Best Air Compressor Hose Of 2020-The Ultimate Guide And Reviews

Best Air Compressor Hose

Looking for an air compressor hose but just cannot figure out which one to buy?  Sure, with the many varieties available in the market, you can get confused. How do you choose the right one then? Get to know all you should about air compressor hoses. Know which you should buy, and why choosing an appropriate hose is important.

The air compressor hose is an extremely important part. It connects the air compressor at one end and other tools on the other end. A good air compressor hose is important for:

- Stabilizing power supply,

- Preventing pressure loss

- Getting consistent power supply

Due to the different hoses available in the market, it's not easy to choose the right one.  Know what you need before buying one.

The Top Air Compressor Hoses to ease your work

Following are the recommended air hoses with their pros and cons.

A) Flexzilla Air Hose.

An extremely engineered air hose made out of polymer, it weighs just 2.42 pounds. You would love the different sizes on offer. Plus, it is compatible for places where other material hoses like rubber aren't. It's what makes it extremely flexible. Its light weight allows for an easy movement.

This amazing air hose is also weather friendly. You can use it in extreme weather conditions. Also, it is super strong, will not kink under pressure, has an abrasion-free hardcover along with a bend resistor.

 The aluminium fittings have long-lasting capabilities, making the hose an all-rounder in every case.


1) Extremely flexible for your use.

2) Can be cut easily by a sharp blade or a razor to suit the requirements of the air compressor.

3) Adaptable and can be used in various areas including a professional job site or for us at home.

4) Due to its weather adaptability, it will work completely fine in all weather conditions.


1) Can be a little difficult to the coil, because of its lightweight material.

2) Is fragile and can be difficult to repair the hose if you accidentally make a hole in it.

B) WYNNsky

The hose is made up of PVC material designed for general use. It is lightweight – weighing just 2.9 pounds – allowing for easy passage. Additionally, it has an abrasion-resistant hardcover making it a hose with a long life. Also, its design does not allow it to kink under pressure and avoids leakages.

The hose comes with solid brass fittings. It never corrodes, and you can seal it better than other materials like aluminium. As a result, the fitting is very tight and prevents it from falling off.

We loved the inclusive 17-piece accessory kit, which includes all that you need including tools and fittings.


1) The PVC material ensures a long life of the air hose and makes it suitable for DIY uses.

2) The fluorescent orange colour of this hose makes it easy to see and avoids tripping.

3) It is thick (2 mm) and long (25 feet). No worries about having to shift the air compressor.

4) A value for money product. It also includes an all you need accessories kit.


1) Not very suitable for cold weather conditions.

2) Can be used for general use only and not regularly.

C) Good Year 12185 Air Hose.

This air hose is made out of good quality rubber. There is an oil resistant outer coating and is suitable for all weather conditions. You have solid brass fittings ensuring tight fittings and longer life of the hose. It's easy to use it for your daily needs.

It is heavy  at around 3.48 pounds). However, it has a good length for a portable compressor. It is kink-free and will uncoil out completely straight no matter what the weather conditions are.


1) Made out of rubber, it is adaptable to all weather conditions.

2) The long length of this hose and flexible design allows easy movement.

3) Reasonably priced and because of the good quality, it is a value for money because of the brand name also.


1) Includes only male ends and the female fitting parts will have to be bought additionally.

2) May shrink a little under pressure.

D) Giraffe Tools Air Hose

   This hybrid hose is a complete package. Unlike what the name suggests, it does not include any animal fur or anything. It is oil and UV resistant and is also abrasion-free, with a better shelf life.

You would love the super strength and the high bending radius. It is easy to carry around due to its weight and is less bulky as compared to the other air hoses. And it does not leak or kink under pressure.

This air hose is adaptable to extreme weather conditions and is hard and strong. The hose ends are made up of solid brass ensuring a tight fit. It has a high burst pressure which means that it can work well under pressure.


1) The long length of the hose (50 feet) is suitable for heavy or bulky air compressors. No more worries about having to move it from one place to another

2) Ships with proper packaging, in a sponge, to prevent damage.

3) Since it is kink-free, it is easy to coil it back up and does not create a mess.


1) The material can lead to a distasteful smell.

2) This hose is slightly narrower than regular hoses which may pose a problem depending upon your application.

E) Flexzilla Pro Air Hose

This air hose is made up of Hybrid Polymer which is easy to coil. While it is kink-free, it has a high range of bending. It is also extremely durable with an outer covering which is abrasion and crush-free. In effect, you have a longer hose life. It is extremely light in weight (2 pounds) allowing easy movement. You also have maximum working pressure of 300 pounds per square inch.

The Flexzilla Pro Air Hose is compatible for all weather conditions, even sub-zero temperatures. It’s what makes it extremely flexible for use. You can re-use and repair the fittings on site in case of damage.


1) The bright colour of this hose makes it easily identifiable and avoids tripping.

2) The air hose has a good length (35 feet) making it even more versatile.

3) The re-usable fittings allow easy repair and therefore. It can be used for a long period of time.

4) A value for money product due to its excellent features and long life.


1)         A little soft and fragile and therefore, may not be suitable for rough work sites like construction.

2) It might shrink a little under pressure.

How to choose the best air compressor hose for excellent results?

While buying an air compressor, the following things should be taken into consideration;

1) Material that the hose is made up of.

Different air hoses have different plus points. However, the following material is what you should be looking for.

1) Rubber

Air hoses which are made out of rubber are generally used in construction sites. They work great on rough surfaces. As compared to other hose materials, it is the most kink-free and does not create a mess while coiling it. It offers good flexibility and is made for extreme weather conditions.

2) Hybrid

Hybrid hoses are usually light in weight and are best suited for general applications. It has a high range of bending radius which keeps the hose from kinking. It is durable and can work nicely for a long period. Also, it is adaptable to different weather conditions.

3) PVC

The PVC-material hoses are light in weight making it easy to carry it around. It is designed in a manner such that it is kink and abrasion resistant making it durable. It is less flexible than other hose materials but can work well under hot weather conditions.

2) Length of the hose.

Air hoses come with different lengths and should be chosen by the nature of your application. However, it is best if you choose an air hose which has the maximum length, that is, 100 feet long. This allows easy movement around the site. Additionally, it also relieves you of the burden to move the air compressor.

Using an air hose with a long length helps avoid voltage fluctuations.

However, choosing a 100 feet long air hose may be a little difficult to coil. Do note that it may require a lot of storage space also.

3) The weight of the hose.

While most air hoses are light in weight, a lot of them are designed in ways suitable for exceptional cases. Consider the weight of the hose. Go in for a light one, which makes it easy to carry around even on construction sites.

4) Replaceable fittings​

It is always better to buy hoses which have replaceable ends or fittings. It can make your work easier when things go unplanned. This also ensures that you are able to use that hose over a long period of time.

5) Internal Diameter of the hose.

The internal diameter of the hose determines its capacity for carrying air, the larger the diameter (10mm). It also determines the air it will carry. Most air hoses will have an internal diameter of either 6mm, 8mm or 10mm.

The Top Questions You May Have

Wondering how to make the right choice of an air hose? Here is a look at some of the questions you may have.

1) Can the hoses be cut to reduce the length and re-use the fittings?

Unfortunately, not all kinds of hoses can be cut, and in many of the hoses, the fittings are fixed. So, if the hose is cut, the fittings will no longer be of use. Alternatively, you can buy hose ends (male and female) and use the reduced part of the same hose.

2) How can air hoses be stored?

Air hoses can be stored in the garage. You can either coil it up and put inside a container. Or, you can use a nail on the wall and hang it.

3) Does the brand of the air hose matter?

It’s a good idea to try buying the product from trusted manufacturers like Flexzilla and Goodyear. You know you’re buying from a brand name over the years with excellent reviews from its buyers. However, you can try other products with a new brand, if you’ve good reviews and a low price on offer.

4) Are all air hoses flexible in terms of weather conditions?

Most air hoses are adaptable to weather conditions even the extreme temperatures. However, it all depends from one hose to another. Sure, one hose might be adaptable to even subfreezing temperatures. However, the other hose may not be.

5) Will expensive air hoses be of better quality than the cheaper ones?

This is not really true. An air hose may be expensive due to the brand. However, a cheaper hose may have better material and resistance capabilities. It is, therefore, very important to compare both expensive and cheap hoses before settling on to buying one.

6) Which is better - Rubber vs PVC?

Rubber hoses are completely kink-free and are easy to coil. While PVC might be cheaper than rubber, it can kink a little. As a result, sometimes it creates a little mess while coiling them.

Rubber hoses are a little heavy and may be unsuitable for site work because of its weight. PVC hoses are comparatively less heavy.

Overall, PVC is better than rubber. You get it for low price, it's lightweight and you would love the flexibility.

7) Is Nylon a good choice for an air hose?

Sure, Nylon is lightweight and is very easy to coil for storage. However, do know that they kink very easily and are less durable than other hose materials like rubber. As a result, it is not a very good choice unless you want one for the shorter term.

8) Which Is better; Rubber vs Polyurethane?

Although rubber hoses weigh twice as much as poly hoses, they are comparatively softer and flexible. Rubber hoses are suitable for both hot and cold temperatures. On the other hand, poly hoses are suitable for cold weather conditions.

Poly hoses are more durable because of their hard-outer covering. Rubber hoses, on the other hand, are soft and easy to experience tear n rough surfaces.

Final Verdict

Which air hose is the best and is a complete package for you?

Well, I would recommend the Flexzilla Pro Air hose. It has the best features out of all the other recommended ones. It is a value for money product.

For one, along with a hybrid build up, you also have an incredible bending radius. It’s made to withstand extreme weather conditions easily too and will not kink under pressure at all. Plus, it is extremely durable with abrasion resistant outer covering.

A plus point for this air hose is the re-usable feature, allowing you to repair the damaged fittings quickly. It's easy availability means you can buy it anytime.You may also read presser switch reviews

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