Top 5 Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer- Buying Guide

Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer

For the proper functioning of a paint sprayer, a source of air supply that will help in atomizing the paint must be present.  In that case, you will always need a quality air compressor for your paint sprayer unless you opt for the airless or the HLVP models. However, many factors come into play when choosing a quality air compressor some of which may require professional advice. In this article, we focus on giving you some professional tips on how to find the right air compressor for paint sprayer that will suit your needs.

Best air compressor for paint sprayer -Top Products Review

Getting the right air compressor for paint sprays is essential to get the work done right, since paint sprays can function properly only after receiving the right air pressure. You need the rightly configured air compressor unless it is an airless model.

How do Air Compressor for Paint Sprays Work?

These air compressors convert power into potential energy, not only creating compressed air but also atomizing the paint. As a result, you get finished coatings that people would love to take a look at.

However, do note that working with air compressors can require a lot of time, patience and attention. It’s why you would want to make the right choice - to help you make things simpler. Air compressors can always be a tough choice. It can be easier only if you realize the purpose as to why you have to purchase it.

With the several options available in the market for you to choose from, it’s easy to get confused as to what’s right for you. To make your choices simpler, we have made a list of some of the best air compressors for paint sprayer below.

Top 5 Paint Sprayer Air Compressor Reviews

Following are the best air compressor for paint sprayers that you must consider.

Powermate VX PLA 4708065 80- Gallon Electric Air Compressor 

This product from Powermate’s stables is certainly the most durable and consistent one in the market. Built of steel and cast iron, it offers a better performance and a longer run time when used with sprays guns or hammers. Also, you don’t need to worry about the cooling system. It has a wired formed belt guard that performs efficient cooling.

Powermate is the world’s leading brand for portable and durable air compressors. They have a variety of high-quality products, and this one surely won’t disappoint you. Be it a 1-gallon compressor or an 80 gallon; they have everything you need..

Purchasing a reliable, durable and easy to use air compressor is essential to get results. This product is the perfect choice that will leave you with no complaints.


Has a reliable power, trouble-free performance and an easy operation.

Added wired formed belt for effective cooling.

It has cast iron, three cylinder and oil lubrication pump.

It is shipped with synthetic oil.

Cons :

Very heavy and not suggested for transportation.

It has a very loud noise while it works.

Excell U256PPE Excel Pancake Air Compressor :

This product is a surprise package when it comes to its features. It is absolutely easy to use with all the regulators and gauges placed conveniently. It is the right choice for an old building or in rural areas where the power supply might be a problem. Even if you wish to buy it for an older building, you wouldn’t mind.

Since the last 20 years, Excell has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of best quality products. From air compressors to pressure washers, each product is designed in a way to serve your purpose without any risks. Excell has ruled the market for years and offers incomparable services, and the U256PPE doesn’t disappoint.

This product is ideal for brad nailing, blow cleaning, inflation and wrenching jobs. It can also work in winters up to a temperature of – 24 degrees F.

Pros :

Has a maintenance free universal pump and a motor design that is fairly reasonable.

Can work both in rural areas and extreme winters.

The onboard cord wrap provides for a storage and transportation assistance.

A shroud is present to protect pump and motor components.

It has a fairly long life.

Cons :

There are some other affordable options out there.

Excell Sac22Hpe Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor :

This product is the best choice for finish and trim work and also for various other crafts. The most enthralling part is that it is the quietest air compressors in the market. According to the data, it is 80% quieter than any other oil-free compressor. This one again is a good choice for rural areas with electricity issues.

Excell for the last 20 years has been an epitome of excellence in supplying the best quality products. They specialize in air compressors and pressure washers and tend to make their products distinctive.

The best part being that it can be transported and also has effective protection and storage. So in case you wish to carry it to and from the work site, it is very comfortable.

Pros :

It can work in the winters at a temperature of almost – 10 degree C.

It is the quietest air compressors available. The noise won’t be a trouble in this product.

It can be easily used in rural areas and old buildings, irrespective of the electricity conditions.

It offers oil-free maintenance for better tool operation.

The dual pump operating at slower speeds results in less wear and tear of parts.

Cons :

Some competitors work in even more freezing temperatures.

Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor :

The PK-6060V Air Compressor is completely oil lubricated and is a single stage cast iron pump. It has an inbuilt pressure regulator and a coupler for pressure control. You would love the single phase induction motor with overloaded protection for the same. With a 60 gallons capacity, and a 305 lbs weight, along with steel wheels, you don’t have to worry about flat tires with this one!

Puma Industries has been a leading brand in the market for many years now. Puma is known to never compromise with quality, a reason you can be sure that they use absolutely certified parts to assemble their compressors. They not only produce but also wholesale the compressors, air tools and also air accessories.

Pros :

Possesses complete oil lubrication

Has a single stage cast iron pump.

The steel wheels are provided with ball bearing.

It has amazing mobility due to the absence of flat tires.

Cons :

60 gallons capacity is great, but some others offer a capacity of 80 gallons or more.

DeWalt 27GAL 200 PSI Portable Air Compressor 

If you are looking to reduce your labor and have an air compressor that works a bit longer, you woulod love the 27GAL 200 PSI portable air compressor. It provides 83% more air tool run time in comparison to the other 200 PSI compressors, and is a compact choice for you.  

Also, it is totally oil free which means no maintenance and less noise. In fact, with a decibel level of 78, it is 30% quieter than similar oil free induction products.

DeWalt is a leading brand in the market since its inception. An American worldwide firm, they specialize in providing power tools, hand tools and compressors for all purposes. Their expertise in this field is a clear portrayal of why you should choose their product. They work distinctively and with absolute perfection, not causing any disappointment to their customers.

It is fairly compact for you to carry it to your work without any hassle, which means you can use it for paint sprays and other big projects for finished work.

Pros :

The motor starts easily as it possesses a low voltage start.

To give the best performance, you have high flow regulators and couplers.

It is an oil-free system and does not require oil separators.

It is 30% quieter than the other oil-free products.

Cons :

Quality comes with cost; it is one of the pricier options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayer

As aforementioned, you will need to be very careful when choosing an air compressor because of its crucial benefits. Consider the factors below while at it:

1. The CFM of the air compressor

If you are using a paint sprayer, you may not need to have a lot of PSI for its proper operation. If anything, most of the paint sprayers work perfectly with a PSI of 10. However, you will need to be keen on the air compressor’s Cubic per Meter (CFM) rating.  The higher the CFM rating the better the air compressor will be able to deal with the demands placed upon it.

Mostly, the information about a paint sprayer is provided by the manufacturer so once you have identified your preferred model, read the manufacturer’s guide before signing up for anything. By looking at the sprayer’s CFM ratings, you will tell whether the device will suit your needs or not. Also, keep in mind that if you choose a paint sprayer with a CFM rating of between 12 and 14, you may have to invest in a commercial dual tank for maximum effectiveness.

2. The type of the air com​​​​pressor

Apart from looking at the air compressor’s CFM ratings, you will also need to consider what type it is. To perform the basic work of painting, you will need an air compressor that will be able to deliver the right CFM for painting. Mostly, the stage 2 compressors are the right ones for the job because they can provide up to 4 CFM of air per horsepower of the compressor. However, it is important to note that the type of air compressor that you will choose will depend on the type of painting that you want to do. Most hardware stores have single stage compressors that are designed to do only simple work of painting. In that case, if you want a sprayer for painting cars or for performing other bigger tasks, you must consider a stage 2 air compressor for maximum effectiveness.

Other than considering the type of the compressor, you will also need to consider its design. For stage 2 compressors, most of them have rotary screw compressor or reciprocating compressors. If you choose a rotary screw air compressor, you will not have to do many maintenance practices on your machine. All you will need to have is oil, oil filter and oil separator and you are good to go.  However, the downside is that rotary screw compressors are not very efficient because they do not deliver adequate CFM.

On the other hand, even though reciprocating compressors require a lot of maintenance, they are very efficient and durable. In my experience, I find them better as compared to the rotary screw compressors due to the named factors.

3. The horse po​​​​wer required

Depending on your preferred CFM ratings, you will also need to have the right horsepower. For better flow of the spray, you will need a higher horsepower. You will also need the right tools that will allow you to tell the right pressure and CFM when working with your air compressor.

4. The br​​​​and 

Considering the brand or Company that you want to purchase your paint sprayer from is a wise idea. Companies that provide good services to their customers will always have a good reputation and will last longer in the business. So while at it, consider brands that have been proven by many customers to provide quality products. By this, you will be purchasing a product that is not only of good quality but also durable. You may also get some discounts or better pricing which will save your pockets from suffering a huge dent.

5. Other feat​​​​​​​​ures

Once you have selected the right type of air compressor with a good CFM rating, you may also need to consider what other additional features that the machine has. The main challenge of using a paint sprayer is that there is a high likelihood that the moisture or oil in the airline can cause fish eyes or moisture pockets in your painting. To avoid this, you may need to consider stage 2 or 3 air compressors because they have additional features capable of doing away with the problems.

On the other hand, you may need to invest in a refrigerant dryer that will cool and re-warm the air in the compressor faster thereby eliminating the moisture in the airline.

6. Size:

If you are a professional painter, you will definitely need to purchase a giant compressor that is stationary in your workshop. A 40-50 gallon compressor will be perfect for this purpose. For a home purpose painting, you can just manage with a 10-15 gallon compressor. It would not occupy much space and will be reasonable.

7. Oil-Free

You will definitely not want to risk your paint finish with oil messing it up. For this purpose, you need to find a compressor that doesn’t use oil for the system lubrication. This ensures the paint finish without any hassle.

8. Moisture Trap:

Just as oil, you will not want water to spoil your paint finish. To avoid this, you need to purchase a compressor with moisture trap. If not possible, you need to buy a moisture trap separately to keep up the finish of your paint. Spoiling the paint is nowhere applicable when you have the option of a moisture trap.

Choosing the right air compressor for your paint sprayer is very important because it directly affect the quality of your painting. With the experience that I have with using spray guns, choosing an air compressor might look easy on paper but when the actual ordeal arrives, you might have challenges choosing the right one.

Frequently asked questions:

Wondering what’s the right choice for you when it comes to an air compressor? Here are a few common questions you might have.

Which specifications are best for an air compressor? 

It is always preferable to purchase an oil-free air compressor which are easily available now. Also to avoid loud noises, it is advised to buy a garage compressor with low Decibel value. This will result in a very low voice by the compressor which will definitely make things very easy. You could work as well as talk to the other person without any disturbances. Oil-free compressor reduces the maintenance cost and saves you a lot of money.

What is the appropriate tank capacity for a compressor? 

This is a very common question when you have to purchase an air compressor. If you have to buy it for household purposes, 6.3 gallon is the most appropriate capacity. But if you need it for bigger projects, a size double to that would be perfect. It is nowhere required to buy a huge compressor for household purposes. It would just fill space and serve no purpose. Stick to the capacity for best results.

What is the importance of a rubber feet? 

This is certainly one of the most important aspects of an air compressor. There are majorly two reasons for the same: the vibrations while the compressor works are reduced, and it also reduces the chance of scratching your wooden floors. So you don’t need to panic about your floors getting scratched all over. The rubber feet will rescue that for you.

What is the approximate power favorable to be used? 

A simple equation justifies the importance of power. The higher the power, the more electricity it will consume and the stronger it will be. For house usages, 1.2K Watt is the right choice. Nothing beyond that is advisable.

What is more preferable: Metal-air valve or plastic air valve? 

It is always necessarily proposed to purchase an air compressor with a metal-air valve. The plastic air valve always feels like it will burst right away. A metal-air valve is safer and much more efficient.

What Should You Go For?

After detailed research, we have listed the best 5 air compressors for paint spray. If you take our opinion, Excell Sac22Hpe Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is surely the best product. It has all the qualities and most importantly, it is the quietest of all the products.

If you wish to carry your compressor from one place to another, use it in rural areas, stay at low maintenance due to the oil-free motor and yet not tolerate noises, this product is surely the best choice. Excell U256PPE Excel Pancake Air Compressor is a close second choice from our end. Observe things and make your choice as per your convenience. Study the company, their products and their expertise in this field. It will surely help you to purchase the best compressor for your work. Invest only after you are sure of the quality of the product.Read more reviews toolez

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