10 Things to Know When Choosing an Airbrush Compressor

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an  Airbrush Compressor

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The airbrush compressor is essential as well as an expensive accessory for airbrushing. When you are a beginner to airbrushing , it will difficult to decide to choose an airbrush air compressor. It is the best power tool that enables artists, creative individuals and hobbyists to craft the best masterpiece on a wall,deck painting, car and wooden furniture piece. Here we will discuss some important aspects of how to choose the best airbrush compressor for your job.

a) Power of the airbrush compressor:

New consumers are not aware that the power of the airbrush compressor is usually measured in HP (Horse Power). One of the best brands offers power in between 1/5 to 1/8 HP. We recommended you to choose the airbrush compressor that offers you a better level of energy to perform your job in a well-define way. Never choose the compressor having less power.

b) Air Volume:

air volume is another factor that is needed to consider while operating an airbrush kit. Users can use air volume ranges from 1 to 10 psi. As we know that thick mediums would never come out of the airbrush at 1 psi range so, you might need to expand the air volume in between 1 to 10 psi. The ideal air pressure is more than 10 psi. It gives you amazing air pressure for many useful jobs.

c) Hose Length 

With some airbrush compressor brands, hosses are already present. Most of the hoses are in 6-feet in length. So, if you are looking for the perfect hose length airbrush compressor, then 6-feet will be ideal for you. The hose length always gives you a better approach to do a specific task.

d) Noise factor

Another important factor that you should consider is the noise. Many airbrush compressors can have loud sound but some best airbrush compressors do not have noise problems. So, always looking for the best airbrush compressor because it gives you a sophisticated level project.

e) Air tank 

Many experienced and skilled users recommended you buy the best airbrush compressor with the availability of an air tank. These airbrush compressors generate consistent airflow. The models that come without any tank generate pulsation. If you want to get better, smooth and consistent airflow, then choose the large reservoir tank compressor.

f) Trapping moisture

Air compressors should have an air filter and moisture filters. Usually, compressed air generates heat. When the air cools, it condenses and creates moisture. The moisture is needed to remove the air before it reaches to the airbrush. The moisture filters usually removed the water vapors before reaching to airbrush.

If you are living in an area where the humidity level is high, then you need to purchase the moisture trap. It is very important because dry air usually beats the humid air every time.

g) Auto-off function

Noise is the major factor for both small and large airbrush compressor. As you can not eliminate the compressor noise, but you can choose the airbrush compressor that offers auto-off function. When the compressor is idle, then auto-function will be a perfect option for you because of the function shut-off compressor automatically. The auto-off features reduce the noise and give you a pleasant environment.

But the compressor having auto-off features may cost more than other models without it. So, in the case when you have short in budget, then purchase the compressor that minimizes undesirable sound effects.

h) Need for pressure regulator and gauge

A compressor with a pressure gauge is most important. With the help of pressure gauge, you can easily judge how much pressure you are using during your work. It also helps users to identify whether their compressor works properly or not. Every compressor that you purchase should have the pressure gauge that enables you to paint well on any surface. High pressured air compressor can be controlled by the regulator. 

Similarly, the regulator is another accessory used in an airbrush gun. It helps to regulate a sufficient amount of pressure sent to the airbrush gun. As we know that for doing any job, you will need a precise adjustment level and controlling the amount of pressure. It ensures that you are using the correct amount of pressure. The small air regulators are also available that can directly install on the airbrush inlet. 

i) Price

If you are a beginner, then the price will be a huge consideration for you. You will always be looking for the cheapest airbrush compressor. But never compromise price over quality. If you are looking for the best quality airbrush compressor, then it will cost you more.

j) Personal needs

Before buying an air compressor, it is necessary to look at the following aspects:

If you or your equipment need mobility, then you should look for a small one because it can easily transportable.

If you need the quiet noise, then consider the one that has a large tank because it gives you effective work instantly. But that option may be pricey for you.

So let's recap

Before buying air compressor you need to follow the following instruction:

Always use the water trap

Ensure to use regulator gauge and pressure gauge

Ensure to use adjustable regulator gauge

Consider the compressor's level of noise

Watch deals in newspaper and sales at different hardware stores

Avoid using a tankless airbrush compressor

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Choose the best model with adequate accessories and power is necessary to go job effectively. Many experienced users recommend buying the compressor with an air tank. Different compressors like master airbrush compressor are available in the market that offers you best experience. So, it is important to choose the best of all. Before purchase, check all accessories like gauges, moisture traps, pressure regulators and reservoir tanks. You need to focus to find the best one after finding the balance among needs and budget. If you need more detail, then read our other articles. We hope the article gives you worthful information. We always ready to update our content according to your suggestion, so just gives us your kind suggestion.


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