Top 5 Air Compressor Electric Motor of 2020- Complete buyer’s guide

Best Air Compressor Electric Motor

We all know about the benefits of having an air compressor in a workshop. The machine is responsible for tackling tasks that you could have otherwise spent ages before completing them. Air compressors are convenient, time saving and efficient thereby making them suitable for tackling most of the tasks in a workshop. However, for the proper running of an air compressor, you need an equally good electric motor. The motor is tasked with powering the machine thereby giving it the energy to grind through the hardest of tasks.

 Unlike in the past, the growth of technology has seen to it that you can install motors run by electricity to your air compressor. In the past, the motors depended on oil and gas. As a result, they were very noisy and polluted the environment. However, with the introduction of electric motors, we now have less noise in our workshops, tasks are completed quickly and the machines are more efficient and energy saving.

Additionally, we also have a safer working environment thanks to the invention. In this review, we look at the top 5 best air compressor electric motor that will keep you going for as long as it takes.

Best Air Compressor Electric Motor-In-depth Product Reviews

1. 5 HP 230 Volts Replacement Air Compressor Motor

Coming in at the top spot is this replacement air compressor motor for the Century Electric Motors. Weighing about 35.7 pounds, the motor has some amazing features that allow it to compete with the best in the market. The air compressor electric motor has a maximum current capacity of 16 Amps, 5 HP SPL 3450 RPM and Ambient Temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. With these features, it is possible to handle most of the tasks in a workshop with utmost ease.

Other important features that come with this motor include open drip proof, working bearings and amazing rotation features.


Settling for this air compressor electric motor comes with various advantages including:

a. Efficiency due to its high capacity

b. Can tackle heavy duties with ease

c. Very convenient

d. Easy to set up


While it is true that this compressor might be one of the best in the market today, it also has some disadvantages including:

a. Regular breakdowns

b. May make abnormal sounds soon after installation

2. 5 HP Air Compressor Electric Motor with 230 Volts

As far as the best air compressor electric motors go, you cannot miss the 5 HP SPL 3450 RPM 60 Hz Air Compressor Electric Motor from your list. The machine has a voltage capacity of between 208 and 230 volts, 60Hz, 15.0, 56 Frame and a Rigid Base to support the Full Load Amp. The motor also has features that aid in proper and easy rotation not to mention its safety features that keep everyone in your working environment safe.


a. Convenient

b. Easy to set up

c. Efficient

d. Safe for general use


a. Breaks down easily

3. A.O Smith AC Motors B813 5 HP Compressor Motor

The A.O Smith AC Motors Compressor Motor also makes it to our list of the top 5 best air compressor electric motors. Some of the features that make this motor great include its 3450 RPM, 5 HP and 250 Voltage capacity. The motor also has a single service factor, great rotation and a sizeable flat shaft. Ever since its invention, its users have continued to shower the machine with unending praises.

One thing that is clear is that, the manufacturer of this air compressor electric motor focused on making the product suitable for air compressor loads and other similar applications.


a. Has an energy efficient capacitor thereby making it cost effective

b. Convenient

c. Easy to set up and run

d. Very efficient

e. Slightly durable


a. Can only handle certain workloads

b. Its small parts are hazardous especially to children under the age of 3 years.

c. Some products do not last for long

If you are looking for an air compressor electric motor that will take you through simple air compressor loads, this product from Century Electrics is one for you. However, if you are looking for a product that will give you versatility, you might have to consider other options aside from this one.

4. 3HP 3450 RPM Air Compressor Electric Motor

This is another very efficient air compressor electric motor. Basing on the feedback provided by the customers who have already used its services, the motor has some high-quality features that allow it to rank amongst our list of the best air compressor electric motors. For instance, the motor has a reversible rotation feature that allows it to go backward and forth depending on your needs. The 3 HP SPL electric motor also has a 56 frame 115-230 volt 3455 RPM and 5/8” by 1 7/8” shaft for better performance. Moreover, you can always find a replacement for any 56 frame compressor motor.

If you are looking for an air compressor that will help you handle average tasks, the 3 HP SPL Compressor Electric Motor is definitely one for you. Its high capacity and reversible rotation give it an edge over its competitors. Additionally, the extra features that come with the motor is something to consider.


a. Convenient

b. Cost-effective

c. Efficient

d. Easy to set up and use

e. Has additional features that you may not find in other similar products

f. The motor is lighter than many competing products.


a. Have a tendency to break down easily

b. Are not that durable as compared to other similar products

5. Baldor ODTF General Purpose Air Compressor Electric Motor

From the reputable Baldor Company comes this amazing air compressor electric motor to wrap up our list. The single-phase AC motor is suitable and compatible with most air compressors thereby making it very convenient. Its ease of installation and light weight makes it a priority amongst most users. However, do not mistake the motor’s lightweight for lack of durability. If anything the motor has a heavy gauge steel frame for its construction thereby giving it the needed strength and durability.

Additionally, the motor also has copper windings that enhance further conductivity thereby making the product energy efficient. Its maximum operating speed of 1725 RPM also plays a huge role in making the product convenient. Moreover, its ODTF enclosure offers maximum protection against dripping water and cooling.

Looking at the features that this product has, it is easy to agree that it deservedly ranks amongst the best. Treat your air compressor well by installing it with this powerful electric motor and grind through your tasks with utmost ease.


a. Convenient

b. Efficient

c. Energy efficient

d. Safe to use


a. Breaks down easily

b. Not easy to install as compared to other similar products.

Which Product Wins it?

As should be the case, telling the best air compressor electric motor at one go is almost impossible. All the products that we have reviewed above could easily be at the top position majorly because of their amazing features. However, after considering all the fine details, we have decided that the 5 HP 3450rpm P56 Frame 230 Volts Replacement Air Compressor Motor is the best one in the market today. The motor has all the qualities that you may be looking for in a motor. It is durable, efficient, convenient and adheres to all the basic safety rules set by the relevant authorities.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Compressor Electric Motor

Just like when purchasing any other tool for your workshop, you must consider some specific factors before purchasing an air compressor electric motor. If anything, not every seller in the market today has your best interests at heart as their customer. Some are in the business with a goal of making money at whatever cost. Also, a product might be of high quality but may still not suit your type of work or air compressor. To minimize the chances of suffering from any type of disappointment, consider the factors below before signing up for anything:


The power of the electric motor is something that you should not compromise on. In fact, if you fail in picking a motor with enough powering for your tasks, you will not handle any of them successfully. Today, it is possible that you can find 3 HP and 5 HP air compressor electric motors. The latest invention has seen to it that 7.5 HP air compressor electric motors are also available. picking a 5 HP motor that supports anything between 208 and 230 volts will see to it that you handle most of your tasks with utmost ease. These motors have enough powering to glide through any task.


The rule of the thumb here is simple; the bigger the size of your motor, the better the quality of the services you will receive. However, it is always important to by the motor size that is stipulated by the manufacturer of your air compressor. in the same spirit, compatibility is another factor that you need to put to consideration. Also, it is important to note that motors of smaller sizes are lighter and easier to install as compared to the bigger ones.

The Speed of Operation

The maximum speed under which your electric motor can operate is also another factor to consider. In most cases, the speed of operation of a motor is measured in RPM. A higher RPM indicates that the motor can operate at a top speed thereby improving its efficiency. On the other hand, a lower RPM indicates that the motor is slower. It also goes without saying that motors with higher RPMs are more expensive as compared with those that have lower ratings.

 In that case, if you are not keen on handling huge tasks with your air compressor, settles for an electric motor of an average RPM. We suggest that you settle for one with 1750 RPM if you are going to deal with lighter duties. However, if you are going to use your air compressor to handle heavy duties occasionally, opt for a motor of 3430 RPM. If you have no idea as to which one is the right one for you, consult your dealer or look for information online.


The brand of the motor also plays a part when determining the right air compressor electric motor for you. Today, different brands are available with all fighting to gain as many customers as possible. However, not all of these brands sell quality products. If anything, some of the products sold have the best specifications and are sold at affordable prices.

However, most of the motors break down as soon as they are installed thereby putting you through extra costs. When out to purchase a motor, consider a reputable brand, one that has been there for a considerable amount of time. Also, make sure that the brand of motor that you are about to buy is similar/compatible with the air compressor that you own.


While it is true that a motor is a very useful part in an air compressor, it is also true that you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire one. Most dealers are available today. Take your time to identify a cheaper and reliable one. If you have no clue where to look, simply look for information online by keying in the right keywords. From here, you will get reviews of the best dealers with the best prices. Settle for one that has the product that you are looking for and offers genuine services.


There is absolutely no point in purchasing a motor that will break down after a month. In that case, it is worth the trouble to take your time in picking one with the best construction and strength. Motors with steel frame constructions are the best. Also, look out for additional features such as the presence of ball bearings, copper windings and quality fans all of which play a huge role in boosting the durability of the motor.

Final Word

Finding the best air compressor electric motor is not as hard a task as many people purport. If anything, all you have to do is figure out which motor is compatible/suitable for your air compressor and you are good to go. Some of the factors to consider when picking any of these products include power, speed, size, price, durability and brand. Once you check all these boxes, you will be having the best air compressor electric motor in your hands.

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