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Lots of movies commonly known as Offensive movies usually show the violence and bloody scene having serial killers with the chainsaw. With the help of chainsaw, serial killers looking for the prey to slaughter with a chainsaw. This tool is powerful and can cost your life with little negligence. Chainsaw chaps are the trousers that are made from special fabrics. If you are looking for the fact that who makes the best chainsaw chaps, then this review article will help you a lot.

The trousers are designed especially to protect the operator's body from all kinds of injuries ad cut while using the chainsaw. Chainsaw chaps are the main part of the safety personal equipment which is recommended for all personal and occasional chainsaw users.

Chaps are made from slippery and tough material that is designed to protect the body from injuries during operate a chainsaw.

Top 6 best chainsaw chaps 2020 

Basic Comparison Table 




Our Rating



Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap


Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket


Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps


Redneck Convent 37in Safety Chainsaw Chaps


Jonsered Protective Apr Chaps


Oregon 563979 Protective Chainsaw Chaps

Recommended best chainsaw chaps reviews

Product 1) Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap is the best-rated chainsaw chaps in our list. The wrap chap is made from a different high-quality material which protects legs from all kind of injuries.

The chap composed of lots of durable material that gives maximum protection to your leg at an affordable rate. It comes in only one adjustable size.

The chap features the handy pocket that is present outside as it can store only small items while working and an extra durable buckles that can withstand difficulties of outdoor labour.

The technical wrap chap can easily washable in the cold water. It comes with an adjustable waist that makes it easier to fit with any body shapes. The waist can easily be adjusted to 42-inches and becomes an ideal choice for anybody size.

The product comes with many straps that can be adjusted easily to keep gear intact. They are UL certified. The product meets with ASTM-f1897, ANSI-z133.1, and OSHA regulation-1910-266.


  • The product is fully wrapped which means to get even angles from every side.
  • The chap comes with gear pocket ad bright colors that are better from prolonged use.
  • It can be adjustable to fit with various people.
  • It is UL-certified and water washable
  • The product can easily be fit to different people


  • It comes with open crotch area that means that you are not protected fully
  • Would not be adjusted well

Product 2) Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket

If you are looking for the best chainsaw chaps 2020, then this chainsaw chap with pocket is the perfect option for you. The model from Forester is in an amazing apron which is made from high-quality and thick material.

It is not so thick so enough to give maximum comfortability. The material used in manufacturing the chap is durable, light-weight and comfortable which is both oil and water-resistant.

The length and size which is available in the model are up to 37-inches. It is flexible in size with apron style. The product comes with a flip adjustable belt that can give you a secure and perfect fit. The safety chap comes with a large side pocket that can easily accommodate each tool.

The safety chap is UL-certified which ensures amazing protection to the wearer. The model also got the certification of OSHA 1910.266 and ASTM F1897.

The chainsaw chap is reasonably priced. It can easily be wrapped all around the legs and gives amazing protection. The chap is made to design for longer use.


  • It is comfortable for short as well as long-term wear
  • It comes in many colors
  • It is the best and more affordable products present in the market
  • It gives protection for both side and front leg areas
  • It can easy to remove


  • The pocket maybe not fit for larger hands
  • The fit on a waist feels you insecure

Product 3) Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps

Husqvarna is a perfect brand that gives you an affordable chainsaw chap with amazing durable material. The chainsaw chap is UL certified so, you will never need to worry about the overall quality of a product.

The product also meets with the standards of OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM. Due to these standards, the product is reliable. This chap can easily cover the entire front part of your legs and safeguard from all kinds of injuries.

The chap gives full-range motion and can easily be washable or dry. The chap offers perfect security because it is crafted with 600-Denier polyester.

Both the inner and outer part of the chainsaw is made from quality-based material. The product consists of 5-various layers of Kevmallimot. The work of the safety material is to save the chain while revolving.

The chap comes up with an adjustable size. It is awesome for many people. If you are thick or tall size, then you may experience the gap in coverage between a top of your boots or the bottom of chaps.

The great chainsaw chap should never be used when you use an electric chainsaw.


  • The product is certified by the UL
  • It comes with a pocket for phone and tools
  • The product comes with the 4-layers of an oxford outer fabric
  • It comes at light-weight and affordable price
  • It offers adjustable leg straps and waist


  • It is not perfect for electric chainsaws
  • It is difficult to adjust

Product 4) Redneck Convent 37in Safety Chainsaw Chaps

Redneck is one of the best-known safety equipment brands that gives lots of options for protective and secure chainsaw activity. It is one of the cheapest options but offers a secure and safe operation all the time.

If you are the one looking for amazing chainsaw chaps, then this product will be the perfect option for you. The chap offers excellent value for money. It is made from Daniel oxford polyester that is durable and strong.

The chainsaw chaps offer lots of safety-related certification because of high-quality material. The product gives many safety regulations as it comes in 37 sizes with lots of available resources.

The safety chainsaw chaps give adjustable waist belts which can vary in size length from 30-42 inches. The amazing chaps come with the cinch clips present in the backside to secure your legs.

If you want the best-rated chainsaw chaps, then this product is perfect because it designed for durability and comfort. The cutting chaps are both oil and water-resistant.

The saw chaps offer you full motion in hilly, sloping terrain and rocky surface. It perfectly works as chainsaw safety equipment and to be easy to put on or remove.


  • The product offers value for the money
  • It comes with 37-inches in length
  • The chaps come with an adjustable belt of about 30-42 inch length and give the perfect fit
  • The chaps are made from 1200-denier oxford polyester
  • The product offers cinch clips on a backside


  • The chaps are not perfect for chainsaw protection to use it with an electric chainsaw because of high-torque nature
  • Some issue with Plastic hardware snaps

Product 5) Jonsered Protective Apr Chaps

If you are looking for the best chainsaw chaps review, then Jonsered Protective Apron Chaps is a perfect option for you. The protective chainsaw pants are highly-standard and come in an apron design. The apron design chaps are highly perfect because it protects the front side of the legs.

The chaps come with the tool pocket that is both ANSI and ASTM certified. The adjustable length means that you always get wonderful chainsaw experience.

The chaps offer a lightweight solution for those people who want lightweight chaps. But if you are looking for full leg-protection, then these chaps are not worked for you. It is so because it only protects the front side of your legs not the backside of the legs.

The simple but effective pair of apron-style chaps is manufactured by Jonsered. The chaps are safety-enhancing as well as affordable pair of chaps. It helps to increase the safety of legs while operating any type of chainsaw.


  • The product offers uncompromised safety at an affordable price
  • One of the excellent chainsaw chaps
  • It offers a great fit with heavy-duty
  • The chaps are made to fit properly
  • It comes with the added built-in pocket


  • The product is of lightweight design
  • Only protect the front side of the legs

Product 6) Oregon 563979 Protective Chainsaw Chaps

If you are looking for the fact that who makes the best chainsaw chaps, then Oregon is the perfect brand. Oregon 563979 Protective Chainsaw Chaps is the best chainsaw chaps manufactured by Oregon brand.

The open-back chaps meet with UL certification and ASTM regulation. The chaps are made from 8-different layers of denier oxford shell nylon that makes the product durable and sturdy.

The quality of chainsaw depends on the manufacturing material.

The material used is 100% high quality and provides better durability. These chaps are a perfect way that keeps your legs protected while using a chainsaw.

The Oregon chaps can easily be washed in the machine. It comes in only one-sized fits all design which means that any user can use these chaps at any time without any issue. The company 100% loves the optimum safety of the customers.

The chaps are hot, heavy, and uncomfortable. These chaps don't protect the backside legs.


  • The chaps are less expensive chaps
  • It uses 600-denier oxford shell that makes overall construction durable
  • It has 8-layers of wrap knit protection and safety
  • The chaps are machine washable
  • The chaps are great for warm temperatures and large users.


  • The straps may slip anytime
  • Not give perfect fitting

How to Choose the best chainsaw chaps 

Chainsaw chaps usually come in different weights, styles as well as strapping systems. So, the question that comes in your mind is that which kind is perfect for you.

Here are a few things that should consider while buying the best pair chainsaw chaps.

a) Styles: 

Chainsaw chaps come in different styles. Some styles are simple chaps, trousers/pants, and apron-wrapped chaps. Simple chaps usually come in light-weight but do not guarantee to safeguard the back of your legs.

Some chaps are available with the strapping and buckling system that gives different features like ease to use, adjustability and durability.

Choosing the right style is important because it gives customers the best security features.

b) Comfort and fit

The chainsaw chaps come with different levels of fit and comfort zone. It is important to select chaps that fit you perfectly, comfortability and flexibility depend on the material as well as on the chainsaw chaps length.

The length should never lose as well as tight too much but gives you a nice and comfortable grip.

The material used in chainsaw chaps may be a thick layer to move around comfortably. Ensure to use the material that is breathable and fit.

c) Color and design 

The chainsaw chap is usually available in various colors. Go for the color and design that gives you an amazing fitting. The chainsaw chaps that come with pockets are perfect because it can be used for storing equipment.

Some of the chainsaw chaps are available with adjustable features that enable them to fit properly.

d) Price

The chainsaw chaps are available at affordable prices. So, always check the best quality chainsaw chaps. The price of chaps may vary from $30-$85. If you want some extra additional features, then you should pay some more for that chainsaw.

e) Sizes of chainsaw pants

Select the size that always ready to help you in moving with comfort. There are many chainsaw chaps in the market. You should choose the one that offers you better comfort.

Best chainsaw chaps Buyer’s Guide 

We hope we have given you the best idea of what to looking for while buying the best chainsaw chaps 2020. Some important questions that come in your mind are given below:

a) How do chainsaw chaps work? 

Chainsaw chaps work by providing protective and strong layer fabric e.g. Kevlar and nylon. It prevents the machine from cutting the legs of wearer, death or any life-changing injury.

b) How to measure the chainsaw chaps? 

While measuring oneself for the new chaps, you should measure yourself from waistline to the instep by standing straight upright. Purchase the chaps that are exactly matched with that size. It should never be too small or loose.

c) What quality and type of fabric is used in chainsaw chaps? 

Always focuses on the type of fabric that satisfied the standard of best chainsaw chaps fabric. Chainsaw chaps made from nylon, polyester, and Kevlar should consider for the better chainsaw experience.

d) What are the chainsaw chaps made of? 

The main idea that is behind the design of the chainsaw chap is that it absorbs the chainsaw as well as slow down the rotating speed. It also helps in reducing injury risk. The durable and thick material makes the chainsaw chaps last-longer.

e) How to clean and wash chainsaw chaps? 

Chainsaw chaps never require more maintenance. You only need to clean them and it is ready for the next job Many chaps only require to have simple hand wash and then hang them for drying. Many manufacturers provided proper directions about how to clean the chaps.

f) Are the chainsaw chaps bulletproof? 

The chainsaw chaps are usually cut-proof not bullet-proof. These are the protective equipment that is made from cut-resistant fabrics but not work to stop the bullet.

g) How chaps are designed? 

Are you apron guy or need some more protection with the full-wrap style?. A chaps are usually designed with an open back system that allows the air to easily travel inside the chaps by keeping the heat down. If you need backside protection, then full-wrap chaps are perfect for you.

h) Does the chainsaw chaps meet the safety regulation?

If you are looking for the best-rated chainsaw chaps, then make sure that it passes OSHA and UL standards. Some other certifications would be good enough or delightful bonus.

i) What chainsaw can be handled by chainsaw chaps? 

It is one of the most important questions. Never attempt to explore how many time you chaps can be taken but try to find out which chainsaw blades of chaps can easily tackle your work.

j) Are chainsaw chaps important? 

If you are going to handle power tools like chainsaw, then keep in your mind that it can give some life-threating and fatal accident. Wearing stiff jean never protect you from chainsaw accidents.

So, its time to invest in special design chainsaw chaps hat can halt the higher-speed of a chain.


Wearing the chainsaw chaps gives you better protection against life-threating accidents. Our best chaps for chainsaw article is ready to help to minimize the risk of horrible injury. We hope the above-listed Chainsaw chaps review helps you in finding the best solution of chainsaw experience.

Never underestimate the heavy machinery power. Always looking for something that prevents you from potential disasters.

If you plan to operate any electric or power tool, then we advise you that never do it until you have the right equipment and safety features. Your life only depends on the right use of power equipment.

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