a nice blend of quickness and strong cutting. Moreover, it can go up to 5,500 RPM.

It is made of high-quality material but remains a lightweight tool with 9.5 lbs.

High-quality product:

The PORTER-CABLE 15-amp is actually a steel shoe having a heavy-duty body. This saw has some added durability with a steel shoe, and two guards (upper and lower metal).

The quality of the blade is also remarkable. Its diameter is 7-1/4" that delivers deep cuts and delicate finish.

Safe and efficient performance:

This tool also offers spindle lock like other tools that provide safety and ease of use.

Depth adjustment makes it an efficient worker. You can adjust a 45-degree bevel depth of cut or at 90 degrees as well. It will give a vast range of applications with the bevel adjustment.


A PORTER-CABLE 3-year limited warranty backs this speedy circular saw.


AUX handles, for a more accurate line of sight.

Spindle lock adds ease of use

Depth adjustment allows quick adjustments for the work

Low budget and compact product


Knob for tilting the cutting angle needs improvement.

How to Choose the Best Circular Saw Under 100

To buy the best circular saw, you should know some basics that can lead you to the right product. The one that you are in dire need of. But it will prove right only when you can understand the specifications concerning your needs.

A: Consider the Basics of Circular Saw:

Some of the main components of a circular saw are:


Sizes of blades commonly remain in diameter of 5 ½ to 7 ¼ in a circular saw. The larger the blade, the deeper it cuts.

The thickness of tooth blades also varies. Thicker is good for longer use that can be sharpened even before replacing the whole blade.

Carbide-tipped blades are sharper and more durable. Carbide tips are attached to the teeth of the blade.

Blade guard: It protects the blade when it's not in use.

Foot shoe: It keeps the tool steady while cutting for neat and finish work.

Depth adjustment: It allows the saw to work on different depth surfaces.

Bevel adjustment: It helps the saw to cut the surface at different angles. Bevel capacity varies from 0-50 or 90 degrees.

B: Consider Power Sources:

Consider the source of power according to your work job. There are

A corded circular saw is good for tough and uninterrupted long hours job as they are supported with electric power supply

Cordless is portable, compact and most suitable for household jobs. Congested areas or places without power supply sources demand cordless saw that runs on batteries.

C: Consider Features:

Electric brakes can stop the saw by reversing the power supply. It not only allows finish work but safety as well. It can stop the blade even within two seconds.

Spindle locks help to change or set the blade easily.

Laser guides offer light on the cutting project that allows more accuracy in cuts. Some of the saws have built-in LED lights for more visibility.

Best Circular Saw Under 100 Buyer’s Guide

Is the circular saw useful for a left-handed person?

Circular saws are available in two types; one with the motor on the same axis with the blade. And the other one; where motors are on the right/left angle from the blade. The second type is a good choice for a left-handed person.

What is the significance of teeth on a circular saw blade?

A saw blade with more teeth cuts smoother. The Power of the motor, and its work frequency also matters for more speed. But, few teeth can cut faster as well. More teeth provide a fine finish. So, choose wisely.

Which circular saw should I buy Corded vs. cordless?

This preference depends on what is the job you want to do your saw and the place of the job.

Confined areas or no place for electric cords demand cordless saw. DIY projects or household jobs are most suitable for cordless.

Heavy jobs and professional demands can lead to long hours of work so corded saws are good for that.

Is it safe to use a circular saw by a beginner?

These saws are motorized and lightweight so you can handle them well. But it is always good to use them with safety measures.

Wear goggles or glasses

Use gloves for safety and a better grip.

A face or dust mask is also recommended.

Earplugs are good at noisy sites.

Keep your hair, jewelry, clothes away to be stuck.

Use emergency brakes to stop the blade.

How should I maintain a circular saw?

You should avoid excessive moisture or humidity to prevent the blade from rust. Keep it clean. Disconnect cord or take out batteries after each use for your safety and the perfect performance of the tool.

Final Verdict:

I have no regrets by positioning DeWalt circular saw, top of the best circular saws under $100. It is not only a budget-friendly but also a top-quality product. The lightweight tool is perfect in its performance. Most convenient cordless saw with bevel adjustment provides a professional job. 90% of the customers are well satisfied with their purchase.

All five choices have some features to outstand the crowd but it's only you who can decide your best choice based on your needs.

So, Take your piece Now. Add it to your tools set. And Get started with your most passionate work with most professional tools.

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