How to Find the Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer- Thinks to consider

Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer

Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer

For the proper functioning of a paint sprayer, a source of air supply that will help in atomizing the paint must be present.  In that case, you will always need a quality air compressor for your paint sprayer unless you opt for the airless or the HLVP models. However, many factors come into play when choosing a quality air compressor some of which may require professional advice. In this article, we focus on giving you some professional tips on how to find the right air compressor for paint sprayer that will suit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an best Air compressor for Paint Sprayer

As aforementioned, you will need to be very careful when choosing an air compressor because of its crucial benefits. Consider the factors below while at it:

1.The CFM of the air compressor

If you are using a paint sprayer, you may not need to have a lot of PSI for its proper operation. If anything, most of the paint sprayers work perfectly with a PSI of 10. However, you will need to be keen on the air compressor’s Cubic per Meter (CFM) rating.  The higher the CFM rating the better the air compressor will be able to deal with the demands placed upon it.

Mostly, the information about a paint sprayer is provided by the manufacturer so once you have identified your preferred model, read the manufacturer’s guide before signing up for anything. By looking at the sprayer’s CFM ratings, you will tell whether the device will suit your needs or not. Also, keep in mind that if you choose a paint sprayer with a CFM rating of between 12 and 14, you may have to invest in a commercial dual tank for maximum effectiveness.

2.The type of the air compressor

Apart from looking at the air compressor’s CFM ratings, you will also need to consider what type it is. To perform the basic work of painting, you will need an air compressor that will be able to deliver the right CFM for painting. Mostly, the stage 2 compressors are the right ones for the job because they can provide up to 4 CFM of air per horsepower of the compressor. However, it is important to note that the type of air compressor that you will choose will depend on the type of painting that you want to do. Most hardware stores have single stage compressors that are designed to do only simple work of painting. In that case, if you want a sprayer for painting cars or for performing other bigger tasks, you must consider a stage 2 air compressor for maximum effectiveness.

Other than considering the type of the compressor, you will also need to consider its design. For stage 2 compressors, most of them have rotary screw compressor or reciprocating compressors. If you choose a rotary screw air compressor, you will not have to do many maintenance practices on your machine. All you will need to have is oil, oil filter and oil separator and you are good to go.  However, the downside is that rotary screw compressors are not very efficient because they do not deliver adequate CFM.

On the other hand, even though reciprocating compressors require a lot of maintenance, they are very efficient and durable. In my experience, I find them better as compared to the rotary screw compressors due to the named factors.

3.The horse power required

Depending on your preferred CFM ratings, you will also need to have the right horsepower. For better flow of the spray, you will need a higher horsepower. You will also need the right tools that will allow you to tell the right pressure and CFM when working with your air compressor.

4.The brand 

Considering the brand or Company that you want to purchase your paint sprayer from is a wise idea. Companies that provide good services to their customers will always have a good reputation and will last longer in the business. So while at it, consider brands that have been proven by many customers to provide quality products. By this, you will be purchasing a product that is not only of good quality but also durable. You may also get some discounts or better pricing which will save your pockets from suffering a huge dent.

5.Other features

Once you have selected the right type of air compressor with a good CFM rating, you may also need to consider what other additional features that the machine has. The main challenge of using a paint sprayer is that there is a high likelihood that the moisture or oil in the airline can cause fish eyes or moisture pockets in your painting. To avoid this, you may need to consider stage 2 or 3 air compressors because they have additional features capable of doing away with the problems.

On the other hand, you may need to invest in a refrigerant dryer that will cool and re-warm the air in the compressor faster thereby eliminating the moisture in the airline.


Choosing the right air compressor for your paint sprayer is very important because it directly affect the quality of your painting. With the experience that I have with using spray guns, choosing an air compressor might look easy on paper but when the actual ordeal arrives, you might have challenges choosing the right one. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the right air compressor for your spray gun include its CFM ratings, type and size. Remember, the brand that you opt for can also be a determining factor because some of them have a good reputation of delivering quality services while others do not. For basic work of painting, stage 1 air compressors can do the trick. However, you will need stage 2 compressors to paint objects like cars or bigger ones. Stage 3 compressors come with additional features is you desire some.

It is my hope that this article has been useful to you. Kindly like and leave a comment below. Your feedback is highly appreciated as we strive to provide you with better services.

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