The Guide to the Best Air Compressor Pressure Switches for You

Air compressors, in use for over a hundred years, it is a utility device for various commercial and non-commercial applications today.

Today, single phase air compressors are virtually used in almost every industries or industrial sectors from automobiles to aircraft to textiles, to refrigeration, to water pumping, even in dairy farming too.

Best Air Compressor  Switches

So, why should you look to get a single phase air compressor in the first place?

A single phase air compressor is a specially designed device used to compress air at higher pressure to generate potential energy (stored in compressed air). This potential energy comes to use in many commercial industries and homes.

The Best Air Compressor Pressure Switches for You- In depth Reviews 

1. Ingersoll-Rand

Pressure for Single Phase compressors.

The pressure switch by Ingersoll Rand is designed to work with 5 HP single phase Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressor models.

The OEM replacement pressure switch is used for 5 HP single phase reciprocating air compressors. The best part is that can also be used with Ingersoll Rand 2340 and TS4 models. They all use horsepower 5 HP.

The air compressor includes an unloader valve which blows off the pressure inside the discharge pipe. It will be easier to spot because it just sits beside the compressor.

The replacement pressure switch boasts of 135 psig cut in and 175 psig cut out. This means that is easier for one to determine how much air is fluctuating in the tank air gauge.


The 5 HP single phase reciprocating air compressor can be used for other similar models with the same horsepower. In this case, the 2340 and TS4 models.

The unloader valve can be bought separately from the air compressor.

The tank gauge has a maximum of 175 psi cut out which means you do not have to regularly change it.


The single phase reciprocating air compressor cannot be used for models which use horsepower above 5 HP. For instance the 2475 T30 compressor.

The switch is not adjustable.

  • Due to less power and lower PSI capacity, it is best suitable for domestic purposes, small shops, or home garages only.

Product 2: Square D by Schneider Electric

The Square D Pumptrol by Schneider Electric is used to control electrically driven water and air compressors. An electrically driven compressor is equipped with a built-in motor. This means that a car can still operate even when the engine is stopped. It helps to ensure fuel efficiency and temperature regulation.

Moreover, Square D can also be used in air and water application industry either for personal or professional use.

For instance, for personal use they can be integrated into shops, cleaning services, inflating a balloon and pumping air in a bicycle. In the professional industry, they are used by small businesses to paint cars, dental and health services etc.


The air compressor is suitable for both industrial and personal use. Therefore one can easily use it at home for DIY activities. In addition, small business owners can incorporate it.

It is equipped with inbuilt motors. This makes it possible for automobiles to save fuel while the engine is not running.

Square D is electrically driven. Thus, no batteries are needed to run it.

The two-way valve helps to regulate air flow and pressure.


 The switch control is only for small compressors. The contacts are only rated for 10 AMP. However, the switch is recommended to be used on a 2HP, 230V AC compressor.

Square D can expose a person to dangerous chemicals such as lead and its compounds. For women, this is dangerous because it can cause birth-related complications or other reproductive harm.

Product 3: Leefoo

New H/D Pressure switch for air compressor 95-125 w/Unloader

The leefoo pressure switch for the air compressor is a switch that works well for any air compressor model. It can make your air compressor function like it is brand new.

The relief pressure switch is available so that one can install it easily.  It has a factory set of 95-125 psi cut out. As long as you have an off and a lever.

The NPT female pipe thread is 1/4 inches meaning that one does not have to fix an adapter to fit it in. On the other hand, if the NPT of the air compressor is a male thread then one will need an adapter.


The 1/4 inch female port easily connects to the regulator. Sometimes 1/4 inch nipple brass is needed to make the connection to the regulator. Luckily the female port is nutted thus it holds it down.

Buying the switch is money effective because it relieves a person the burden of buying a new air compressor. This can help one save a few dollars.

The switch has a letdown vent and an automatic off/on the switch that works perfectly. Always ensure that they are threaded correctly.


The unloader valve can easily leak leading to the air compressor shutting down. This is especially when the base plate is connected to the switch assy. The internals of the switch can weaken making it hard to hold it together.

The switch has only one port.

The Top Benefits of Best Air Compressors Pressure Switches

Here is a look at some of the benefits.

Helps you Get More Energy

When air is compressed in a single phase air compressor, a potential energy is stored in the compressed air. This potential energy of compressed air can be used to generate a significant amount of moderate pressure air.

It can power different kinds of pneumatic tools from screwdrivers tp drilling machines and even nut runners. You can also use it to move a piston (in jackhammer), or in a nozzle to produce a high-speed jet (in paint sprayer).

Helps Get the Job Done Quicker

Single phase air compressor can generate high-pressure air for filling tires, gas cylinders, and high-pressure air tanks (HPA).

The Other Benefits

- You can provide moderate pressure clean air to a submerged surface supplied diver.

- Can be used to supply moderate pressure clean air to domestic as well as industrial building pneumatic HVAC control system valves.

- Can also be used in producing large volumes of moderate pressure clean air for diverse industrial applications like oxidation for petroleum cooking.

- Can be used in construction sites to power nail guns, torque wrenches, staplers, paint spraying, or conveying materials (where the dynamic pressure of the compressed air generates motion).

- Can be used for producing lateral motion or direct force in clamps, presses, and automatic feeds.

Usually, a single phase compressor carries electric motors in the range of 5-7 HP and works on a standard 220-240V domestic power supply.

The Top Questions You May Have

Should I be worried about anything?

Usually single phase air compressors are simpler in construction, but that does not mean that they are just ideal and nothing can go wrong. At times, they have been known to get overheat which results in slow running of the machine, sometimes even fail to start.

Compressed air under pressure can cause serious harm and bodily damages if constant supervision is not applied.

How do these work?

They work by drawing air in and subsequently compressing the air at a higher pressure which can attain up to 155 PSI. Typically a single phase air compressor possesses a higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) as well as SCFM (standard cubic per minute) rating than any other conventional three-phase air compressor.

Where are they normally used?

Single phase air compressors are normally used in small-scale applications as they are not as powerful as three phase air compressors. However, they are more preferable for those who usually deal with lesser tools with their air compressors, helping them reducing cost.

The compressor is ideal for various domestic applications such as home craft projects, and small home repairs.

What makes them popular?

Occupies less space due to its compactness, portability, and flexibility, which makes the device best suitable for small businesses or facility maintenance such as automotive restoration or repair shops, wood shops, beauty parlour, dentist’s clinics etc. where few air tools are used.

Single phase air compressors are also quite cheaper compared to their other counterparts. With a single phase air compressor, you are also able to size your air tank as per your requirements (auxiliary tank can be added).

Do I have to worry about maintenance and other costs?

These air compressors require less maintenance which results in higher productivity.

Single phase air compressor also imparted longer life spans to the tools, helps in reducing time and cost of the particular operation. Installation of this type of compressor is also quite easy as it works with fewer accessories and tools.

The Top Tips to Help You Get the Best Experience

A single phase compressor is known to require less maintenance and supervision.

However, as an air compressor is an important piece of machinery, performing a routine inspection or monitoring of compressor equipment helps.

If your machine is running for a long time, replace air compressor fittings to ensure there is no leakage of air and oil. Regular inspection also gives you a better understanding of whether or not the oil in compressor needs to be changed.

At present single phase air compressors are the most common models for domestic use and work well for various applications around the home or small workplaces.

Ultimately you need to choose a model that provides ease of doing operations, professional quality work, a high performance i.e. saves your time, handle your jobs and simplify your work.You may read also about air hoses in

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