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Best Airbrush Guns

TOP 3 best airbrush gun 2020

What is an airbrush gun ?

airbrush gun

Looking for an airbrush gun? You’ve landed on the right place. This guide is buyer’s ultimate assistant to buying the best airbrush gun. 

An airbrush gun is a small and air-operated tool that can easily spray by using different media. The most usable media is paint but it may also be a dye, foundation, and ink. By the process of nebulization, you can easily use an airbrush gun to decorate the cake, make impressive fingernail art, body art, and comic illustration, etc.

The concept of an airbrush kit has been present throughout ages but around the 20th century this new product has turned enthusiasts into artists, making more amazing, finer, and expressive pieces of art using the simple technique of airbrush. I think Iwata Airbrush kit is the best airbrush gun .

Top 5 best airbrush kit for 2020- Comparison ! Choosing The Right Airbrush Gun







Paasche H-Set

1 pounds

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action 

1 pounds

NEO CN Gravity Feed Dual Action

8 ounces

PointZero Dual-Action

9.6 ounces

California Air Tools CAT-6310

18.5 pounds

Why do we need a guide for airbrush kit ?

best airbrush gun

Airbrushes are used for a variety of work, such as on models, clothing, cake decoration, for temporary airbrush tattoos (TATs), tanning, nail art, makeup application or for expressive illustrations, street arts, and the list goes on. However, it is important to know for which work in particular you are using the device for and the frequency of work.

Another important point is that there are a lot of configurations such as side feed, gravity feed, siphon feed and dual action. As a first time buyer, it can confuse you easily.

You need an airbrush which is compatible to the compressor you own or plan to buy.

After this, you have the puzzling task of choosing from a variety of manufacturers like Iwata, Olympus, EFBE, Badger, Harder and Steenbeck, and Paasche.

“Which airbrush is the best?” “Which airbrush do I need?” These are the variations of the same query of a confused buyer.

There are a number of standard airbrush guns available in the market. If you are puzzled over which one to pick then here is a thoroughly researched guide for you.

The Top Airbrush Guns -In Depth Review

Following are the recommended best airbrush guns available. Let’s take a walk through the pages.

1. Paasche H-SET Single-Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set

This product is highly recommended and reviews stick at a 4.8 rating of this product. It is durable because of its chrome plate body. It is affordable and easy to use (or disassemble or reassemble). In this device, you get three different choices of spray heads. These allow you to apply this for a variety of work.

Besides, you get 1/16 to 1.5 wide patterns. Therefore, it can be said that it has a great coverage. If you are looking for wide area paint or lay painting it works best. But it’s not quite up to the mark for detailed or finer painting.

The siphon-feed makes the clean-up process easier. The H is a simple single-action tool. Therefore, the amount of practice required to use this device is much less than a double- action model. The easy technicality makes this product perfect for beginners or those requiring quick and easy spraying.

It can be efficiently used for a variety of actions such as hobby, craft, taxidermy, tanning, ceramics etc for which fine or detailed paintwork is not essential.

Another point of consideration while buying a Paasche H-Set Airbrush set is that, it does not come with an air compressor. You will need to buy it yourself specifically from Paasche because it doesn’t work well with other assembled air compressors.


Is easy to use.

Has a wide coverage therefore perfect for wide area painting.

The product is perfect for beginners.

Affordable and within an attractive budget.


It lacks the efficiency of detailed painting.

The set does not include an air compressor.

2. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun / Gravity Feed

The Iwata Eclipse Airbrush Gun is a multi-purpose product. If you are looking for an airbrush kit for your artist friend then you can pick this one up without much consideration. It can be used to spray heavy paints like acrylic or textile colours. Even while using heavier paints the highlight of this airbrush is that it can maintain features of detailed spray. It also has a high paint flow capacity.

It is both beginner and professional-friendly. This product has always remained a preferred choice because of its gravity feed and dual-action features which will help in detailed spray work ranging from 0.3 to 1/3mm. Moreover, it is almost impossible to go wrong when you’re using this product because on the top there is a funnel-shaped cup which helps in increasing the efficiency of the artist.

However, the size of the nozzle being limited only to 1/3, this Iwata product needs a little more care and proper handling. The most trouble anyone faces with an airbrush set is in the cleaning up process after using it. However, in this case, it can be safely said that the clean-up process is quite easy for this product.

The Iwata Eclipse enjoys a high rating on online shopping spots along with a high recommendation and good quality assurance. It is also a budget product falling into the affordable section. Therefore, it totally falls under our recommended list of best airbrush gun set.


Easy to use and can be used both by beginners and professional artists.

It is perfect for detailed spray work or fine painting.

Has a funnel-shaped cap for helping artists avoid mistakes.

It has a high paint flow capacity and heavy colours like acrylic or textile colours can be used.


It needs more care and proper and delicate handling because the nozzle being thin, the needle gets twisted from below.

The replacement of any part of the product is an expensive affair.

3. NEO CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush

This product is an entry-level airbrush but the quality of this product is the best thing about it. It is amazingly affordable and is designed by one of the leading companies in the airbrush business: Iwata-Medea which is a highly trusted name in this field. The manual provided with the set is simplistic and the product in itself is quite easy to use. Cleaning up of this airbrush gun is again very simple. There is nothing about this airbrush that can confuse a buyer. Starting from a fine spray to a medium-sized one, this product can be used for detailed spray art or general wide area spraying. It uses a tiny amount of paint.

When you hold it, you will find that it has a fine balance and the trigger of the nozzle works smoothly unlike other inexpensive airbrush guns. The set includes cups of different sizes with a funnel shape which increases efficiency and minimizes any possibility of mistake. Customer reviews regarding this product also suggest how liked this airbrush is.

This Neo airbrush is for anyone who wants to start into this hobby. It is not specifically used for high-end art however in general, this option of airbrush is a great catch.            


It is really inexpensive yet a great buy.

Perfect for beginners

Simple and easy to use with great balance and funnel caps to prevent mess or mistake.

Can be used for detailed spray art or wide area general spray paintwork


The process of cleaning should be done with care because reassembling the product is an uneasy task.

It is not used for high-end artwork.

4. PointZero Dual Action 2cc Gravity-feed Airbrush 3 Tip Set (0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm)

Need a hairline sized spray pattern? Grab this airbrush without much ado. This airbrush is made for precision; so if you are an airbrush artist and you are looking for your assistant in pin sharp detailed work, then this set will be your right companion.

There are enormous benefits to the design or build of this product. For example, a problem with other airbrushes is that the tip dries down too soon; however, the stainless-steel body of this device minimizes the drying of tips. It has an efficient paint flow. It is easy to clean up and the air flow is adjustable and it is easy to hold it because the feed is small.

Even the valves can be adjusted according to the artist’s need ranging from a small area to wide area spray painting. This device can also be connected to any compressor with the right hose and adapter which can be purchased from any local hardware store.

Moreover, for a double-action airbrush, the price at you get this product at markets, is a complete steal. However, it is difficult to find a replacement for the needle or nozzle of this item in the market. This product has great reviews, more because of the price you get this at. It is also highly recommended and quality assured by customers all over the globe.


Perfect for very fine or detailed spray paint work.

Totally inexpensive and budget product

The quality or build of the product is excellent and includes several advantages.

Easy to use therefore perfect for beginners as well as professionals


The parts are not easy to find in the market.

There are several reported problems of leakage of the valves of this airbrush.

5. Robolife BT-180T 0.2/0.3/0.5mm Portable Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush Set Paint Spray Gun Set

The nozzle diameters being 0.2, 0.3, 0.5mm, it can be easily said that this airbrush can be used for detailed spray work. This product also falls under the affordable class of airbrush gun sets and on our list of best airbrush guns available.

If your profession includes nail art designing, body art painting, cake decorating or so on then this will be your perfect assistant. It is easy to handle, unlike other airbrushes which are tender and has to be delicately handled. The cleaning up procedure is also easy because disassembling and reassembling of this product is quite easy.

Other attractive features in this model are dual action trigger which controls the flow of paints and a trigger lock safety system by which you can control the amount of air or paint to be released.

This product enjoys an assured quality and amazing ratings and reviews on most online shopping spots. For the money at which you get this device, I think this product is going to be totally worth it.


It is affordable and available at a great price

Easy to clean up and reassemble it.

Perfect for detailed spray paintwork

Used both by beginners and professionals


Wide area spray work cannot be done using this product

Problems occur during replacing parts of this airbrush.

How To Choose The Best Airbrush kit?

airbrush kit

There is an entire list of jargon related to airbrush kit and if I list them out here, you are supposed to get confused. So let’s solve the problem.

I will list out all that you need to consider before buying an airbrush kit and also simplify it for your easy understanding. That way, when you are about to buy an airbrush gun for your particular work, you can make the right decision and spend your money on some airbrush kit worth that money.

There are several things to consider and here goes the list.

1. Why Do You Need It?

The very first thing to know is that for what work you want an airbrush gun because different airbrushes have different specific talents. Some airbrushes are made for fine detailed work and others for wide area spraying. So the first thing you need to decide is whether you are using it for cake decoration, for your hobby, or professional spray art, nail art, textile design, miniature paintings, tanning, tattoos etc.

2. What Paint Would You Need?

After you have already decided on which work to use it for, set your mind on the type of paint to be used for your work. There are different airbrushes which do not work well with heavy paints. Also, some airbrushes need proper thinning of paint.

3. Know the Size of Nozzle You Need

When you are done deciding on the above two points, you need to answer this question: do you need a detailed spray or spray with a lot of coverage? While buying an airbrush kit, the size of the nozzle width is mentioned in the features. Don’t forget to take a look at that. For wide area spray work, a 1/16 or 1.3-1.5mm width covers wide areas, whereas, 0.3-0.5mm are considered best for detailed spray paint work.

4. How Skilled Are You?

The next best thing to consider before you decide which airbrush to buy is that whether you are a professional or a beginner. Obviously, an airbrush suitable for beginners won’t suffice the needs of a veteran. They need much more than that.

Also vice-versa, if as an infant, you are ordered to run would you be able to do it? It is just the same thing with airbrushes. Only buying a guitar doesn’t make you play well; you need to practice to bring perfection.

Therefore, if you are planning on buying an airbrush as your hobby or you want to learn this new art, then you should choose airbrush kits suitable for beginners. Mostly, novices find problems in the area of cleaning, adjusting the consistency of paint to be used and in maintaining motor control. Usually, airbrushes used for great detailed do not work great for beginners. Our recommended list of airbrushes has particularly specified which airbrushes are suitable for whom.

Know the Manipulation Methods

 There are different manipulation methods in different airbrushes. These are single action, dual action or trigger action. To decide which feature to pick totally depends on your type of work. Most manufacturers produce and prefer dual action airbrushes.

Single action ones come in handy for general painting. You need a single shade one because the paint flow doesn’t change. In case of trigger action, if you are familiar with spray guns then this should not be a problem because it follows the same mechanism.

Choosing the manufacturer from whom you are going to buy your airbrush kit also is a point to be considered. There are several hundreds of brands from whom you can get one. But the problem is with the quality and the assurance that your money is not going down the drain.

Don’t Forget the Price

Also, the point of affordability comes to question when you are talking of brands. You should be able to purchase an affordable, good quality product. For this, we have listed out few companies who have been in the airbrush business for a long time and according to reviews provide the best quality products at cheap price deals.

These are - Iwata airbrush, Paasche airbrush, Neo airbrush, and Badger airbrush.

If you have looked up the vocabulary related to airbrush guns up until now, you must have come across the term Feed. This is the term used to refer to how the paint is fed into the airbrush. There are three types of feed:

- Gravity feed

- Siphon feed

- Side feed.

What is the More Popular Option?

Most preferred feed is the gravity feed because it uses minimum paint and also efficiently sucks down the paint to the nozzle. Also, it is mostly used for a fine detailed painting. In the case of siphon-feed, the clearance process is much easy and is used for fast spray paint. However, side feed is a combination of both and generally preferred when you want to use a single airbrush for all your paintwork.

When you know all these intricate details related to airbrush guns, then you are ready to go and grab your very own airbrush kit and begin your journey towards spray paint art.

The Top FAQ You Might Ask-best airbrush guns

1) How to use an airbrush gun?

Airbrush gun is widely used in different fields like:

a) Taxidermy

b) Vehicle and motorcycle detailing

c) Fingernail art

d) Makeup and body art

e) Book and comic illustration

f) Models and toys

2) How to clean airbrush makeup gun?

The cleaner that you use for airbrush gun depends on the makeup formula. Three different formulations used to clean makeup gun are:

Alcohol-based formula

Silicone-based formula

Water-based formula.

Avoid cleaning an airbrush gun with Windex because it's chemical residual may interact with your skin.

3) How to fix an airbrush gun?

Before doing anything, you need to remove and check the needle. If the needle is fine, then remove a needle cap and then clean residue inside it with the help of cotton swab saturated with alcohol. If the problem still exists, then reassemble the airbrush gun firmly and try to spray alcohol on the tissue until the gun starts working properly.

4) Where to buy an airbrush gun?

You can buy this amazing product in different online and physical stores. Amazon is the best place to buy the best airbrush gun. You only need to identify your needs. According to your need, you simply search the best airbrush gun. You can also visit our website to choose the best product.

5) How to set up an airbrush gun?

To set up an airbrush gun, you need an airbrush gun, airbrush compressor, and compressor hose. First of all, you need to attach the airbrush compressor with one end of the hose. Attach other ends of hose with an airbrush gun. Use power to airbrush gun with power supply and start your job.

6) How to put paint in an airbrush gun?

To put paint in an airbrush you need color paint and an airbrush compressor. With the help of an airbrush compressor, you require to put the paint into an airbrush gun by adjusting its pressure. Use the double action airbrush because it allows controlling paint volume and air independently to give you amazing artwork.

7) For what all purposes can I use an airbrush?

ANS: You use airbrushes for freehand spray paint artwork on walls, canvases, skin, and nails. For example, tanning, nail art, tattoos, cake decoration etc. you can also use it for tonnes of other activities. You just need to know the drill of using an airbrush first.

8) Do all airbrush kits come with a compressor?

ANS: Generally, almost all airbrush kits come with their own compressors, especially beginner sets. If it is not available in some specific kit, usually that airbrush can be used with any compressor or the company separately provides for a compressor which you’d have to buy separately. Therefore, always check what an airbrush kit contains before purchasing one.

9) How to unclog an airbrush gun?

ANS: A deep and good cleaning by disassembling the parts where the paint goes will do the trick. Also, to prevent this disaster further, always remember to thin your paint before using and also to use an airbrush-friendly paint. The cleaning up process may be a tedious task to do every day but that is how you can save yourself from these hazards.

If your airbrush gun gets clog, then you need to focus on these factors:

Use clean airbrush always

Use Paint with normal viscosity

Use the paint that never gives you consistency issue

Try to use paint that is of good quality

Manage PSI level

Always use the airbrush nozzle of suitable size.

10) What are the surface types on which the user can spray with the airbrush? 

ANS: You can spray almost all types of surfaces. But generally, you will get the best results if you spray on non-absorbent surfaces.

11) Are there any safety measures that I should follow while airbrushing?

ANS: Airbrushing is generally safe but to follow specific safety measures is always better. You should wear your respirator because certain vapours should not be inhaled. Also, try and wear appropriate clothing so that paint doesn’t stick to your skin.

12) What kind of paint to use in an airbrush gun?

ANS: Any type of paint sprayer can be used for airbrushing. However, the consistency should be maintained because heavy paints can become problematic for certain airbrushes.

The Different Types of Airbrushes

To sum up, I will make a list of the kinds of airbrushes available in the market:

a)  Internal Mix Airbrushes

b) External Mix Airbrushes

c) Dual Action Airbrushes

d) Single Action Airbrushes

e) Siphon Feed Airbrushes

f)  Gravity Feed Airbrushes

g) Side Feed Airbrushes

There are also combinations of these airbrushes available, and it depends on the buyer which one to choose among tones of others.

Final Verdict of airbrush gun

In this entire range of airbrushes, I think the clear winner here is the Iwata Medea Eclipse HP-CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun Gravity Feed. Starting straight from the manufacturing company to the flexibility in the nozzle size, this Iwata model is an ideal partner for both beginners as well as professionals. If you look at the variety of jobs that can be done using this single device, you will find this to be a great deal.

There are some cons to it; however, the pros are too catchy as a buyer and critic. I would totally suggest going for this device because there is no uncertainty regarding the quality of the product. Also, it will be impossible to go wrong with this device because of the funnel-shaped cap.

In the market where there is a huge variety of airbrushes available, I would suggest you go with quality rather than quantity. Other devices may be cheaper or might seem more suitable than this particular Iwata model; however, for us, this model seems to have won the race.

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