Air Compressor vs. Vacuum Cleaner

Air Compressor vs. Vacuum Cleaner

When most electronics such as computers, and appliances are working, they get quite hot. This is the reason why they need adequate air flow to remain running efficiently.  Apart from that, they are likely to fail due to the dust accumulation that results in overheating. In this case, you may need a tool that will help clean out the dust. A vacuum cleaner and an air compressor are some of the tools you may use to do the cleaning. Let’s check out air compressor versus the vacuum cleaner.

What is the difference between the two?

An air compressor takes air from open setting and compresses it with high pressure, while a vacuum cleaner draws its air from an enclosed environment. The airflow determines the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner. The more the airflow it has, the better its cleaning ability. For compressors, the solidity of the air is determined by the warmth of the intake air. Cool air needs less power to condense.

Air compressor dislodge large particles

Air compressor can be used to remove larger particles from a keyboard or sealed gaps along the external of appliances. While the air compressor blows up compressed air on your equipment to get out the small pieces the vacuum cleaner clears them out. It is, therefore, good to say that an air compressor is used to remove large pieces from equipment or electronic while a vacuum can be used to clear dust on air purifiers, vented audio, and fans.

Air compressors can function at high temperatures

Air compressors can operate at high temperatures as opposed to vacuum cleaners. The reason is that most vacuum cleaners have high-temperature safety features that shut the motor off to prevent overheating.

Dust sensitive electronics

Using the air compressor to remove the dust can be quick and enjoyable. But it is not suitable for use on dust sensitive electronics. This is because it will spread the accrued debris back into the atmosphere and this is not suitable for breathing, and the quality of air inside. If you use an air compressor for clearing up dust on your computer, it might cause dust to reach the inner parts of the network.

Vacuum cleaner uses little power usage

An air compressor uses more power as compared to a vacuum cleaner. They can use more power while functioning, especially if they are oversize.

Some cleaners do not have reusable dustbin sacks

Though vacuum cleaners use little energy, some of them do not come with a reusable trash bags. Whenever you want to clean your home, you will have to buy reusable dustbin bags.


When attaching a vacuum cleaner into crannies and nooks, make sure all computers and electronic equipment is switched off. Although vacuum cleaners and air compressors have become an essential part of our homes, the risks and perils they can cause should not be ignored. However, if they are used carefully, the air compressors can provide us with more advantages than disadvantages.  Clean air is not only good for the environment, but also for the electronics you use.Click here to know more ..

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