Top 9 Best Chainsaw under 200 Review and buying guide 2020

best chainsaw under 200

best chainsaw under 200

When out for a reliable, affordable chainsaw, quality and efficiency is key. While most chainsaws in the market will promise a combination of both plus even more, it may be tough believing what’s written until you get your machine roaring and trimming wood. Well, that’s the reason why I decided to break down the best chainsaw under 200 in the market currently.

If you’re looking for an affordable chainsaw that won’t blow up your budget, then this review is for you. So let’s get into it, shall we?

09 best chainsaw under 200 review and Comparison Chart 2020







Black & decker LCS1020

7.59 lbs

Blue Max 8901

18.19 lbs

Xremepower 22

19 lbs

PoulanPro 20

17 lbs

WEN 40-volt

12 lbs

GreenWorks 12-inch 40 Volt

6 lbs

Dewalt DCC620B

8.8 lbs

Husqvarna 120 Mark II

9.3 lbs

ECHO CS310 14" gas chainsaw

0.01 ounces

The Best Chainsaw Under $200 Revealed - Our Exclusive List

1. Black & decker LCS1020 Chainsaw


Black & decker LCS1020 Chainsaw

Even if you've never used a chainsaw before in your life, you'll find the LCS1020 super easy-to-use. The added safety features of the chainsaw make it great for beginners.

The LCS1020 chainsaw is a battery-powered little unit that's surprisingly powerful for its size. With 20 volts power output, it has no problem handling even larger jobs at full charge.

The LCS1020 operates smoothly and effortlessly and it can cut through the average log like butter. That’s basically what most people need when they're looking for a chainsaw for jobs around the house.

Safety matters and almost everyone has heard of at least had one bad chainsaw accident in their lifetime. Don't let that chainsaw accident story be yours. If you're using the LCS1020, you can fall back on the safety features that provide a minimum amount of kickback even when handling tougher woods.

However, there are some jobs that are just too much for the 10 inches sidebar to handle. These include particularly large hardwood trees that require something with further reach. If you have a particularly long day ahead of you, the LCS1020 might need to be charged halfway through your job. So you should consider buying either a larger chainsaw or carry another charged battery. This is the best cheap chainsaw among all of these chain saw. 


  • Ease of Use
  • 20V MAX Lithium Ion
  • Smooth Handling
  • Safety


  • Lacking For Some Larger Jobs
  • Needs to be Charged Too Often

2. Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw

Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw

Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw

The Blue Max 8901 has been made to be lighter. This makes them a more comfortable fit in your hands on the job for maximum safety. The two-in-one function of the chainsaw means you can choose either 14-inch or 20-inch bar length depending on what the job requires. For any other chainsaw model, this would have taken an entirely new chain and bar to do that.

The quick start function ensures you'll never have to struggle when trying to start it. The Blue Max has been designed for the maximum possible user safety when in use. The chain break feature ensures an instant stop to reduce the possibility of accidental injury while using the chainsaw.

On the flipside, a lot of professional contractors who would want to use this as their primary saw might find that it falls short in power. When called upon to do more heavy duty jobs that involve larger limbs from tougher woods, it may not fit the bill.


  • Lighter Gas-powered Chainsaw
  • 2-in-1 feature
  • Quick-start function
  • Safety guaranteed


  • Not powerful enough for large contracting works.

3. Xremepower 22” Chainsaw

Xremepower 22” Chainsaw

Xremepower 22” Chainsaw

Equipped with an assisted starting system and quick stopping control, this Xtreme Power has increased user safety. If you're looking for a chainsaw that has a lot of power but still lets you control the blade, the Xtremepower is your chainsaw. It gives you twenty two inches of reach. This lets you cut through much more at a time and gives you more power for those tough, professional jobs.

The specially designed air filter is made to filter through any debris created by the chainsaw’s operation. This feature also ensures that any gas fumes or emissions are kept to a minimum. The 45CC engine with two strokes is perfect for cutting jobs around your garden or farm.

On the downside, many users reported that they were disappointed in this model for one reason. They had to read through the entire user manual just to figure out the basics. A considerable amount of assembly was reported for this product and it goes beyond just the basic checking of things like chain tension. That means you’ll need hours worth of setting up before you can get to the job at hand. It is one of the best gas chainsaw under $200.


  • Starting System & Quick Stopping
  • Maneuverable
  • Minimal Air-pollution
  • 2-Stroke Engine


  • Not Easy to Use
  • Tough to assemble

4. PoulanPro 20” Chainsaw 


PoulanPro 20” Chainsaw

There are many gas-powered chainsaws that are notorious for being hard to start. In the case of this battery-powered chainsaw, the pulse starting system has been perfected to start on the first try. With the OxyPower engine technology you can get that extra power for virtually any task. This technology offers a more powerful engine but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption.

The handles on the PoulanPro gives you perfect grip and subsequently perfect control no matter what type of wood you're cutting. Finally, a user friendly combined choke/stop control allows faster starting and greater reliability by reducing the risk of engine flooding.

Unfortunately, if you aren't used to operating a chainsaw or you have an old shoulder injury that flares up when you do heavy lifting you might find that the PoulanPro is a little on the heavier side. Sawmills often require a saw in constant operation. That means you have to make a very specific and clear cut. This is the one thing that the PoulanPro isn't completely suited for.


  • Pull-starting system works flawlessly
  • Powerful OxyPower Engine
  • Well-designed Grips
  • Choke/stop control


  • Very Heavy
  • Not ideal for saw-mill use

5. WEN 40-volt Chainsaw

The WEN 40-volt comes with a brushless motor which maximizes the efficiency of the saw, reduces maintenance and elongates the unit's lifespan. That means you can change blades and make adjustments without the aid of any tools using the tool free chain tensioning system.

The WEN 40-volt chainsaw is both safer for the environment and quieter than its gas counterparts. Also included is a 4Ah battery and charger that are compatible with the entire WEN 40 volts Max series.

This model measures in at around 12 pounds. This makes it one of the heavier chainsaw models that you'll find on the market.


  • Brushless Motor
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
  • Quiet Operation
  • 4Ah Battery and Charger Included


  • Heavy

6. GreenWorks 12-inch 40 Volt Chainsaw

This GreenWorks 12-inch comes with a 40 volts lithium-ion battery which delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging. The robust 12-inch steel chain and bar with tool-less chain tensioning offers ease of use. The chain also delivers the highest cutting performance.

The 3/8 inch chain pitch delivers the right amount of capabilities to get those limbs trimmed and cut with minimal kickback. Its automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain when needed. This will ensure durability and optimal use in addition to a translucent oil tank for clear view of the oil level.

The grave disadvantage of this chainsaw is that it is a light duty cordless chainsaw which cannot work well with heavy duty cutting projects.


  • G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Chain tensioning
  • Minimal kickback
  • Automatic oiler


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

7. Dewalt DCC620B Chainsaw

The Dewalt DCC620B has been designed to operate whisper quiet. So you don't have to worry about upsetting the whole block just to cut down a tree. It also doesn't compromise its power to let you get through most of the cutting jobs.

The brushless motor ensures that this chainsaw does not only work efficiently but also makes the motor last longer. Understanding the importance of safety, it has been designed with a minimum amount of kickback. It offers a chain lock to minimize any instances of kickback from chainsaw operation.

If you only want a chainsaw that is lightweight then you will certainly love this chainsaw. Even after inserting a battery this unit weighs just about 8.8 pounds - making it one of the lightest chainsaws around.

The biggest con about this chainsaw is that you will have to buy the battery and the charger separately. While the Dewalt DCC620B has a considerable amount of power under the hood, many users have reported that there's a lack of power when taking on larger trees.


  • Quiet but Powerful
  • Brushless Motor
  • Low Kick Back
  • Lightweight


  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • Not powerful enough for tough jobs

8. Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16-inches features low-kickback safety features. This includes a built-in safety brake that reduces risk during operation. It's lightweight and compact design makes it maneuverable with excellent ergonomic comfort features.

The automatic oiler delivers a steady supply of chain lubrication for safe and effective use. Again, its exclusive X-torque engine reduces both fuel consumption and gasoline emissions.

Overall, the Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 inches is ideal for everyday tasks such as tree pruning, hobby work or firewood cutting.

On the downside, this Husqvarna is not suitable for heavy tasks like cutting down trees with big trunks. So stick with the light duty tasks and it will serve you diligently for years.


  • Reliable Safety Feature
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Less Fuel Consumption


  • Not suitable for cutting down trees with thick trunks

9. ECHO CS310 14" gas chainsaw Chainsaw

This model has an anti vibration handle and an automatic chain oiling system. The engine displacement is 30.5cc. It is produced in Japan, but a high quality product for the price. Many of the users that have reviewed this say that the saw is easy to maneuver and pretty quiet.

On the down end, few customers found that the saw is not easy to use when it comes to tightening the chain. It may be a bit heavy and you will need to do some maintenance on it now and then.

Overall, this saw is great if you are looking for a good quality, small, high performing gas powered chainsaw.


  • Automatic chain oiling system
  • Affordable though high quality
  • High performance


  • Tough to tighten chain
  • Requires frequent maintenance

Buying Guide for the best battery chainsaw under 200

While shopping for a chainsaw, there are a couple of fundamentals to look out for. Automatic oiling is one of the best features a chainsaw can have. You don’t want to get down and dirty every time the chain needs lubrication. So a self-oiling chainsaw will ensure you always get the job done the smoothest, cleanest way possible.

Again, more often than not you’ll be cutting down trees for an extended period of time. So a lightweight chainsaw may be a necessity especially if your upper body strength borders on the minimal. 12-15 pounds may be ideal. But then again, lightweight machines tend to be feeble in terms of durability and quality of construction. So be sure you’re not substituting quality for ease of handling. When you will buy the chainsaw then must buy a quality chainsaw chaps . For the safe side take the chainsaw protective gloves also .

Chainsaw FAQs

What is the mix ratio for a chainsaw?

Most gas-powered chainsaws run on a 1:40 mixture of 2-cycle engine oil and gasoline. There are STHL chainsaws and other types that run on a 1:40 mixture of 2-cycle engine oil and gasoline.

How do I select the best chainsaw?

You should purchase a chainsaw you’re most comfortable using. While most manufacturers go out of their way to build powerful, energy efficient, lightweight and durable chainsaws, always ensure you don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and hype. It all boils down to personal preference.

How do I prevent injury from chainsaw kickback?

Always wear protective clothing while operating a chainsaw. Again, always be aware and alert while operating a chainsaw. Again, be aware of a chainsaw bar’s nose and chains.

Are chainsaws water-resistant?

As best practice, never leave any motorised or battery-powered equipment in the rain or in exposure to water. Even the slightest water damage can cause fire. Electric shock, system failure and subsequently injury to the user. 

How does a 20 volt chainsaw compare to a 60 volt chainsaw’s RPM and speed?

The 20V version is smaller and lightweight and will not have as long of a runtime as a 60V however, a 20V more energy efficient.

Are chainsaw chains universal?

While all chainsaw designs are universal, some chainsaw manufacturers tend to vary their chainsaws based on length, strength and size. There do exist commercially available universal chainsaws, but it would be best to confirm with an expert before buying and installing a universal chainsaw.

How tight should a chainsaw be?

A well tensioned chainsaw should be slightly loose along the guide bar but not too loose that you can pull the drive links out of the bar nose.

How do I select the right size of a chainsaw?

As standard practice always ensure the bar length is 2” longer than the size of your wood. Otherwise, if you need to cut down a large tree with a small chainsaw, do it in two passes.


What Factors need to Consider for buying the best cordless chainsaw under 200

Another important factor to consider if you’re going to score for the best chainsaw under 200 is fuel consumption and power options. Battery-powered chainsaws are obviously more efficient and greener, but you may have to recharge the battery frequently for continued use. So you can’t really use a battery-powered chainsaw when you’re far away from civilization. Gas chainsaws are convenient to operate, but are louder, some may not even be fuel efficient and they tend to require proper maintenance.

Other factors to consider would be noise levels, ease of assembly, maintenance options, and price. Combining all the factors based on your needs should bring you closer to the best chainsaw under 200 for you. Ultimately, chances are you won’t go wrong with either of the above options.


Most importantly, be sure to check out your warranty options for each product before buying. In case something goes wrong, you want to purchase a product you can conveniently return, have repaired or replaced with minimal inconveniences for you and your job!

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